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Star Trek Fan FIc #1
(Just for your info, this is a ROUGH DRAFT!- So, tons of typos and mistakes. UN-EDITED) If you're a trekkie, i just want you to get the feel of my fast past star trek action.. heres chapter 1.

Unknown Entitys

Star date 43401.4 Federation Space- Epilogue.
(6 months before the movie first contact)

Commander Thels raised from the floor and looked around the bridge. What he saw devistated him. There were crewmen spread across the floor of the galaxy glass starship. The NCC Ranger. 1201-A. Several of the consoles were smoking or on fire. Behind the tactical bridge was the ships security officer, Lt. Briggs. Holding his left arm to his side while quickly searching over his data board. Both the helms and the conns-men were lumped over their stations unconscious. Thinking quickly, Thels decided on his first mission: to look for the captain. Looking around frantically, he didn’t see the captain anywhere on the bridge. "Damn!" cursed Thels to himself. The captain was gone! And he had no idea where he had been taken.
Thels has been part of the federation as long as he can remember. Ever since his days back on Vulcan, he’s lived with dreams of traveling the stars and exploring the vast regions of space. The entire reason he was on Vulcan in the first place, was to live among the first aliens his people have ever contacted, to better teach himself warp theory without the distractions of his home planet. It was sort of like an art to him. Right now, he wished he could erase the past 24 hours and start with a brand new brush. For the fierce hand of an unknown race had caught him off-guard.

The captain’s first officer turned his head slightly to the left, looking behind him at Briggs.
"We've been hit by something off the starboard bow, sir.. I.. Dont know what it is, sensors arent picking up anything out there!" replied the human at tatical. He was shaken and his voice wasnt as strong as normal.
"Any damage to the ship?"
"Shields are down to 12 percent. Excessive damage to decks 14, 4, 23 and 6..Warpdrive is down.. Engineering is clearing out fires and Chief engineer reports no one is hurt. Weapons fuctional.." a pause.."Nothing but minor injury reported by sickbay. All in all, we're okay except..."
Thels cut him off with a nod of the head.
"Yes, the captain." Sighing and looking to the front viewer, he tapped his comm-badge.
"Thels to sickbay, get us a medical team up here right away...." He glanced over to the front of the bridge where Ensign St. Clair sat at helm and T'mrel sat at Conn and nodded to them.
"...St. Clair and T'mrel are in need of your services, doctor.. something hit us hard, and hit them even harder."
A few moments of silence.
"Acknowledged Commander, we'll get there as soon as we can, whatever hit us, knocked the wind out of sickbay. I'll send a team in just a few moments. Saylor Out. "
Thels looked around the bridge one more time, somewhat hoping that the captain might mysteriously appear out of nowhere. It would have it, magic was not intended to rear its head on this bridge, at least not in the now.
"Get me Starfleet command, tell them we have a kidnapping from an Unknown.. They've got Captain Patterson."

