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1.How many letters are there in your name? 11
2. Do you have a nickname? Chris
3. Does it have more or less letters than your name? less
4. What do you least like to be called? short
5. Do you like your name? i guess...
6. How about your middle name? Damian
7. Your last name? Garcia
8. If you could change your last name, what would it be? White
9. Do you know what your name means? carrier
10. Does it match who you are? not exatcly
11. How much gold do you have? (you knew that was coming, admit it) 6,000,000 (seriously)
12. How much gold are you hoping to make off this quiz? i dosent matter
13. If you didn't get gold for each post, would you still take the quiz? probably
14. Have you donated to Gaia? yes
15. Do you like real money or gold better? real money
16. What's your favorite coin? quarter
17. If you could design your own coin, what would it look like? blue with pink for decoration
18. Do you have a job? no
19. What is it? i just told you! i dont have one!
20. What's your dream job? be an electronic producer and dj around the world
21. Where do you live? Dallas
22. Which country is that? Texas biggrin
23. Which continent? North America
24. Which hemisphere? umm.... what?
25. Do you live close to water? yes
26. What kind of water? (eg, river, lake, ocean) firdge
27. Do you live near mountains? no
28. Which ones? i just told you! i dont!
29. Do you live near a geographical thingy of any sort? yes
30. What is it? Natural Bridge Caverns
31. Do you have siblings? yes
32. How many? 2
33. Are the the youngest, oldest, or middle child? youngest
34. Which would you like to be? middle
35. How many cousins do you have? i dont keep count
36. Have you met all your cousins? i think so
37. Do you get along with them? i guess
38. Do they live near you? some do some dont
39. Do you have large family functions? what?
40. Would you like to have large family functions more often/at all? what?
41. Do you live with your parents? yes
42. If not, do you live with anyone? i do...
43. If yes, do you get along? sometimes
44. Who would you like to live with? my best friend patrick
45. If you had to share a house/condo/apartment with someone famous, who would it be? porter robinson
46. Would you live in a camping van? no
47. Would you live out of a backpack? no
48. Would you live in a castle? heck yes!
49. Would you live in a cottage? sure
50. Which would you rather live in, out of those four? castle
51. What's the most irritating thing your parents do? nag, nag, nag
52. Have you told them it bugs you? yes
53. If not, would you ever? i do
54. Are you a private person? yes
55. Would you like to have a lock on your door? yes
56. What's the weirdest thing your parents have ever done? dance in public
57. What's the most embarrassing thing they've done in public? see above
58. Do you let them hug you in public? sometimes
59. Are you a homebody? yes
60. Do you have chores? yes
61. What are they? empty & load dishwasher, put clothes in washing machine, fold towels, take care of dog
62. Do you enjoy doing them? no
63. What's your least favorite chore? empty & load dishwasher
64. Do you like dusting? no
65. Do you ever dust? yes
66. Are there dust bunnies in your house? i dont know
67. Do they have faces? i dont know
68. Names? i dont know
69. Do you have pets? yes
70. If so, what kind of pet? dog
71. And how many? 1
72. If not, would you like to have pets? i do
73. Is there a reason that you don't have them? And what is it? i have them
74. Do you like animals? yes
75. Do you prefer domestic or wild animals? both
76. Real or imaginary animals? both
77. Do you have an imaginary pet? yes
78. Do you have an imaginary friend? yes
79. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? yes
80. Was it male or female? male
81. Was was his/her/it's name? he never told me
82. Was it a better friend than your real friends? yes
83. Do you have real friends? yes
84. Do you actually like your friends? yes
85. Do you think they like you? sometimes
86. Do you fight ever? yes
87. Is there lots of drama? sometimes
88. Do you have a best friend? yes
89. If so, how long have you know them? 2 years old
90. Have you always been friends? yes
91. Do all your friends know each other? some do
92. Where have you met your friends? school, choir, internet
93. Do you have enemies? yes
94. Are they real or imaginary enemies? real
95. Why are they your enemies? they are mean to me
96. Did you ever pretend to be a superhero when you were little? yes
97. Do you still pretend to be a superhero? sometimes
98. Are you, in fact, a superhero? maybe wink
99. If you were/are one, what's your name? Blaster
