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i thought i would let u guyz no that i'm drawing avi.s that are not all that hard. sweatdrop
and i'm also writing a story based on gaia so if u wanna be in it just talk to meh
Marble Hornets
Okay,my cousins brought the Marble Hornets and Slenderman to my attention a while back and that evil,supernatural,***** haunted me for a while. But then I slowly started getting over him and stopped watching the Marble Hornets videos from Jay and totheark. However,recently,i've decided to revisit these videos and look up some old sites about this faceless suited man. Now I'm obsessed with it all. I'm not even that scared of him anymore. He,they all,just intrigue me. The one who intrigues me the most? Slendy? No. Jay? No. Alex,right! No. Its actually Tim/Masky. Him and totheark,assuming they are not the same person. He is the most mysterious one of them all. What are his intentions? Who's side is he really on? And why is he so set on harming/killing Alex but just seems to want to scare Jay away?

The most recent Entires have led me to believe that Alex and Slendy(the Operator) are in kahoots and Masky/Tim is just trying to protect Jay and get him to leave this whole mess alone. Sure,hes been violent,but when it comes to things like whats been going on,you have to be to try and save someone. Another thing,why is Tim Masky in the first place? Why would he put on a mask and remain wordless and secretive while doing all he's doing?

And one more note,if Tim/Masky really isn't totheark,how did this person(or group of people as some think) get the video of both the Operator and Masky/Tim?

Oh!! One more thing,who the frack is the hooded figure who pratically stars in Entry 45!? Obviously not Tim/Masky for he comes in after the chase with his limp and that dang chunk of cement goin' "You remember this rock Alex!?" He doesnt actually say that but he holds it infront of the tackled Alex before trying to choke him.
Also,who the living frack scared those two away in the first place!?(Still going on about Entry 45). This is another thing that makes me think that Alex is on Slendy's side. Because after those two ran away,notice the video distorts a bit,just a bit. Alex turnes the camra off and wen it gets turned back on the video is normal and Alex is yelling. Again,Why did Alex turn the camra off several times during the chase of the hooded figure? I figured he would want to get everything on tape.

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