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[OC] Gia
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What's on the certificate?

Name: Gia - no middle or last name. If she were to have a last name, it would either be Curexo (the name given to her mother after her first marriage, the time during which she was conceived) or Itenolini (her father's last name).

Gender: Female.

Birthday: It wasn't really a "birth", but her creation was finished on October 14th.

Birthplace: Again, she wasn't "born" anywhere - however, she was conceived in the Kingdom of Crux, and brought into being in the Kingdom of Hellaine.

Race: Human.

Nationality: Officially Hellen, born Cruxian (unknown)

What's in the mirror?

Hair: Hair is an extremely pale blonde, almost white. It is choppy and unorganized, and very short, like a wild pixie cut. However, two strands border her face and reach down to her collar bone. There are black highlights throughout in a disheveled fashion.

Eyes: Sharp, turquoise green eyes with thick black lashes and a point to them.

Age/Apparent Age: Actual age is 22, can appear to be 21.

Stature/Shape: Thin arms and legs, a seemingly frail stature, with subtle curves. However, her gentle appearance belays the strength in her frame. If you weren't looking at her face and she was wearing baggy clothing, she could be mistaken for a boy (and often was during the course of the story).

Tattoos: N/A - as much as she wanted them, her occupation prohibited it.

Piercings: N/A - see above.

Scars: Several small, white scars acquired during her work. However, they are hardly noticeable, and whenever she is doing her job they are covered up with makeup to make her skin appear as smooth and flawless as possible.

Miscellaneous: A distinct, black birthmark in the shape of an inverted cross just beneath her left shoulder blade.

What's in the closet?

Outfits: Prefers to wear clothing that is "punk rock", or "hard rock", but really just wears whatever the Hell she feels like at the time. "Trademark" outfit (the one she wears at the beginning of and frequently throughout the story) is similar to this, except there is NO CAMEO on the lace choker, the tank top is BROWN, and there is NO PATTERN on the flaps of the combat boots.The pocket watch is usually tied around two of her belt loops, so it hangs at her hip - it's purely for fashion, not function.
Other outfits similar to her style that she might be portrayed in are this, this, this, and this. But feel free to style her however you'd like.
If you'd like to dress her in her "work clothes", anything princessy or frilly or completely out of character for her would suffice. Something like this would be hilarious. You may or may not draw her in the long, wavy, brown-haired wig that completes the costume (see second reference pic for image), though I do not recommend it since when wearing it she looks exactly like Alice, so really it would just be a cranky Alice.

Another concept that may be fun to draw is her as an angel with black wings. In the story she is often referred to as the "Fallen Angel" by those that know her history.

Accessories: Depends on the outfit - she has no items of any real significance to her. However, when she is "at work", she has to wear a faux tiara that is a copy of the real one. The real one (and fake one) resembles Sleeping Beauty's tiara, except for a small, oval shaped, blue sapphire in the middle.

What's on the records?

Medical History: Constantly being sent into the hospital for work-related injuries such as bullet wounds, cuts, lacerations, gouges, and other results of her violent mishaps.

General Health: Despite the many and frequent wounds to her body, she has a good general health. Her physique is very strong and fit, and she takes care of her health.

Allergies/Conditions: N/A

Smoker: Yes - Not an addict, just a casual smoker. Will smoke if others are smoking, just because.

Drinker: Yes - Ooohhhh yea. Definitely a drinker. Borderline alcoholic; while she doesn't make daily trips at the bar yet, she's most assuredly getting there. Has a high tolerance for alcohol and loves the stronger drinks, especially absinthe.

What's in the memory?

