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Name: Aquita
Age: 23
Height: 68cm
Species: Merkweet
Occupation: Potion maker/merchant
Lives with her father, Adik, at the harbour in a fishing boat. Adik raised her to take over the company one day but Aquita had no interest in fishing and took to potion making instead. A tradition on her mother's side of the family. She's very smart and always looking to better her potions and make the best deal possible when selling them. Mility, the Emperor's daughter, often come to visit her stand at the marketplace, sometimes Aquita thinks she's really annoying, mostly when she's trying to make a deal with a client, but overall she likes her and sees her almost as a younger sister.

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Name: Mility
Age: 17
Height: 57cm
Species: Kirin
Occupation: Daughter of the Emperor
Although royal, Mility likes to walk the streets of the village and interact with her father's subjects. She's very kind and loved by the people, despite her young age, the villagers say she will make a fine Empress when her father steps down. Sometimes she can get overly excited over nothing, Aquita, the potion merchant, have experienced this many times as Mility consider her her best friend.

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Name: Adron
Age: 26
Height: 73cm
Species: Vampire bat
Occupation: Sorcerer
Like's to use his magic for selfish and not so noble causes. He would never do anything to harm someone else but stealing an apple or two from the merchants and pulling pranks on other citizens is his idea of fun. Currently working at the palace helping the royal magician to enhance the armor of the Emperor's guard. Becoming one of the great sages is his dream, but he's never going to tell anyone until it's within his grasp.

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Name: Kiefer
Age: 25
Height: 70cm
Species: Cat (Orange tabby)
Occupation: None
He calls himself a great adventurer and brags about is many journeys, but the truth is that he's quite the coward and most of his "journeys" happened in his own backyard with a huge portion of imagination. Even though he's a bit full of himself he's always one to lend a paw if needed. Dreams of one day leaving the village and go across the sea to the capital, and the rest of the world. He and Phillion grew up as neighbours and are still great friends.

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Name: Phillion
Age: 23
Height: 56cm
Species: Bird (Magpie)
Occupation: Mailbird
Phillion is a nervous, little bird and the smallest things make him jump high. He's never had the privilege to go to school, his parents were imprisoned for most of his childhood for trying to steal from the Emperor. He grew up with his cousins under his aunt's care and became close friends with the neighbour, an orange cat called Kiefer. Now he works at the village's post office, delivering letters all over town.

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Name: Vitír
Age: 236
Height: 21cm
Species: Wind sprite
Occupation: To offer advice to those who need it.
As a wind sprite, Vitír has the ability to become one with her element and invisible to other creatures. Wind sprites aren't known by most and when they give advice the phenomenon is often called "whispers of the wind", seeing as very few have actually seen them. Vitír is tired of not being seen, of being impartial and giving advice to complete strangers, even though such is the way of her people. She wants to seen, to be acknowledged and not live in hiding. But she's afraid of what would happen if she showed herself.


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Name: Menyra/Siulay
Age: 27/458
Height: 65cm
Species: Treafling/Evil spirit
Occupation: Freelancing thief
Having grown up in the bitter outskirts of the village, Menyra quickly learned to take care of herself. Stealing things here and there and selling to travelling merchants at the harbour for a quick income. At age 19 she snuck into the palace to try and steal something more valuable than ever before. In the royal magician's quarters she found a locket that changed her like forever. It contained the spirit of an evil Sorceress, Siulay, from the times of the three sages. She possessed Menyra and is now living within her, getting stronger and stronger every day.

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