It's been nearly a decade since I've been to Gaia. I decided to pay a visit because an article I came across while researching Drow culture came from here.
Seeing what my younger self thought was cool was embarrassing. I had red eyes, white hair, and I was wearing so many obnoxious accessories. What was I thinking? The first thing I did was get rid of my outfit and find some decent clothes before visiting Salon Durem. It feels good to not look like a clown anymore.
Seeing that none of my friends have logged in for years was depressing, but I imagine they felt the same way when I left without saying goodbye. I hope they're doing well.
Things have changed so much, haven't they? Everything looks different, but in some ways it still feels the same. I was surprised to see they finally did something to fix the inflation, but I have a feeling they ran into the same issue again eventually.

I get the idea this place isn't the great empire it used to be, so I don't think I'll stay around very long, but it has been nice to take a trip through memory lane- even if it made me cringe so much I had to reedit my profile because of how shameful it was.
I think I'll see how zOMG is doing.