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What's Eating Melchior Kain?
These journal entries are my rants, vents, and concerns in both the Gaian community and the real world. I'm neither asking or expecting anyone to agree with me or my views. I'm open for debate. Just be respectful. That's all I ask.
Cosplay Arena
Okay, before I get started, I want to remind everyone that they don't have to agree with me. This is how I feel about and view cosplays done in the arena on Gaia.

A few things I would like to discuss/vent

1. I wish people would stop comparing how cosplays are done in real life to how cosplays are done or should be done online. They're just handled differently in their respective environment. This includes things like:
a. Sets. While it is true you want to look as much like the character you're cosplaying, and you can buy an entire costume in real life like sets on Gaia, people and judges alike tend to appreciate the cosplay more if it was handmade because it shows the cosplayers passion, skills and attention/dedication to detail with the effort they put into their costume and props, just like using different items on Gaia to achieve the same goal. Buying your costume shows you're a fan, but it has more of Halloween feel to it when you do that. Not much effort or creativity.
b. References. I saw a comment this week that kind of irked me. It said something along the lines of how reference images are not needed because we know the character or we can look them up, and that we don't walk up to cosplayers in real life and ask them to show us a picture. Why should we in the arena? Though that point is true, I would like to point out that this is a digital arena. We have the technology and capability to post references next to cosplays online for comparison purposes and for those who have never seen the character to be able to understand the cosplay in it's entirety.
"But people can just google the character. They're just being lazy."
Again, true, but online it's a fast paced world and voters like to move quickly through submissions. If they don't know the character or feel they need a pic for comparison to see how close the cosplayer got, they tend to just skip it and move on.

2. Reference Images. In continuation to what I said earlier, I am aware they're optional. But they are appreciated. For those saying to "just Google the character", this is how I see it. When you submit a project to a teacher/professor, you need to list references of where you found your information used for this project. You don't just hand it in without references and say, "just look it up." Look up what? What version, what line, what website did you use? Etc. Same goes for when you're possibly presenting something to your company/job/client. You don't just slap something on a screen or chart without other references to show how you got this information and tell the staff that they can just look it up.
I realize this contradicts with what I said in my first point about not comparing cosplay in real life to cosplaying online, but again, I'm just expressing my views.

The cosplays that I would like to see reference images included the most are characters that have several versions/depictions. Examples are characters like Dark Link, Sailor Moon (though she is well known, she seems to have more outfits than my sister's dolls), Little Red Riding Hood, etc. That way at least voters know which version you want to be compared to.If nothing else, I would like to see this happen.

3. Genderbends. One of my friends pointed out something to me. Genderbends don't seem to have a solid arena that voters can agree upon. If it's in the cosplay arena, people say it should be in originals because it's not canon. But when placed in the originals, people tell them it should be in the cosplay arena because it's a known character and not their own creation. These poor souls don't seem to have a place to call home. But I would agree they belong more in cosplay than original. It's when a submitter enters in as "their own depiction/version/twist" of the character that I think they should go in the original arena. Such as they created them from imagination.

4. Fanart Cosplays. These entries really trip me up. A lot of people don't seem to like them because it's not a published or televised version, but rather a depiction of the character from someone elses imagination. It's for that reason I feel they belong in the original. Basically someone elses depiction/version/twist on the character.

Okay, I've said my peace for now. Please be respectful of my views, and I'll be respectful of yours in return. Thank you everyone. *bows*

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