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Just random stuff on here
I see you've managed to stumble upon my journal. There is really nothing important here save for profiles and everyday things. but if you're gonna read it then please take care.
The elves or Alf as they are called are from the planet named Alfheim ( Old Norse: Ālfheimr, "elf home" ) as the German discoverers have come to call it. The planet is similar to earth in terms of climate and atmosphere yet the age is similar to the medieval era with a bit of a fantasy twist. They have flying ships and guns and are indeed capable of space travel.

Now as for the locals: the men can reach the height of seven foot and do indeed have muscle on them.the females can be a max height of six foot; both are athletic and have acute senses and can see in the dark. Their hair colors can range from the palest of blonds to the darkest of blacks with little to no facial hair on the men, red is nonexistent with few brunettes with brunette being a rarity. Common color among the eyes range from the usual to rare colors ( violet, amber, gold) yet the Skintone wise, they are always pale ranging from snow white pale to peachy.

As for the age the humans can't exactly place how old an Alf lives yet they estimate they can be immortal if one was to die they would simply be reborn.The elves are the most favored and feared race. In a world of unspoiled nature, they consider themselves the paragons of this beauty; but they are humbled and heroic; capable of doing great deeds and feats of strength.

About Alfhiem:
The land itself, ancient and verdant, is an idyllic world where races of fable thrive in perpetual midsummer. Covered with dense forests, meandering rivers, and gently rolling meadows, one of the few planes without humans. Signs of elvish supremacy are widespread, from their gilded forest palaces to the wonderous inventions they have created.

Luthien Tinvuiel
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    XiaDoh CaLima-Ahzei
    Community Member

    Fri Dec 11, 2015 @ 06:39am

    Awesome setting and in depth Bio. I came upon you profile and stayed to listen to the music. i take you're a huge ELF/ELVES fan ?? I am too. Though , the ones i know the most about are the Gaia elves...

    Anyways just wanted to say hi, since it is rare to just run into other user who seem to be dedicated " elves "..... Sooo..... " Hi! " * waves hand * sweatdrop

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