100. Or is that secret? shh!!
101. Type a random word. balugepotencatus
102. Give it a name. what a name?
103. What are you doing right now? music
104. What should you be doing? i dont know
105. Does food sound good? yes
106. Do you cook? no not really
107. What's the scariest household appliance? never thought of that
108. Have you ever used a saw? yes
109. Have you ever used a shovel? yes
110. Which would you rather receive as a birthday gift? $1000
111. Who are you most likely to receive it from? grandma
112. Do you write thank you cards? no
113. Do you write letters to the editor? no
114. To your...closest political representative? i dont know
115. Do you know what they're title is? (Congressman, MP) i dont know
116. What was wrong with that last question? umm...
117. Do you use spell check? all the time
118. How do you feel about dictionaries? i hate em
119. Thesauruses? hate those too
120. Do you care if you misspell things? no
121. Do you make fun of people for spelling mistakes? yes
122. Do you judge people for them? sometimes
123. What do you judge people on? personality
124. What do you judge yourself on? looks, personality, stuff
125. What's your best feature? eyes
126. Which feature could use some work? teeth
127. Are you happy with yourself? sure
128. Are you happy? yes
129. At this exact moment, how do you feel? tired
130. Do you know about "I" statements? what?
131. Do you hate "I" statements? what?
132. Have you ever used one? no
133. Did it work? i dont know
134. Have you ever been camping? yes
135. Have you ever been to camp? yes
136. Which would you rather do? camper
137. Have you been a camp counselor? yes
138. Would you like to be? i am
139. If you were, was there an initiation? what?
140. What was it? i dont know
141. Did it involve chocolate pudding? umm...
142. Are you allergic to chocolate pudding? no
143. Do you like chocolate? yes
144. Are you allergic to anything? yes
145. If so, what? some stuff in air
146. How do you get around it? i dont know
147. Do you eat healthy food or junk food? both
148. Do you eat too much, too little, or just enough? just enough
149. Is your porridge too hot, too cold, or just right? just right
150. Do you even eat porridge? no
151. How do you feel about fairy tales? ok
152. What is your favorite fairy tale? i dont know
153. Do you only know fairy tales because of Disney? some
154. What's your favorite nursery rhyme? i dont know
155. Post part of it. i dont know
156. Do you know any? some
157. Do you keep a journal? no
158. Do you keep a journal on Gaia? no
159. How many journals do you have? none
160. What do you usually write about? nothing
161. Do you write poetry? no
162. Would you call yourself a poet? no
163. Do you consider your poetry to be good? no
164. Do you like to read poetry? no
165. If so why? i dont
166. If not, why not? i dont know
167. What's your favorite poem? i dont know
168. What's your least favorite poem? friday by rebecca black
169. Have you visited all the forums? yes
170. If you haven't, which ones haven't you been to? ive been
171. Do you think you'll ever visit them? maybe
172. What's your favorite forum? musicians forum
173. Why? i like music
174. Why are you on Gaia? its fun
175. Why are you on Gaia right now? im doing this quiz i found in a guild
176. Why are you taking this quiz? it looked fun
177. Why are trees green? cause they want to be
178. Are trees green? sometimes
179. If you had to eat the squirrel or save the cake, which would you do? save the cake
180. What is the strangest thing you've ever been asked? make out with lamp post then take a crap on it then throw the crap at a car
181. How did you respond? no
182. Which is the better word, no or yes? no
183. Have you ever been to the optometrist? what is that
183. Which is clearer, number one number two? number one
184. Do you know the order of letters on the eyesight test thing? no
185. Do you know what it's called? no
186. Do you wear glasses? no
187. Do you wear contacts? no
188. If you wear contacts, do you have colored contacts? no
189. What color contacts would you like to have? red
190. Do you wish there was a way to permanently change your eye color? no
191. What color are your eyes? brown
192. What color are your eyes on Gaia? white
193. Do you believe that eyes are the window to the soul? yes
194. Do people ever look deeply into your eyes? yes
195. Does it make you uncomfortable? yes
196. How do you feel about mirrors? ok i guess
197. How about standing between to mirrors? thats cool
198. Are you superstitious? its bad luck to believe in superstition
199. What is your favorite superstition? i dont know
200. How many do you know? a bunch

