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I tried to post this story on Quizilla, but after I made 10 chapters, they decided to deactivate my account for no apparent reason. I even tried to email them for the purpose of finding out why my account was deactivated. Their reply was that they can't explain why individual accounts are deactivated. :/ I will never know why my account and stories were lost. So I'm posting my stories on here, because Quizilla deleted my account. No one is probably going to read this, and it's fine, because that isn't the purpose for posting this journal entry. I want to keep the memory of my story.

Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to apply for a job at Aperture Science. The commercials would show after the morning cartoons and show their importance. "Aperture Science: We do what we must because we can," The commercial would say in bold letters and then it would show Cave Johnson smiling. The commercial would leave me curious, and I would question the meaning of the motto.

After I graduated high school, I signed up for a job as a test subject at Aperture Science. I could feel the excitement and the anticipation of getting a job as I walked through the doors. The lobby seemed clean besides the tiny amount of dirt on the ground when people walked on it to go to their jobs.

I walked over to the receptionist and asked for an application. The receptionist had manly features with hair lining her upper lip yet showed womanly features. She looked up at me and immediately shook her head. Her brunette bun was tossed back and forth as she shook her head.

"You're too young. You won't even have your application looked at." The receptionist said with a pessimistic mood. I became angry when she said this and slammed my fist onto the desk counter.

"Listen here! I have a 4.5 GPA and I'm just asking for minimum wage for the first two months. Please just consider my application." I pleaded, but the receptionist gave me a dirty look. She grabbed my brunette ponytail and forcefully tugged it. I yelped in reaction to the pain of the tugging.

"No. You listen here! I already told you that we won't accept your application. Don't throw a tantrum like a brat because of your rejection. You should go." the receptionist said calmly, and pointed towards the door. She realized that I was hurting and stopped tugging my hair. I lowered my head and was proceeding to go through the door, but an older man stopped me from leaving Aperture Science.

"Hello. I hope that you'll excuse Roberta over there. She can get very cranky without her coffee!" The man with short, brown hair said and laughed. Then, he turned towards her and scowled at her. After a few seconds, he turned his grey eyes towards me and pointed at the first door to the right.

"Come. I want to interview you. I'm the boss of this segment, Terrance Heyrt." Terrance told me and nudged me towards the door. I walked over towards the door and opened it. A desk with a computer on it occupied the middle of the room while bookshelves lined the walls of the room.

I saw a chair in front of the desk and quickly sat in it. Terrance sat down in the chair opposite mine and dug out some papers from his drawers. He asked me questions about my qualities and values at work. After that, he asked me questions about my GPA and the classes that I took from freshman to senior year. Finally, he paused to think for a few minutes and a smile formed on his face.

"Lavender, is it? You are hired as a test subject." Terrance said happily and gave me paperwork to sign. I quickly signed it and became an employee of Aperture Science! However, I couldn't start work until the next day, so I would have to wait for the job.

"Also, Lavender, I want to give you a tour. Of course I won't be giving you a tour, but my assistant will gladly give you a tour," Terrance said and picked up his phone to dial a number. Once the person picked up, Terrance spoke loudly, "Wheatley! Get your lazy a** down here. I have a job for you."

Minutes later, a young man with orange hair and light blue eyes entered the room. He looked at his boss and then at me with confusion. Terrance stood up and then walked over to Wheatley, standing over him with superiority.

"Wheatley! I want you to give this young lady a tour. Her name is Lavender and she is our newest employee. I want you to give her respect and courtesy." Terrance told Wheatley with a strict tone. Wheatley nodded and looked over at me.

"Bye, Mr. Heyrt!" I said politely and followed Wheatley to the lobby.

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