Background: The story takes place in an alternate universe, but is essentially modern day Earth - however, in this universe, there are still many monarchies. And the tale of Gia and her escapades revolves around two. The Kingdoms of Hellaine and Crux. The dominant, male rulers of Hellaine have always had a reputation for being womanizers, so much so that polygamy was made legal in their country. They had an obsession with getting just what they wanted, when they wanted it. Even if what they wanted was the wife of another king. So when the King of Hellaine half-kidnapped the Queen of Crux, the two countries were plunged into war. Of course, it wasn't just because of one monarch taking the other's girl. That would be stupid. However, it was the final straw over a large batch of disagreements between the two countries, and became one of the reasons people most referenced to when they spoke of the cause of the war. However, what only the people of Hellaine knew (as the Cruxians had refused to believe it) was that Queen Alexandra had come willingly to Hellaine, having been emotionally and mentally abused by her ex-husband, the King of Crux. Sadly, she died only two years after coming to Hellaine, in the childbirth of her own and only daughter, Alice. With the Queen being gone, the angry citizens of Crux who believed the woman had betrayed them, combined with the angrier citizens of Hellaine who believed her betraying the Cruxians had caused the war, needed someone else to divert their anger to. And Alice was chosen as the unlucky subject.

From the moment the girl was born, dozens of different groups of people were after her life. Hellens who believed that killing the last trace of the treacherous Queen would appease the Cruxians and end the war, Cruxians who wanted to wipe out the lineage of said treacherous Queen, and the usual batch of anarchists who would love to destroy the icon of a nation and plunge the citizens into panic. And this is where Gia comes in.

Gia is the girl's body double. She was discovered in a pub by a royal guard who mistook her for the Princess herself - they have the exact same build, height, and facial features. The girl was given a place in the castle to stay and trained to become a fighting machine as well as a master of eloquecy, so she could stand in for Alice whenever needed. This was because of a few reasons - One, in situations where an assasination attempt was expected but attendance of a royal offical was still required, they could send Gia in without any blue blood on their record. Two, as Alice was of poor health but had a reputation to uphold none the less, she was good for use even in situations that didn't require brute force. And three... well, they couldn't very well have a girl that looked exactly like the Princess running around causing trouble, now could they?? As long as she agreed to keep a clean criminal record (given pardons from her previously filthy one), she was welcome to stay in the castle and had access to all the services, as well as a nice paycheck. Soon, she even befriended the Princess, despite their opposite characters. She took on a big sister role to the only child, and was determined to protect her at all costs. However, it never occurred to her that she was her actual big sister.

You see, the Queen did not come over from Crux empty handed. To escape her cruel husband, she had always run to the affections of the Royal Librarian. He was desperately in love with her, and did whatever he could to please her, though mostly that was only limited to.. primal pleasures. When the King found out, naturally the Librarian was thrown into jail - he would have been put to death were it not for the pleading of the Queen. That was when, without a soul to turn to and being faced with that awful man every night, she ran away with her quickly found new love, the King of Hellaine. But she still kept a momento from her old flame - a month old baby cooking in the oven. Of course, as soon as she found out, after having settled in to her new home, she knew she had to get rid of it. What would the people think if she had brought over a foreign child? What if they thought it was from the King of Crux, not a lover? While she knew they could tolerate the half-Hellaine and half-Crux baby she and her new husband may have, a completely Cruxian baby would be shunned - and she would be shunned with it. The woman knew it was a selfish choice, but she was in fact a selfish person. She had just found safety, and she wasn't going to let some fetus ******** it up. So, feigning sickness and swearing the doctors and nurses to secrecy, she had the baby aborted in the Castle's medical wing.

But as fate would have it, the baby was not dead. It was only a partial abortion. The mother had thereafter refused to even look at the thing, and told the doctors to just do whatever they wanted with it, kill it, drown it, something. But they couldn't bear put the thing to death, especially after it had so miraculously escaped their first attempt. So instead, they decided to use it in their most recent experiment - trying to bring life back to aborted feti, and raise them without a human mother. Test tube babies. Of course, since she was never dead in the first place, her growth was phenomenal. It was a miracle. By the end of the eight months left in her growth she was as healthy as any "naturally grown" human child. The doctors were amazed at their accomplishment. However, they knew they couldn't keep the child. Though the Queen had told them to do whatever they wanted, they knew that she had really intended was for them to destroy it. And they couldn't present it to her, telling her it was what they had extracted from her body so long ago. Plus, she was currently pregnant with another child, another baby girl! The one who was to be the heir to the throne! They couldn't very well bring this foreign child, the rightful heir as first born, into the mix.The people wouldn't allow it. But still, they couldn't kill it. They had come so far, after all. So they decided to keep their research a secret, known only to themselves, and put the baby in a basket on the doorstep of a convent.