201. Dance a little dance. i did
202. Now pick a flower and dance it again. ouch! stupid rose...
203. Do you like urban legends? sometimes
204. Do you believe them? no
205. Has any of them ever happened to you? no
206. Anyone you know? no
207. Are you afraid of the dark? sometimes
208. Do basements scare you? sometimes
209. How about dark basements? yes
210. At night? sometimes
211. Alone? sometimes
212. What scares you the most? death by jigsaw
213. Does anyone know? no
214. Have you ever had to face up to it? no
215. Why does it scare you? it jigsaw!
216. Do you have a psychologist? no
217. Did I get the name right there? i dont know
218. Would you ever tell them your fear? no
219. Do psychologists scare you? yes
220. Do you want to be one? no
221. Are you one and just keeping it quiet? no
222. If you were one, and went through trauma, would go see another? no
223. Do you have a psychology? no
224. What do you think of physiotherapists? they are crazy
225. Chiropractors? scary
226. Pediatrics? scary
227. Palaeontologists? i dont know what that is
228. What is a palaeontologist? see above
229. Do you want to be one? i dont know
230. Have you ever studied dinosaurs? no
231. Why do you think they died out? they were suicidal
232. Do you wish they were still around? no
233. Have you ever been to a museum and seen dinosaur bones? yes
234. Have you ever found a dinosaur bone? no
235. What's your favorite dinosaur? alijsnbhlfkjanlfkjhsaurus
236. What do you know about brontosauruses? i forgot what they are
237. What is the plural of brontosaur? i dont know i dont care
238. What would happen if a tyrannosaurus rex fell over? boom!
239. Do you know the name of the bird thing in the rock? no
240. Where was it discovered? japan
241. Do you even know what I'm talking about? no
242. If you could be a dinosaur, which kind would you be? lapadoodleasaurus
243. Are you interested in geriatrics? what is that?
244. Have you had braces? i have them now
245. If not, are you going to have to have them? see above
246. Do you have fangs? of course
247. If you don't, would you like to have fangs? i do
248. Would you let an orthodontist get rid of your fangs? never
249. Do you believe in vampires? no
250. Do you believe that you are a vampire? never saw signes
251. What do you think of people that think they are vampires? they are loco
252. Do you like the concept, vampire? i guess
253. What powers do vampires have? power
254. Are you a werewolf? i dont know
255. Would you like to be a werewolf? doglike
256. Do you think it's possible to be a werewolf? yes
257. What powers do werewolves have? power
258. Which is better, vampires or werewolves? i dont care
259. What other creatures of darkness are there? the darkness
260. Do you believe any of them are real? no
261. Have you read any of Beowulf? yes
262. Do you know the story? kinda
263. Do you think it could be real? maybe
264. Do you think Grendel is a pretty name? no
265. Did you know there's a movie in production? no
266. Do you know who's cast as Beowulf? no
267. If you didn't know, will you check? no
268. If yes, where will you check? i said no!
269. If you know who's cast as Beowulf, are you excited? no
270. Do you like the Phantom of the Opera? hate it
271. Have you seen the show? no
272. Have you read the book? no
273. If you have, which do you like better? i dont care
274. Have you read or written any fanfics? no
275. Do you like musicals? some
276. Which is your favorite? high school musical xd
277. Why do you like it so much? its fun
278. Do you hate musicals? no
279. Have you ever been forced to sit through one? yes
280. If you could only see one musical, which one would it be? wicked
281. If you had to erase one musical from the course of history, which one would it be? i dont know
282. If you could erase one thing, any one thing, from history, what would it be? invention of the gay jokes
283. Why did you pick that? its rude
284. What would the ideal effects of that be? respect for gays
285. What do you think would happen if you really got the chance to do it? gay people would be free
286. Do you know when the garbage can was invented? no
287. Do you care? nope
288. Would you like to be able to time travel? yes
289. Are you keeping secrets about your washing machine? maybe wink
290. If you could travel around in time, when would you go? future
291. If you had to travel in time and live in that time forever, which time would you rather live in? future
292. Would you be rich? yes
293. What would be the worst thing about living in that time? laziness
294. The best? futuristic stuff
295. Do you think time travel will ever be invented? yes
296. If yes, do you realize what that could mean? no
297. Do you own a flashlight? yes
298. Aren't they fun? yes
299. What's are very small flashlights called? i dont know
300. Have you ever shone one into your eyes? plenty of times

(Yes or No)
301. Met a celebrity? yes
302. Played a joke on someone? yes
303. Fallen for a practical joke? yes
304. Told someone you loved them, and meant it? no
305. Have someone tell you they loved you, and meant it? no
306. Said I love you, and didn’t mean it? yes
307. Have someone tell you they loved you, when they didn’t? yes
308. Regretted saying I love you? yes
309. Ridden a horse? yes
310. Ridden a pony? yes
311. Ridden a donkey? no
312. Ridden a camel? yes
