The Land of Fairytales

In a distant world, lies 6 continents of land, 5 factions that surround a realm that connects them all. Her Queen, along with this heart realm, are rotting... dying, her people in a rage, as their crops and family are turning to mold and undead nightmares.

"Oh Boo Hoo. Twenty-three thousand crops have been lost under my watch, but you continue to protect your precious Peter. If I didn't know any better, we'd think you were hiding something from us, that perhaps you should lose your head instead!"

The fairies surround their wilting monarch, as she weeps her pain silently; her tears flowing every color of the rainbow from one eye, blood from the other.

Burdens of the land are shared by their ruler, but the servants have forgotten the silent battles that take place at the heart of every being.

Peter, a man who links the realms, gave up his humanity, at the price of his shadow taking physical form.

He fights with his shadow, simultaneously spreading seeds of the heartflower across the other realms, to keep the magic alive.

But the wars echo the Heartland at the center; cries of death and destruction of knowledge they know not of which they speak...

For their bodies share the same shapes and quirks, but their skin separates them... What a worrisome sight.

At the center of world, the Land of Fairies is slowly dividing itself from the rotting sections.... but some choose to die before joining their undead fallen...

Which mission will succeed?

Can this land of dreams survive on the hope that feeds it, or will it devour itself from the rotting hate?