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life. its whats for supper.
Channeled Through Humanity

Section I

The New York Metro Police Station stood amongst the buildings of inhuman height. It seemed to fall a bit short of the regular standard. It had an old exterior and an oddly contrasting interior. However out of the two New York police stations, it was the most convenient location for catching crime when it happens.
Washington Street is this buildings location, while the other is located further out of town in the suburbs along Monroe drive. Either way I think that detective William Gomez would rather find himself at home than on the seventh floor of the Metro.
William Gomez is a dedicated to his work sort of man. He will spend hours in the office and never be paid overtime. But he has a reason to his madness, a haunted reason. He is investigating the murder of three innocent people. One an elderly woman, another was a mid twenties female, and the third a child thirteen years old.
However the diversity doesn’t connect these three murders, rather their location. A post World War I house where it has be said that a husband murdered his wife. A haunted house, yes I know that it’s silly but I will show you I am quite serious. By the end of this mystery you will have inched yourself to the end of your seat in anticipation. Welcome, to Channeled Through Humanity.

Section II

In the “unusual cases department” of the New York Metro Police Station, William Gomez sat in his office nearly alone except for one lone sergeant working for him in the office. The unusual cases department is on the seventh floor because their workers are dwindling, as you can tell. However, this is not because of a lack of work, but an excess of it. Sergeant Matthews was working in the nearly quiet of the white office room. It was filled with many cubicles, but only his was inhabited. He was signing and organizing papers in his lamp-lit area.
Signature: Roy R. Matthews.
“Roy R. Matthews.” He wrote over and over on the stack of resignation papers that he had to fill out. He then topped the pile with a top secret file folder. Standing with the papers in hand he turned with a deep sigh towards the office of his superior, Detective William Gomez.
The detective sat in his enclosed office like a secluded pet lying in loneliness. Matthews knew why he was so depressed though, and to William Gomez that’s more than he needed to know. Detective Gomez eyes sagged with wrinkles and the gray of his side parted hair showed his age.
Matthews walked in, “Sir, the tests on the blood from the 1920’s home have come back with a very strange outcome.” The sergeant sucked in air as his superior straitened looking quite sick that news had come so soon. Turning his back on his desk he choked the words out.
“What did it say this time?” he said in a mellow and composed voice and waved his hand at this one of many office detectives.
“The note written from the lab says that they personally have seen this before in another case from this house.”

Disheveled, Matthews ran his fingers thru his dark brown locks. They would start out neat and slicked back when he punched in. Then, as the files piled up with no promising results, his hair would fall into his face. He knew this jobs stress level would continue to rise. In return, his brow sweat and his hair dampened with his restless movements. The sleepless weeks had got to him.
“However they still do not know what the traces are that they found in the blood. They have at least noticed that whatever the element is in the blood of both victims, it seems to become easier to find in the samples every time a new case comes in.”
The sergeant set the folder down on the desk of his advisor and turned to leave after one attempt to improve the hopes of his boss.

“Sir, I have all the belief in you that this case will be solved within the time you have been given. This is a hard case, one that needs some one with an open mind, someone like you. You don’t fear the possibility of something unnatural, or uncommon. You only strive to keep the uncommon from becoming something more powerful and against human morals.
We both know this is murder. As well as that whatever is causing this is not human.
For whatever reason that all those people died, including that little girl, we both know that how they died was unnatural, something that neither of them wanted or suspected to happen.
So Sir to wrap this up, I must say that if anyone can figure out who murdered all these people that lived in that old house, it’s you.”
The Sergeant left the room and closed the door quietly. This was his last day on duty due to his wife’s pregnancy. He would retire and take a smaller job in the country nearer to his home. Thus his days riding a cop car and gunning down bad guys was over for him.
Section III