313. Ridden a motorcycle? no
314. Said yes when you meant no? yes
315. Slept in a tent? yes
316. Slept in a trailer? yes
317. Swam in an ocean? yes
318. Swam in a lake? yes
319. Swam in a river? yes
320. Gone fishing? yes
321. Gone fly fishing? no
322. Gone ice fishing? yes
323. Fished in the ocean? yes
324. Fished on a lake? yes
325. Fished by a river? yes
326. Lied? yes
327. Ridden a skateboard? tried (i guess no)
328. Ridden a long board? no
329. Tired In-line skating? no
330. Experienced an earthquake? no
331. Experienced a tornado? no
332. Experienced a hurricane? no
333. Ripped your pants in public? yes
334. Ripped your pants at home? yes
335. Kissed someone by mistake? yes
336. Kissed a member of the same sex? yes
337. Played Truth or Dare? yes
338. Played Spin the Bottle? yes
339. Had a sleepover with the opposite sex? yes
340. Laughed until tears came from your eyes? yes
341. Laughed until some kind of liquid came out of your nose? yes
342. Sprained your ankle? yes
343. Sprained your wrist? yes
344. Written an article for a school’s newspaper? no
345. Written an article for a local newspaper? no
346. Written an article for a national newspaper? no
347. Written an article for a global newspaper? no
348. Been in a car accident? yes
349. Seen a car accident? yes
350. Been called to the principal’s office? yes
351. Been called to your boss’s office? no
352. Dropped out of a class or course? yes
353. Skipped a class or a course? yes
354. Reported someone skipping a class or a course? yes
355. On the radio? yes
356. Received a love letter? no
357. Sent a love letter? yes
358. Seen a tornado? yes
359. Milked a cow? no
360. Owned a cat? yes
361. Owned a dog? yes
362. Owned a bird? no
363. Owned a lizard? no
364. Owned a snake? no
365. Owned a spider? no
366. Owned a fish? yes
367. Owned an exotic animal? no
368. Kept a special blanket or bed for your pet to sleep on? yes
369. Let your pet sleep in or on your bed with you? yes
370. Given your pet a special treat? yes
371. Built an igloo? no
372. Built a sandcastle? yes
373. Held a gun? yes
374. Fired a gun? yes
375. Killed a wild animal? yes
376. Hugged a tree? yes
377. Walked into the wall? yes
378. Walked into a lamppost? yes
379. Walked into someone you knew? yes
380. Walked into someone you didn’t know? yes
381. Walked into someone you had a crush on? yes
382. Saved a piece of chewing gum for later? yes
383. Called a woman “Sir”? yes
384. Called a man “Ma’am”? yes
385. Called a teacher mom or dad? yes
386. Called a friend mom or dad? yes
387. Asked someone when they were due and wasn’t pregnant? yes
388. Seen an elephant? yes
389. Seen a lion? yes
390. Seen a bear? yes
391. Seen a monkey? yes
392. Seen a crocodile? yes
393. Had a conflict with a teacher or boss? yes
394. Stolen something? yes
395. Been caught stealing something? yes
396. Reported someone stealing? yes
397. Stopped someone stealing? yes
398. Failed a class or course? yes
399. Kept a secret for someone? yes
400. Told people a secret a friend asked you to keep? yes

550. Whats 2-2? 0
551. Do you like Ice cream Sandwiches? yes
552. Do you like blue or black pens better? black
553. When was the last time you ran? today
554. Last time you stood in the rain was? few weeks ago
555. Do you bite your lip a lot? yes
556. Do you have chapped lips? yes
557. Do you have nervous habits(yes/no)? yes
558. If you do, what are they? biting nails
559. Do you think you can get over your nervous habits? yes
560. Last color you dyed your hair was? never
561. Do you fart in front of people? yes
562. Do you burp in front of people? yes
563. Last time you said "excuse me"? today
564. Is your stomach growling? yes
565. Do you use "emotions" to express you? yes smile
566. Last time you stuck your tongue out at someone? today
567. Last time you slammed your bedroom door? today
568. What font do you usually use? arial
569. Is that your favorite font? yes
570. How big do you make your font? 14 pt
571. What color font do you like out of the defaults? black
572. Are you just copying and pasting the questions? yes
573. Do you visit any chat rooms? yes
574. What games do you play (not on gaia)? okami, kingdon hearts, finla fantasy
575. Last time you got a scab? today
576. Do you get annoyed often? yes
577. Have you gotten anything to drink in the last half hour? yes
578. Ever drink when you shouldn't have? yes
579. What was your favorite thing to do as a child? basketball
580. How much money do you have in the bank? i dont know
581. Do you ever write on note cards? yes
582. What Cell phone do you have? samsung reclaim
583. Are you eating something right now? yes
584. Ever have lice? no
585. Is a cat or dog laying at your feet right now? yes
586. Do you collect anything(yes/no)? yes
587. If you do collect , what is the item? money xd
588. Are you a virgin? yes
589. Do your parents know that you are or aren't one(from above question)? yes
590. Do you help clean the house? yes
591. Whats the worst chore you have to do? scoop poop of dog
592. Where you in your schools choir? yes
593. Ever play in any of your schools sports? yes
594. Best Buy or Circuit City? best buy
595. iTunes or Limewire? itunes
596. Messy room or a clean room? messy
597. Are you Innocent or Guilty? guilty
598. Is your radio playing at this exact moment? no
599. Ever been bitten by a wild animal? yes

