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A Squirrel's Musings
I use it for random talk and for OC stuff and for wish list/collection records.
OC: ku & zack - modern au of modern au
what if,, au where zack & ku are closer in age,,
(everyone's ages are v squished) (not exactly everyone, some are a bit arbitrary...)

so ori/q's 13 & rash/zack's 17
obito/"lu ten" gets to be 17 too;;

ku & rash are in same grade (it's a high school au, surprise lol)
in 10th grade

and then kushina & minato adopted kakashi (17) & have naruto (13) as well
and the rest of their team visit/hang out their a lot
so does ku but that's b/c obito & kushina insist

so the whole fire family's uchiha here
and they may or may not be criminals? or corrupt cops? there was some scandal and i think fugaku & some other uchiha council members got imprisoned for corruption
itachi (15??) was the whistleblower - altho yrs ago so i guess he was maybe 10 or so??
ozai also in prison, but b/c he was part of a gang/yakuza/mafia?? idk just organized crime ok. he probably killed azulon in this one,, to take over (not unlike canon)
b/c atla au has zuko & azula being like 4-6 yrs older than ku, zuko is 15 & azula is 14 here.
i guess zuko & itachi can bond over bratty younger siblings & bad dads in prison
obito's dad is iroh; zuko & azula are his "baby" cousins; so are shisui & itachi & sasuke
ku gets to be obito's adopted little sister (no she does not get the sharingan lol) (technically it's a sideways reincarnation but of everyone only obito & kushina really remember - in this somehow kushina ended up with the rinnegan for a while? that's why she's still got some memories. ku definitely didn't have the chakra pool to keep/use it lol even tho obito gave it to her first for safekeeping)

raphael (13) is an honorary uzumaki - kushina remembers, but rae may have glimpses, esp of the fox; but mostly just feelings. everyone probably has feelings of deja-vu
mikki(13) doesn't really remember but ku is his good friend! does he call her "orc" in this au lol

zack/rash gets to be a monkey here lol
so uh ace/sabo get 2 younger brothers here!
luffy (16) & zack (17) & ace/sabo (19) (yeah idk why they get to be older....)
dragon's probably some sort of political activists and isn't involved with his children much lol
garp otoh.... well.

mini, chise, & yuyu (11) are considered ku's ducklings
they probably don't remember being ku's students but they somehow imprinted on her anyways?

ofc crem & amy & rash & haru and everyone are still there too. i'm making that lot 17 as well lol but they are in correct grade unlike zack who got held back

somehow ku is still missing an eye/has a scar on the right side of her face in this... she really can't catch a break
otoh zack doesn't have full body burns. crem neither....

- ok so the original premise is based off a dream/idea where:
zack/rash gets detention a bunch b/c he doesn't respect teachers/pay attention properly in class;
ku despite skipping 2 grades pretends to be dumb so she can spend more time with rash (who doesn't know her at that point btw) & talk to him so he doesn't have to be alone in detention
eventually they become friends/hookup lol
and rash sees her scar at some point (and she has a terrible reaction to it being seen... it takes her ages to get over it in 1st verse and uh.)
also rash realizes she's not really that dumb/is pretending sometime too...

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