In the streets of post W.W.I New York cars lined the roads scattered with rice. The towns’ people watched as the white horse and carriage rode off with the newlyweds. Tin cans bounced and clattered along behind the carriage. The happy couple rode a ways out from the town and eventually reached their new home. The groom carried his new wife across the threshold and they began their new life together.
For a year or so all was well, but then one day the girl wanted to move into her parents’ larger house. The husband refused saying he had to stay in his family house forever. The discussion became heated and in a rash moment she was gone. The floor was stained with her blood and the man stood in shock about what he had just done. He breathed deeply at the strange new peace and security he had made.
Quickly the footsteps of the mistresses’ maid came running into the room, her shriek rang out and the maid ran to her mistresses’ body and wiped the drooling blood from her face. “What have you done sir!” she cried “you have killed your wife and my mistress. Oh dear, her family will make you pay for your sinful act! You must leave here immediately. “
“No,” he spoke. “You must leave. I have to prepare myself and the house for its judgment. Go! Tell her family of their misfortune. For I know that rage will run deep in their veins when they hear of her death.”
“But sir!” she cried.
“Do as I say Mary!” Bitterly she winced at his order laced with her name, and unwillingly left her kerchief over the dead woman’s face.
Once he was alone, he called his lawyer to secure his will, which he was about to change. Instead of willing everything to his wife, now dead, he would make sure all his money would be put to preserving his house forever. He knew that her family would seek vengeance, though he yet did not know how exactly.

Section IV

Conary vs. Ardley was the trial of the century in New York during the 1920’s. Arthur L. Ardley was being charged with the murder of his wife Medea. The Conary family was vengeful in their persecution against Ardley. They would not let him get away with murder. And by the end of the trial, Ardley was sentenced to prison for the murder of Medea Ardley. A life sentence, something that Ardley had expected, but defiantly didn’t like. So as soon as the wooden mallet struck the judges stand, a loud bang rang out as Ardley shot himself dead in the court room. His blood splattered over the crowd, and a shocked but happy smile rose within the scarlet speckled audience. He was dead, and the family had finally gotten its revenge. As good as they felt, still the glow of their eyes were fogged with the loss of a family member. Not a good one, but still family.

Section V

Hana Ardley. a name like Hana is to be given to someone filled with hope for the world. Her name means ‘happiness’, ‘flower’, or ‘work of art’. It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful lady. She was young, 23 years old, and when she died she stayed on earth, like all spirits do when they die an untimely death.
However it is not simple being a ghost. Because you know nothing of your past until something or someone sparks your memory. So you hover in your place of sanctuary, which is a place that has an object that links you to this world, all you can do is wait. So even if you find peace you cannot leave this world until someone frees you from your link to the earth. So step #1 to getting rid of a ghost is to befriend it. Step #2 is to help it find peace. Step #3 is to find and destroy the link and send the spirit to the afterlife.

