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Random Scenes From Aduro's Life
Meant for writing random events of the day, or brainstorming/ creating Stories
Not a bad day all in all, but nothing out of the ordinary.
School and homework done, no ideas for flipnotes, So I decided I should just switch between my novel and Gaia tonight.
Novel: "The door flew open and light crawled in to the midnight black hall way. The next thing that appeared in the door way was, without a doubt, the barrel of a gun. The gruff voice repeated its statement. The owner of the voice had to duck in through the doorway to see us. He was a tad higher then we were. The man was battle ready. Thick pads covered his shoulders. A large helmet combined with goofy sized goggles and a face mask hid the man’s true identity. “Good.” He groaned in a monotonic voice. He pointed at the my cell, not seeming to notice or care that that woman had shredded it minutes ago. “Now get back in th-” He looked past me and what he saw must have cut him off. I looked back and noticed what he was so shocked to see. The two guard-like figures were, believe it or not, actual guards. They bared a creepy almost identical resemblance to the man who stood guard at the entrance now. He rushed forward and grabbed be my scarf. I was a real light weight, but the man struggled to lift me. When he finally did , I started to run out of air a little quickly. “Did you do that?” he asked, pointing to the still guards. I responded with sounds you would expect from a choking person. “It was you, wasn’t it?!” he shouted, shoving his gun to my face. Let me tell you, a barrel looks completely different if you are the one looking down it. Before I could plea for my life the best a choking person could, I felt a slight wind behind me as something zipped into the air. The next thing I saw was the woman’s foot directly above my head, a split second before it smashed the guards face in. I gaped in awe at her sheer stupidity."
Gaia: Hmmm, I should get a playlist
Novel: "Click. Click, click. I opened my eyes to see the guard struggling to get his gun to fire. He let out an angry growl and tossed the empty firearm aside. He undid a pocket protector on his vest and pulled out a knife. He flashed it to the light, and then decide to do a little showboating. He spun the knife around his hand with expert finesse, occasionally switching it from his left to his right hand and back again. He stopped and stared into my soul. Without warning, he clenched his fist and began to run. Scared, my hands scraped around the wall and found a ledge jutting out of it . It was just enough and I decided that that was what I could use here. I rushed forward, somewhat stunning the guard and slowing him down quite a bit. I turned around before reaching him and he rushed forward faster than before in a rage. He fell for it, and I couldn’t help but smile. The poor idiot didn’t know that I had possessed some decent free running skills. With enough speed I could grab a ledge and use it to propel myself a little vertically, before back flipping and letting the guard smash face first in the neglected obstacle. I grasped the ledge and pulled up. The guard’s face directly below my foot, he bumped into it and released his grip on his blade. He bounced back, but I wasn’t about to allow him to rest. Like planned, I back flipped, but instead of immediately landing, I kicked my left leg out forcing the guard’s face back into the wall. He slowly sunk to his knees and fell backwards. He lay there, not moving , but still breathed. I nodded, panting a little, satisfied with my work and headed back out. Big mistake. "

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