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A Squirrel's Musings
Maybe I might do this, maybe I won't. ... Squirrel's being an idiot~ Yeah, updating probably would be erratic. And random. Probably.
OC: 2021-05-14 weird dream
sort of a p5 x resentment!ren future au??

where my pov chara ren & p5 chara amamiya ren are at an anime con
there's lots of people in cosplay & lines & stuff idk (i've never been to a con lol)

and then afterwards at the end of day, they're hungry & for dinner, they go to a mcdonalds

and ren-kun's all "i'll go order & you save us a seat" but ren's all shyly but resolutely telling him to sit down, she'll do the ordering
the implication is that ren-kun's thrifty hands have stole something(?) from the lockboxes (?! i never said dreams made sense lol) in this mickey ds,, & the woman paranoidly guarding the lockboxes or the cashier might recognize his mug

somehow ren's shy here, instead of all angry and grumpy

like she's let go of her resentment, if you will, less resigned but more resolute; where she decides to just live the life of a normal girl (b/c hunter won't let her die no matter what--)

and so ren-kun finally relents but states "let me pay for it, at least" & gives a pretty specific amount of bills and coins to her.
also people are in masks (so it's the present?? aka older!ren) & the tables are in this weird almost 3x3 grid and uh... except there's more than 3 tables per row,, more like 5 or 6?? idk mind pls

there's a couple people in front of her; when it gets to her, she remembers her mask and scrambles to put it on
and so she goes up to order & looks up at the menu & orders:
" 2 big macs, with the fries and everything, oh, a-and cheese; the chicken nuggi-nuggets; the, uh, the oh um,, and 2 milkshakes 1 vanilla and 1 chocolate!"
and the cashier tells her it's 17.29 and the wait time is 27 min (?? that seems weird but uh dreams) (or maybe it's the other way around lol)
and ren's surprised that it's 1 dollar less than the amount ren-kun gave her
(implication: he knew exactly what she'd order,, even while she was worried that she'd order too much and go over the amount or something,,)

and she goes back to the seats ren-kun saved in relief at a job well done ordering & sits down next to him
and returns the dollar left
he asks what about the candy bar & she replies that there wasn't any (but wonders if maybe she should have asked)
then she pulls her mask down & pecks him on the lips

it has to be the future tho b/c resentment!ren's present has her having trauma involving eating/putting things in her mouth;; so sometime in the meantime she decided somehow to get over that (??) and also to stop starving herself as a means of control

it seems to be set in america *this dream* so idk how in the future ren-kun ends up in the us but he does,,
and it seems his friends are all back in japan except morgana
morgana the cat except he doesn't really have all the cat/animal instincts so ...
petting morgana was the way ren first met ren-kun
rather, ren found morgana, petted him for a while, and decided to try to find his owner or something

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