Section VI

Years at the Ardley house passed. His money used to pay the help to keep the house in shape was running out and the maids had grown old and pale. Sheets covered most of the furniture, that is, except the large grandfather clock which had always needed to be oiled and wound. Strangely though, since the master’s death it no longer needed maintenance besides dusting.
Though no one saw him, Arthur Ardley sat in his old wicker chair in the corner by the window. He watched the maid’s age as they cleaned their years away in silence. An occasional word would be spoken about cleaning, but other than that it was as cold and as still as death in the house. By evening the maids would leave as they did daily, and lock the door as they left. Today, however, proved to be different for Arthur. Evening arrived and he counted the ten maids as they walked one after the other jabbering about strange things from the outside world he never saw since he arrived. They talked about a man who murdered his wife and that any poor soul to move into this house would be sure to have a curse lain upon them. He sat in silent thought for awhile, then he said to himself, “only nine today, and the ladies talked much more than usual. They even covered up the grandfather clock.” He then thought awhile longer and listened to see if he might have missed one of the maids that may still be in the house. Suddenly one silently sobbing maid wandered into the living room wiping her tears with a white and red kerchief. She went over to the grandfather clock and uncovered it and spoke out to it. “You caused my misfortune!” she mumbled. “YOU! YOU who I loved! The only one I have ever wanted. And I thought when she died that I could have you! But I was mistaken!” she was shouting hoarsely now. “ Why? Because you took yourself away from this earth. You only ever felt safe in this house. You never loved me! You never loved her. You only ever wanted to have a son to keep this house in your family. But now you can’t blame me, and you can’t blame her. You can only blame yourself Arthur! You miserable man. You taker of lives. You will pay for what you have done! And I will make you pay when I find you.” And at that she poured a bottle of clear liquid on the kerchief which he now noticed had blood on it that had poured from her wrist. And with one last sob placed the kerchief over her face and held it tight. Slowly she sank lower to the floor and at the last moment she pulled out a gun and in a split second she was dead.
Now he had the information he needed. The words his spirit had needed to hear. “That is why I was never seen. That is why I knew nothing about myself. Now I know I was a murderer.” This brought him delight as his memories rushed back into his mind. And he now felt stronger than ever.
Mary’s body was moved eventually, and then many years passed until a family moved into the old house. There were now many more houses in the area surrounding the Ardley house. And the family living there was a young couple with a 13 year old daughter. The man and woman were very happy together with their child, but they both worked and during summer the daughter had no one to come home to. She was lonely and one day began to rummage through the nooks and crannies of the old building. She found an old closet with a back room in it. And some old hats in big boxes and pictures of a wife and husband. She wondered if this was who used to live in the old house. With the photos she found a file. It said, evidence on the outside and she being a curious teen opened the folder and with great terror found pictures of a not one but three different bloody bodies and many statements made by the people of the court and witnesses. The file was very thick, and as frightened as she was she pressed on through the pictures. As she explored this find, the ghost of Arthur Ardley looked on. He saw and understood that the first was his dead wife the second was him and the third was the maid that had killed herself. He was shocked at this find and did not want to miss a single detail of his past that he hardly remembered. When the girl had finished flipping through the papers and photos she placed it with scared and teary eyes into the folder that she found it in and stood to leave. But Ardley wasn’t finished looking through this wonderful oasis of information yet. He wanted to stay and flip through the pages himself.
Suddenly a strange power came over him and he seemed to be pulled into the girl. Soon he was looking through her innocent eyes, and he felt slightly alive again. He stood very shakily for a moment taking in this new body and then plopped down on the floor to rummage through the papers himself. This went on for a few hours, and then he took the girl down to her room and took himself from her body. She fell perfectly onto her bed and lay there unconscious. He stood there thinking ‘what a kind girl this is and how nice it was for her to not fight my spirit inside of her.’ He looked at her long brown hair and her rounded face still immature, and he felt he could be her friend. He wasn’t going anywhere and it wasn’t like she could see him. But she could see what he could do. For with in the years he found he could move objects around with his telepathy. He liked it and had used it in the past to scare away construction workers that tried to tear down his house. Sadly it brought more police to the home when they tried to find the cause of the cemented construction workers. He needed a good friend during his time in this form, because he didn’t know how long he would be like this.

Section VII

At first when the girl awoke she stared blankly at the ceiling, but then she sat strait up as if she remembered what had happened. And to Ardley’s surprise she looked straight at him. Shocked and bewildered at this girl’s reaction, he questioned her, “Can you see me?”
“Yes,” she replied, “I can now. What did you do to me?”
“Well, uh, I,” he stammered. She began to cry softly and then she spoke through her fearful tears. “You used my body, I couldn’t control my arms or legs. It was like all I could do was watch as I was your puppet. Leave me alone you, you, you murderer!” she stood up and stomped towards Arthur. However he stood in his place shocked and heartbroken at her awful response. When the girl reached where Arthur stood she only accomplished stomping through him. She flailed her arms and shrieked, “Eew, Cold!” he countered by saying “You can’t hurt me but I can hurt you. So I suggest that you,” he paused searching for the best way to get her to be nice. “be my friend.”
She raised an eyebrow at him taking in this strangely dressed man and shook her head. “I think I’m imagining this.” She went over to her bed and sat down again. “but I may as well be your friend, I’ve got nothing better to do.” Secretly she was scheming about how to get rid of him, which is the first mistake. She didn’t do the first step. Step #1 is to befriend the ghost, which she did but not in the way that will help her get rid of him. The goal is to help the spirit find peace, not kick him into it.
The next day the girl awoke to a staring face by her bedside. And though as freaked out as she was all she said was, “wait here until my parents leave.” And left the room and went downstairs to the kitchen. Awhile later she came back to him and said that they were gone. She then got right to work. She had rented a book on exorcism last night and read parts of it. So she began to tell the ghost that they were going to play a game. So she set up a ring of candles and told him to stand in it. She continued with lighting the candles and saying the words the book told her to use. Soon a wind arose in the room and energy became almost tangible. The ghost of Ardley realized he had been tricked and he tried to move from the circle. However he could not. He became angry and in a slow surge of energy he bent the force encasing him towards the girl and killed her in the painful way of electrocution.

