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i now have a haert
A Hatter's Tail
It was a cold,rainy,damp,muggy night as I sit in a large red chair all alone.Where I live it is a cold,dead,loney,and vicious and uncaring place.Who am I you ask well I am a hatter nothing special here is what I look like. I have ash white skin my eyes are amber yellow I have short frizy blood red hair.I suffered badly from mercury poisoning and insomnia.I have an odd obsession witht top hats and suites dark colors mainly yes that is me a real freak.As I sip some tea I can hear the sounds of war. The sound of screaming,metal swords clashing the smell the stench of rotting flesh,bruing bodies,and blood cooling on hot rocks mixs in the air.I stand up my height I am pressly twelve feet tall personlly I hate war.The savges have it almost every day so I have grown tired of it.It was going to be just another one of those dull nights but a tattered, smelly,fillthy human came crawling towards me.She was small even for her race she was half alive and not only that but she was clutching to a baby for dear life.In a sickly and dying vocie she said"pleas hatter I know you hate humans but pleas take pitty on my baby.For she will shurely die with out someone to care for her."I look down at the young baby she had bright sky blue eyes soft peachy skin and golden yellow curly hair my face narled up.I look at the dying old woman and I say in an angry vocie"verey well I will take care of your child for a sufficient amount of time and then she is out on her own." The grungy old woman smilled showing that she had only five teeth left in her head. She used all her strength in her body to hand overe the baby when I looked back down she was dead.Immediately after that I heared the howle of the grsome Banderwall.They say no one has ever saw it and lived to tell the tale the howle was loude it could pierce the heavens above.I was not scared so I just calmly walk back my mush room house.In my house it was full to the brim with steam for I was brewing tea one of my teakettles suddenly explode I jumped in shock"oh my!"Then soon after the Doorie mouse came bellowing out screaming" where the in world have you been Hatter !?" Now the Doorie mouse has no gender it is a verey small mouse for it is only two inches tall and long it has a verey magnificent tail for it is four feet long so long the Imperial Queen had to tie a samll bell on the end of it.The doorie mouse is a verey rare color for a mouse it is a gold mouse with bright silver eyes and every time it falls asleep it wears their nighty night cap.I looked down at Doorie mouse "I am sorry Dorrie I ran in to some filth on my way home."It looks around "then what is that" as it points to the baby in my arm I look around"hmmm oh yes this is one of the humans babies" Doorie mouse look angry but soon gets overe it and we enjoy a cup of tea. Then soon after we start to head off to bed the mushroom can tell the family has a new member and grows and makes more room just for them.

octavius fair
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