600. Do you have a Gameboy Color? no
601. Favorite game? okami
602. Do you like board games? yes
603. If so, which is your favorite? monopoly
604. Do you know how to play checkers? yes
605. Do you like checkers? yes
606. Do you know how to play chess? yes
607. Do you like chess? yes
608. Do you know how to play reversi? no
609. Do you like reversi? no
610. Do you know how to box? no
611. Do you consider yourself violent? no
612. Do you have a high tolerance for pain? no
613. Are you squeamish? a little
614. Are you easily frightened? sometimes
615. Do you believe in aliens? not really
616. Have you ever seen a UFO? no
617. Have you ever seen a ghost? no
618. Do you believe in ghosts? no
619. Do you collect baseball cards? no
620. Do you collect key chains? no
621. Do you collect anything? no
622. Do you talk on the phone a lot? no
623. Do you own a phone? yes
624. Do you drive and talk on a cell phone? yes
625. Do you laugh when you see someone trip? yes
626. Are you accident prone? no
627. Have you ever kissed anyone? yes
628. Have you ever been kissed? yes
629. How often do you take a shower? every other day
630. How often do you brush your teeth? daily
631. Do you own a grandfather clock? no
632. Do your grandparents own a grandfather clock? yes
634. Can you play the piano? yes
635. Can you play the trumpet? no
636. Can you play the drums? yes
637. Can you play the tuba? no
638. Can you play the violin? no
639. The flute? no
640. The clarinet? no
642. Can you play any instrument? yes
643. Do you like Monopoly? yes
644. Do you like getting hugs? yes
645. Do you like giving hugs? yes
646. Do you glare at people? yes
647. Do you have thick eyebrows? no
648. Do you get your eyebrows waxed? no
649. Have you ever had a manicure? no
650. Have you ever had a pedicure? no
651. Do you have a CD player? no
652. Do you have an iPod? yes
653. How much music do you have? electro house, prog. house, r&b, rap, pop
654. If you have an iPod, what kind is it? 6th generation nano
655. Do you have a scooter? no
656. Do you have a trampoline? no
657. Do you play pool? yes
658. Do you have an air hockey table? yes
659. Do you know how to play poker? yes
660. Do you gamble? no
661. Are you rich? no
662. Are you bored with your life? no
663. Do you feel like life is meaningless? no
664. Does someone care about you? yes
665. Do you live alone? no
666. How often do you eat? often
667. What kind of stuff is usually in your fridge? food
668. Do you make homemade ice-cream? no
669. What’s your favorite summer treat? snow cone
670. Have you ever been bitten by an animal? yes
671. Did you ever need a rabies shot? no
672. Have you ever seen a rabid animal? no
673. Do you have a big backyard? no
674. Do you have a backyard? yes
675. What’s your favorite zoo? i dont know
676. Have you ever been to the Wild Animal Park? umm...
677. Have you been to California? yes
678. Do you watch a lot of TV? yes
679. Do you like The Blue Planet? no
680. Do you watch the Discovery Channel? no
681. Do you watch Animal Planet? no
682. Do you have a backpack? yes
683. Are you stupid? yes
684. Are you smart? yes
685. Black or white? dont care. im not racist.
686. Is your keyboard broken? no
687. Do you need a new computer? yes
688. Do you need a new iPod? no
689. Have you ever been to an air show? no
690. Are there acorns where you live? yes
691. Do you drink and drive? no
692. Are you a good driver? yes
693. Do you like coconuts? yes
694. Have you ever been to the Caribbean? no
695. Do you like Pirates of the Caribbean? yes
696. Do you like The Lord of the Rings? yes
697. How often do you go to the movies? sometimes
698. Do you like popcorn? yes
699. Do you like caramel popcorn? yes

700. Do you like dinosaurs? you asked this already
701. What’s your favorite dinosaur? you asked this
702. If you found $100 on the ground, what would you do? save it
703. If you found $500 on the ground, what would you do? save it
704. Have you ever gone to court? no
705. Would you lie to protect yourself? yes
706. Would you kill an animal for sport? no
707. Would you kill an animal to protect yourself? yes
708. Would you kill an animal to eat? yes