Section VIII
Some odd years after this incident, an old lady moved into the house. She lived there peacefully for quite some time. She loved her house and left the furniture how it was. One day her daughter came over to clean and suggested moving some of the furniture. The grandmother told her to just vacuum around it and not disturb the old furniture. But the daughter did not listen. She pushed at the old sofa and in that moment Arthur was just as disturbed as the grandmother. He was enraged, and sensed the anger in the old ladies heart. He then felt his spirit pull forward and into the old lady. His angered spirit then launched a bolt of energy like a bullet to the daughter, who, he noticed, just happened to be standing where his wife had been when he killed her. In a split second killed her and the old weak grandmother without even trying.
It was a sad day when the cops came to knock on the door because she hadn’t been answering the phone. The busted in and immediately saw the gruesome rotting sight of two women lying on the floor. The funeral was held with closed coffins and the rest of the family mourned, and said, “How could they have both died of a heart attack and internal bleeding?” no one could answer their question however and it remained a mystery. That is until our fine detective William Gomez stepped onto the case.
Section IX

He worked day in and day out. He never stopped working, his sunken eyes and cheeks made him look older than he really was. But that didn’t matter to him. Nothing mattered to him anymore. So one day he had a hunch and went to the old house to investigate. He followed the long dirt road in the outskirts of New York and went into the house. It was old and barren there, trees of old surrounded it and hid it out of the sight of the main road. He found it strange how one house could be so old in such a modern city and century. He rolled up to the steps, and sighed. He didn’t like stairs. Hell he didn’t even like escalators. But in order to get his answers he had to choke down his frustration and walk for a change. You see he hasn’t walked since his daughters death. It was a sad accident the police said it was a death by electrocution and shock. Her little heart just died suddenly. Gomez got the news while driving his cop car and was so shocked he ran a red light. He was hit and he lost most of his ability to walk. So a wheel chair is now his form of transportation. He can’t drive so he takes a bus with a wheel chair lift. But instead of missing his ability to walk, he misses his daughter, and always will put her before his needs. So instead of going to therapy in the morning he goes to the office to work on his mysterious case. Many deaths tied to this house are of the same type. And William Gomez just won’t let this case slip through his fingers unsolved. So up he got from his wheelchair, and walked to the railing of the first step. He pulled his leg up onto it and went one by one up the five tormenting, old steps. When he got to the top he was huffing and puffing but he kept on walking. “damn stairs,” he said “they make me look like an old man.” In either case, young or old, he had drive and a goal. And he was for sure going to make it, walking or not. “Emma darling I’m gonna’ finish this if it’s the last thing I do.” And with that he unlocked the door with the rusted old key, and walked in. Ancient memories of happiness and pain flooded back to William Gomez. He wiped the sweat from his brow, and swallowed the tears. “Now, I’ve got a hunch and I hope I’m right.” He said as he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. “This should be the link to the suiside,” he said laying the handkerchief on a old stain on the floor. “and this is the gun he used; the source of his power.” He pulled it out of his holster, and held it in his hand. “And THIS!” he tromped over to a tall sheet covered object. “is the time of their deaths.” He pulled the sheet off of a tall old grandfather clock and dust flew as it chimed 6:00 pm.
Arthur listened from his chair, hoping this mad man would loose his steam. But he soon realized that this may be the end if he didn’t act. ‘Bang’ a shot hit the handkerchief and the restless spirit of the maid was silenced from understanding her ghostly life. Arthur stood from his chair, he knew what to do. He had to possess William Gomez. Sparks flew through the air, warning Gomez of the spirits angry presence. And then with a thud he fell to the floor, he felt a blunt invisible force pushing into his chest. Gomez knew what was happening, he was being possessed. “Perfect. Arthur Ardley, YOU. ARE. MINE.” And with a shot he hit the clock with a bullet from the murder weapon. Causing Arthurs now bodily form to seize in shock, because he found that he felt pain. Pain and anguish. Yet Gomez wasn’t done. He held the gun to his head, and before the spirit could leave his body, he let it go into his head.
Death surrounded him, but he was at peace, because he knew it was over, the clock which had never stopped ticking was now silent, and the spirits were now sent away. Thus he could die in peace. The case was closed. It was finally over. Finally, Peace.
It seemed that he had no possible reason at all to be on the case, especially when he now had no one working for him. But he had kept at it. The only hint, dear reader, is on his desk. I hope for your benefit that when you finish this sad story you will re read this book and notice all of the signs you might have missed. For I know that this and all of the happenings could also happen to you. And I wish to prepare you for what can be “channeled through humanity”.


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