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Wicked Monstrosity
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"******** ********," Damon whispered shakily, smacking the flashlight against his hand until the flickering dim beam turned bright again. He let out a sigh of relief, watching his breath condense in front of his face and float away into the cold night.
He walked further into the forest, shining the light onto each tree he passed and wondering what the hell he had gotten himself into. For 200 bucks, he had promised his friends he'd stay in the forest overnight and look for the notes they'd spent the entire day pinning to trees. He remembered his friends talking about some game they had based it all on, but he'd never played it and didn't plan on it.
He shivered lightly and pulled his jacket tighter around his body, blue eyes scanning the forest before him. A white rectangle lit up in his beam; he grinned and hurried towards it, ripping the page from the tree.
As he studied, his smile slipped, an uneasy feeling rising in his stomach. In the center of the page was a drawing of a strange, tall creature wearing a suit. It was surrounded by the word 'no' written over and over again in a hurried scrawl. A shiver unrelated to the cold ran down his spine, and he folded the page up quickly and slipped it into his pocket, wanting to find the other 7 pages as soon as possible.
Damon continued further into the forest, and soon he could barely see the stars through the canopy. He was so focused on looking for the other notes that he barely heard the sound of a twig snapping behind him. But he did hear it.
He paused his walk and turned around, scanning the area behind him. "Hello?" he called out, embarrassed to hear the fear tinging his voice. "You guys aren't funny. This is so easy." If it was his friends following him, he didn't want them to know how scared he was.
When nobody answered and no sound came from the forest, he returned to his search, finding two more notes before he heard another twig snap.
"Okay guys, you can stop now," Damon yelled, rolling his eyes. Much of his fear had dissipated, replaced by an annoyance at his friends. If they thought he was going to be scared that easily, then they needed to think again.
He turned on his heel, a nasty remark already ready to be fired at his friends, but it got caught in his throat. The creature from the first note stood in front of him, completely silent and bent at the waist, blank face inches away from his own.
Damon's blue eyes widened comically, and he let out a blood curdling that could peel the paint off of walls. Without a second thought, he turned and tried to run, but something wrapped around his legs, causing him to trip and fall.

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