709. Do you go hunting? no
710. Have you ever seen an ostrich in person? yes
711. Where do you want your dream house to be? right here
712. Do you have a dream house? yes
713. What’s the last job you would want? zoo person
714. What’s the last thing you’ve eaten? ice cream
715. What’s the last thing you drank? water
716. What would you like to know how to cook (that you don’t already know)? cremebule or however you spell it
717. Do you have pet fish? used to
718. Do you have a Gaia Aquarium? yes
719. Do you have Gaia cash? yes
720. Have you ever donated to Gaia? yes
721. What’s your favorite equipped item? go phones
722. What’s your favorite forum? asked this already
723. What’s your least favorite forum? asked this already
724. What’s your favorite Gaia game? zomg
725. How many people are on your friendlist? lots
726. What’s your favorite thing about Gaia? guilds
727. What’s your least favorite thing about Gaia? dumb setup
728. Is there a pier near you? no
729. Do you like hard-boiled eggs? no
730. Has anyone ever forgotten your birthday? yes
731. Has anyone ever made you cry? yes
732. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? yes
733. Do you cry often? yes
734. Do you cry in front of other people? not usually
735. Are you ashamed to cry? yes
736. Are you sensitive? yes
737. Do you take things personally? yes
738. Have you heard of the Russian Antonov? no
739. Are you a republican? yes
740. Are you a democrat? no
741. Do you watch the news? no
742. Do you read the newspaper? just the comics
743. Have you ever mowed a lawn? yes
744. Are you a gardener? no
745. Do you take any kind of pills? no
746. Do you have prescriptions? no
747. Do you like horses? yes
748. What’s your favorite genre for movies? comedy
749. What’s your favorite genre for books? adventure/fantasy/sci-fi
750. Do you go to FanFiction.net? no
751. Do you go to deviantArt? yes
752. Do you have a DA account? no
753. Do you play any MMORPGs? yes
754. Do you play Warcraft? no
755. Do you like orcs? no
756. Do you buy dolphin-safe tuna? i dont know
757. What’s your favorite plant? flower
758. Do you like Gatorade? yes
759. Do you like cocker spaniels? yes
760. Have you ever been chased by a dog? yes
761. Have you ever been chased by an animal? yes
762. Have you ever been chased by a human? yes
763. Have you ever played tag? yes
764. Do you like tag? yes
765. Have you ever played hide n’ seek? yes
766. Do you like hide n’ seek? yes
767. Do you live on a farm? no
768. Do you live in a city? yes
769. Circuit City or Best Buy? i told you! best buy!
770. Borders or Barnes & Noble? barnes & noble
771. Safeway or Rite Aid? both
772. Vons or Albertsons? albertsons
773. Publix or Krogers? krogers
774. Target or Wal*Mart? target
775. What’s your favorite sandwich? pb & cs
776. What’s your least favorite store? justice for girls
777. Do you believe in God? yes
778. Are you a loving person? yes
779. What is the symbolism of a blood moon? DEATH
780. If you discovered two frozen, ancient bodies and wanted to see if they were Adam and Eve, how would you go about proving it? go look
781. Do you like your nails? i dont care
782. What’s your favorite shadow (puppet)? crazy monster
783. Do you have a rabbit hutch? huh?
784. Have you ever had a pet duck? no
785. Do you like spam (the food)? no
786. Do you have anyone on your ignore list on Gaia? no
787. Do you fear death? yes
788. What would be the worst way to die? serial killer
789. What would be the best way to die? oldness
790. Do you talk to yourself? yes
791. Would you rather live forever or die young and beautiful? live forever
792. What’s your best skill? music
793. Are you restless? yes
794. Do you like sharks? yes
795. What kind of clothing do you wear? normal
796. Do you wear underwear? yes
797. Do you wear thongs? no
798. Do you wear boxers? yes
799. Do you wear pajamas to bed? no
800. Do you sleep in the nude? sometimes
801. Do you sleep in your clothes? yes
802. Do you remember your dreams? sometimes
803. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? me and my class were marshmellows at a smores party and we all got taken out of the bag and got roasted and eaten
