...her insides ached and she felt nothing but a numb void. The tears had long stopped flowing. Her unkempt appearance was as much of an eyesore as her messy room. She sat in silence, staring at the dull photographs taped to the room's walls.

"Liz, you have to get up now," Ida sighed, impatiently tapping a pen against the clipboard she always held. It had been two weeks since the announcement of Ramona's death. Two whole, entire weeks , yet the Crown Princess still spent her time moping about her so-called 'beloved'. Ridiculous. An absolute PR disaster if anyone on the Score ever found out about this.

Elizabeth, wrapped up in her fuzzy pink robe, barely turned to face her. "Nah," was all the princess mustered after a minute of silence.

"Our people need to see that the royal line is strong, so they will feel confident about our - er - your decisions regarding the war, Liz." Ida stated coldly. No response.

Upon a moment's hesitation, Ida walked over to sit down next to the princess, grimacing at the thought of how dirty this floor probably was.

"I know this is hard for you, but right now, you are the leader of the Strings. And we have a job to do."