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A Squirrel's Musings
Maybe I might do this, maybe I won't. ... Squirrel's being an idiot~ Yeah, updating probably would be erratic. And random. Probably.
dreams again
more like yesterday's dream

the 2nd(?) one
wherein it's izuku & mei???
and they stumble upon a murder site
in someone's apartment
why are they there? idk? dreams = handwavey logic

and i guess mei's drunk
so izuku's rambling and trying to figure out what to do & how they need to get out of there b/c uh if they're seen, they may be mistaken as murderers??

and mei's pretty uncooperative
she's drunk and wavering around and cuddling near the body
and just not leaving the premises

and izuku's all, "mei go outside & take a few laps and ask the people nearby some qs" so y'know they could find out more info
and more importantly not be right next to the body
but mei is unresponsive
doesn't go out

police?? ambulance?? shows up
and what do you know, izu & mei are still at the scene
cue deer in headlights look

idk that's where the dream ends, guess they got mistaken as murderers

today's was (new) ocs slash type dream lol
i guess boys will be boys

and there was something about pov boy being all, when did you get so tall to other boy
and huh,, dream pans from past: where they're about same height, to present: where the other's like a whole head taller

it felt like a yaoi manga lol
idk it's been a while since i've been in the pov of a boy

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