804. What’s the worst nightmare you’ve ever had? gigantic snake chasing me around my backyard
805. What’s the best dream you’ve ever had? i won the coolest person in the world award and won a trillion dollars
806. Have you ever fallen out of bed? yes
807. Have you ever woken up on the floor? yes
808. Ever dream you were flying? yes
809. What’s your favorite unhealthy food? chips
810. What was your favorite childhood TV show? teletubbies cause of the smiley waffles
811. Did you/do you watch TaleSpin? no
812. Did you/do you watch Rescue Rangers? no
813. Do you like Disney movies? yes
814. Do you like Disney merchandise? no
815. Do you like anthropomorphic animals? huh?
816. Are you a furrie? huh?
817. Have you ever been mugged? no
818. Have you ever mugged anyone? no
819. Do you sleep with a pillow between your legs? yes
820. Do you like to be surrounded by pillows when you sleep? yes
821. Do you sleep a lot? yes
822. Do you take naps? yes
823. Do you sleep by yourself? yes
824. What size is your bed? normal
825. Are you in good shape? skinny
826. How do you usually wear your hair? long
827. What was the worst grade you’ve ever gotten? 0
828. What was your worst school year? 7th grade
829. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen? a sucidal hanging himself live
830. What was the best day of your life? when i got a record label sending me a request to release my music
831. What’s the first funny thing that comes to your mind? rebecca black (brock's dub)
832. What’s the most pain you’ve ever experienced? made my whole right leg bleed a lot
833. Do you wear jewelry? no
834. Can you bake a cake? no
835. Do you ignore your mail? yes
836. Is your address a P.O. Box? no
837. Are you one of those people who thinks everyone wants to know where you live? no
838. Are you a snob? no
839. Are you full of yourself? no
840. Do you like popsicles? yes
841. Do you like Nesquik? yes
842. Do you like strawberry milk? yes
843. Do you like vanilla milk? yes
844. Do you like pumpkin pie? yes
845. If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be? stubbornness
846. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be? teeth
847. Have you ever been to a Luau? no
848. Ever tried poi? huh?
849. Do you like weddings? no
850. Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather? warm
851. Are you a daredevil? no
852. Do you know what casu marzu is? no
853. Do you have an inferiority complex? yes
854. Do you have a superiority complex? yes
855. Do you have avoidant personality disorder? i dont know
856. Do you have asthma? no
857. Do you have ADD? yes
858. Do you have ADHD? no
859. Do you have braces? yes
860. Are you good at pulling pranks? kinda
861. Do you stare at people? yes
862. Has anyone ever flirted with you? yes
863. Have you ever flirted with anyone? yes
864. Have you ever been hit on by someone around your age? yes
865. Have you ever been hit on by an older person? yes
866. Has anyone ever asked you out? yes
867. Have you ever taken a bus? yes
868. Have you ever lived in a city all alone, without knowing anyone? no
869. Ever received a Valentine? yes
870. Ever seen a real pirate? no
871. Ever heard of a recent pirate attack? no
872. Ever been in a car crash? yes
873. Ever had to go to the hospital? no
874. Are you a pilot? no
875. Have you ever saved anyone’s life? no
876. Do you have a hobby? yes
877. If so, what is it? making music
878. Do you go through a routine every day? yes
879. Have you ever wished you were someone else? yes
880. Ever wished you were a different creature? yes
881. Do you sleep with a night light on? yes
882. Do you sleep with the fan on? yes
883. Do you sleep with a teddy bear? yes
884. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? yes
885. Can you dance? kinda
886. Can you do the lambada? no
887. Can you tango? yes
888. Can you waltz? yes
889. Can you salsa dance? yes
890. Do you like banana splits? yes
891. Do you like ice-cream sundaes? yes
892. Have you ever been to Egypt? no
893. Do you cook dinner each night? no
894. Do you drink coffee every day? no
895. What’s the best job you’ve ever had? nothing
896. Do you like going on the swings? yes
897. Do you like to slide? yes
898. Do you ski? no
899. Do you snowboard? no

(Yes or No)
901. Do you pay attention to calories on the back of packages? no
902. Have you ever crashed a someone else's party? no
903. Are you picky about spelling and grammar? no
904. Do you like cottage cheese? no
905. Have you ever bid for something on eBay? no
906. Do you enjoy giving hugs? yes
907. Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery? no
908. Are you registered to vote? no
909. Do you have cable? no
910. You like anyone right now? yes
911. Do you have a garden? no
912. Do you know all the words to the national anthem? no
913. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? no
914. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? no
915. Have you ever won a trophy? yes
916. Ever ordered from an infomercial? no
917. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work? yes
918. Can exes just be friends? yes
919. Did you have long hair as a young kid? no
920. Do Lipton Tea employees take coffee breaks? yes
