Where to begin? 4 dreams I could make out, though I had Full Control of the last one in everything I did.

10 - 11 Hours Sleep

Little Control at first, but Full Control of the last dream.

1) I was outside walking it rained but I kept on walking in the rain till I was soaked. But after I noticed I was fully soaked walked to a house ( I assume mine ) and took off clothes and dried off.

2) I jumped from a high place but... bounced when I got to the bottom and boynced a few more times before ending up laying onthe ground on my stomach, no pain just bouncing.

3) I was a casino worker/ dealer cheating people out of money. I delt cards and just before a player would turn over thier card I would wink or giggle and they would always "Loose" the game.


4) I was at a school and my computer and then everyone in the rooms computer got hit with a virus. I knew it was a dream right away, and once I knew I had control the world around me was so fake.

A unknown person walked me to "The Office" where a Principle? Talked angrly at me, I then gave That Principle. THE CURSING OF A LIFE TIME! and.....I did a few things I cant say on Gaia because of TOS Rules.