You can imagine how that turned out.

Dubbed Gia by the nuns presiding there, she was supposed to have been raised to be a proper citizen. But there was just something in her that knew she wasn't meant for docile living. She craved action, fighting, mischief, anything to get her blood pumping and confirm that she really was alive. From the moment she could walk she was getting into trouble. She ditched that boring church as soon as she could, and inevitably got in a heap of trouble with the law over the years. She didn't know who she was, where she'd come from, her parents, nothing, and she didn't care too. The only ones who knew anything about her were the doctors in the castle's medical ward, and her father, in a jail, back in Crux - the one who had always known his lover had been pregnant when she abandoned their country.

She continues her life as the Princess's best friend, body guard, and occasional doppelganger, and still hasn't connected the dots to her heritage despite her remarkable resemblance to Alice and the late Queen. Everyone just considers it to be an odd coincidence, how three people can look so alike, and take advantage of it constantly when she works.

What's on the inside?

Personality: Gia is what could best be described as a "wild child". She loves adventure, thrills, risks, and most of all, combat. Though, with her criminal past, she'd rather not work for the "snooty royals" or "dumb a** blue bloods", the girl does enjoy the perks she gets from being one of the inner circle up in the castle. However, the fighting is the only part of her job she likes - when she's just standing in because Alice is sick and has to act all dainty and eloquent, she gets extremely bored. Gia is, after all these years of playing Princess, a remarkably good actress, but with her short temper and crude style of speech, her true self often slips through when in polite company. But despite being so rebellious, she does have her soft side. The woman is immensely devoted to Alice, and puts her above anything. She loves fast and hard, and is easily attached to even the smallest of people - Daniel, the bartender at her favorite dive, the guys she plays cards with, the maids who clean her room. And because of her situation growing up as the outcast in a convent, as well as being involved in so many sticky, life threatening situations, she knows quite a bit about the way the world works. When she's depressed or unnerved, she'll get very quiet and sentimental - a big contrast to her usually playful, bratty, and brash self. Though she specializes in fighting, there is a lot of world wisdom in that head, even if she only occasionally pulls it out.

Habits: As said before, gets too easily attached. Short-tempered. Uncouth. And physical habits - picks her teeth with knives, drums her fingers when bored, bites her lip.

Likes: Violence, guns, gambling, alcohol, Alice, her friends, her job (most of the time), quiet walks, teasing people, colorful swears, money, pretty boys ("Fun to play with, not to eat!" aka likes to ******** with them until they're throwing themselves at her and then leaves them hanging).

Dislikes: Laws, wearing dresses, when people hurt her friends, herself, crushes, nuns, churches, religion in general, eloquecy, when people mistake her for Alice.

Fears: Dark, enclosed spaces, having to face her crimes, nightmares, seeing her loved ones hurt/killed.

Strengths: Expert with firearms and hand to hand combat. One of the only people who can make Alice smile. (Supposedly) Kills without regret. Acting. Natural leader. Good at bargaining with seedier types. Extremely high alcohol tolerancy.

Weaknesses: Clumsy with swords and knives. Bad at talking to the upper crust. (Secretly) Developing sympathies for her victims. Untrusted by nearly all the other members of the castle. Problems with authority (unless she IS the authority). Math, Science, Literature, other basic school subjects. Would sacrifice anything, even herself, to protect her friends.

Drawings Recieved: x x x x x x x x

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