921. If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest drown too? yes
922. If the police arrest a mime, do they tell him he has the right to remain silent? yes
923. Can you cry under water? no
924. If a man alone in the woods said something would a woman still say he was wrong? yes
925. Can bald people have Hairline fractures? yes
926. If nobody buys a ticket to a movie do they still show it? yes
927. Are you close with your family? yes
928. Do you like to watch sports? no
929. Do you like to drink? no
930. Do you do any drugs? no
931. Did you dream last night? yes
932. Do you remember your dreams? yes
933. Seen anything weird lately? yes
934. Do you like to dance? yes
935. Does your name make any interesting anagrams? no
936. Would you ever consider living abroad? no
937. Are you listening to music right now? yes
938. Do you carry a donor card? no
939. Is the glass half empty? no
940. Is the glass half full? yes
941. Do you know how to pump your own gas? no
942. Do you touch-type? yes
943. Is there anything going on this weekend? yes
944. If you won the lottery would you tell people? yes
945. Do you sing in the shower? yes
946. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? no
947. Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows? yes
948. Any new and exciting things? yes
949. Have you ever seen a UFO? no
950. Do you have premonitions that are correct? yes
951. Are you clumsy? no
952. Are you a packrat? yes
953. Do you go to yard sales? no
954. Do you donate to charity? no
955. Are you frequently misunderstood? yes
956. Are you spontaneous? yes
957. Have you ever had your fortune read? yes
958. Were you ever attacked by an animal? yes
959. Do you always stop in pet store when you go to the mall? yes
960. Do you do your own laundry? yes
961. Have you ever had an operation? no
962. Has anyone ever been obsessed with you? yes
963. Have you ever taken a foreign language? yes
964. Do people tend change under your influence? yes
965. Are you impatient waiting in lines? yes
966. Do you like your friends? yes
967. Have you ever washed someone's hair? yes
968. Have you ever been dirty-dancing? no
969. Have you ever been in a school play? yes
970. Have you ever ridden on a moped? no
971. Ever get a parking ticket? no
972. Ever call a 1-900 number? no
973. Are you a fan of dragons? yes
974. Are you sane? yes
975. Do you own a bow and arrow? no
976. Do you believe in Dinosaurs? no
977. Do you believe in the president? no
978. Do you like peanuts? yes
979. Do you like Chemistry? no
980. Are bees evil? no
981. Is cheese anything like boys? no
982. Is there a key to your heart? yes
983. Is there a animal in the room? yes
984. Do you have a alter ego? yes
985. Have you ever seen a Polar Bear? yes
986. Did you know Bob Marley? yes
987. Do you own art? yes
988. If the men from Monty Python asked you would you get naked? yes
989. Have you ever considered that you were not meant to be born a human? yes
990. Do you like superpowers? yes
991. Do cows fall in love? yes
992. Is there actually a Sci-fi tv show with good acting? yes
993. Would you kill someone over a sandal? yes
994. Is there anything thicker then blood? yes
995. Does it suck to be you? yes
996. Have you fallen in love with music? yes
997. Have you ever considered stalking someone? yes
998. Is Utopia a real place? no
999. Are you a random person? yes
1000. Are you proud of yourself for answering this many questions? yes

1001. Type your username in separate posts. ok
1002. How long have you been on Gaia? a long time
1003. Have you changed your username at all? yes
1004. If you changed your username, what were your previous ones? i cant remember
1005. Have you changed your base avatar at all? yes
1006. Have you changed your gender at all? no
1007. Classic profile or Current profile? current
1008. How many items are on your wishlist? a lot
1009. How many items have been donated to you? not many
1010. What is your favorite item on Gaia? omg hat
1011. What is your most expensive item? i dont know
1012. What is your favorite item that you own? go phones
1013. What is your favorite Gaia pet? coco
1014. Do you like avatar art? yes
1015. Do you draw avatar art? no
1016. How much gold do you have? i told you
1017. How many posts do you have? a lot
1018. How many posts do you have per day? a few
1019. How many friends do you have? a lot
1020. Do you talk to your friends on Gaia a lot? yes
1021. Who is your best friend on Gaia? i cant remember his name
1022. What is your favorite thread on Gaia? guils
1023. What is your favorite store to shop in on Gaia? cash shop
1024. Do you have a decorated house? no
1025. Do you have a decorated car? yes
1026. Do you enter any of the arenas? no
1027. If so, have you won any? no
1028. Do you have a Gaia Aquarium? yes
1029. If so, do you take good care of it? no
1030. What is your favorite Gaia game? zomg
1031. What is your favorite Gaia monthly collectible? omg scarf
1032. What is your favorite evolving item? i dont know
1033. Give us the username of an awesome Gaia avatar! x-iiFox
1034. Do you leave comments a lot on peoples pages? no
1035. Do you like questions about Gaia? yes

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