Chapter 1. Engage

Captain Jean Luc Picard stood in front of his command chair of the Enterprise E. The latest sovereign class star-ship the captain obtained after the last voyage of the Enterprise D, which crashed on Viridian III. The mission in which the crew stopped the madman from El-Oren race, from re-entering the nexus, a temporal spacial anomally, by destroying the Virridian star and eliminating millions of people on the fourth planet of the system.
Picard was looking at the forward view screen with awe. He was smiling at the planet the Enterprise now held high orbit in.
He loved how the blue-green colors merged together to form the great massive oceans and skies of the planet. Never before charted in known space, Picard and his crew had just made contact with a brand new alien race. The captain always loved the opportunity to meet new space-farring peoples, especially ones as archeologically inclined to explore as he was. This was the case in this particular situation.
The people of the planet called their home "Akira" and themselves "Akirians." The planet was identified as Class-M, and was massive. Five times the size of earth but basically the same make-up. The Akirians being a humanoid species and all. The only difference the captain noticed from humans was the fact that the akira's all had Andorian like attenea that stretched out from the tops of their heads, one slightly above where the eyes little to the side. One would wonder if the Andorians and Akirians were distant cousins, due to the fact that both their form and names held close similarities. However, the akirians insist they have never heard of such blue colored people. The Andorians Likewise, had never heard of Akira.
"Open a channel to Ambassador Charan." Picard ordered the helms-men, a vulcan named T'chel.
"Aye, communications open sir."
A bright eyed Akirian appeared on the view-screen, replacing the image of the new race's planet.
"Ah, I take it you're Captain Picard..." The Akirian said happily, smiling as he nodded slowly towards the captain.
Picard nodded and pulled down the bottom of his tunic shirt.
"Yes, Ambassador, its my pleasure to invite you for a formal dinner aboard the Enterprise. say, in an hour?"
"Ah, yes captain, that would be.. what is your earth word, uh.. delightful." answered the cheery blue eyed alien. "Great, then we'll contact you in one hour, and I'll meet you personally in our transporter room, or would you rather take a shuttle aboard?" the captain asked with a twinkle of interest in his eye.
"I am confident in your abilities, Captain. After all, it is you who found us, and have traveled further into space than we even recorded."
Meeting the akirians gave Picard the idea of what it must have been like for the Vulcans to meet humans. While traveling at warp 5 right outside federation space into uncharted space, (just a couple of days ago) the Enterprise's sensors picked up an unknown vessel traveling at warp factor 3. Altho the Akirians knack for warp theory was advanced, the sensors detected the ship could only travel at warp 3, were as Federation vessels were a great deal faster. Picard had then decided that since his ship could easily outrun this unknown, why not take a closer look.After contacting Starfleet to inform them of what they had discovered, he was cleared to innete first contact procedures. So he intercepted the vessel and opened contact. It turns out the captain began the start of what was hoped to be a beautiful new relationship between the federation and the Akirians.
"Then its settled. We'll see you aboard, beamed, in one hour.. Enterprise out." said Picard, smiling then he nodded to Ensign T'chel, signaling her to end the transmission. The View-screen went back to the joyous world's image.
Data looked at the captain and smiled, his emotional chip fully activated.
"He seems happy." the android exclaimed.
"Indeed, Mr. Data. You have the bridge."
Data nodded and got up from ops to sit in the command chair, while Picard went to the turbo lift. The doors swished open and picard stepped inside and turned around as the doors shut.
"Deck 9." he said outloud, and tho he couldnt feel it, the turbolift started to move down.
A few moments later, the turbo lift doors opened and he stepped out onto deck 9, heading towards his personal quarters. When he suddenly ran into Commander Riker, who was off-duty at the time. Riker noticed that the captain was in a chippier mood than usual. And he had every right to be. For the first time in a long time, his captain wasn't engaged in any schemes with the Borg or Romulans over some evil driven goal to destroy the galaxy or assimulate all biolical life. For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, the captain was doing what he set out to do, even while aboard his first command with the Stargazer. 'To explore strange new worlds and new civilizations."
"Ah, Number one. The Ambassodar for Akira is beaming onto the ship in a little less than an hour. I want you and Troi there. Transporter room 2. Wear your formal gear. 0600 hours sharp!" Picard said as he headed towards his quarters, sort of in a rush.
Stunned, Riker simply smiled and nodded.
"Aye, sir." and continued on his way.


An hour later, Troi, Riker, and Picard stood in transporter room two. They all wore their formal ceremonial standard uniforms. With the coats over thier tunics. They waited for the transporter chief to get a lock on the ambassador, whom wore a single starfleet issue commbadge, given to him by the captain of the "Explorer." The ship the Enterprise had contacted upon first contact. The word translated from the Akirian word "Dhrelsh."
On the transporter pad, a coulpe of pads lit up and the blue hues of light materialized the ambassador and 2 of his delegate.-Charan had sent a message asking if he could bring along two guests-. All of whom seemed delighted to be there. As soon as the light had faded and they stood on the transporter ledge, they looked in awe about the room, in particular up and nodded in approvement. The Ambassador was the first to speak.
"This ship is impressive, I am honored you have invited me here. I am especially impressed with how high the ceiling is.. We have always reached out above us as to grab the very stars themselves. This ship,... this ship.. " he waved a finger slowly, smiling into the air..
"... this ship is just that, the hand that grabbed the very sun." he finished.
Riker glanced at troi with a gleam of light to his look, and Picard stepped forward.
"I'd like you to meet my first officer, Commander Riker, or ships Couslour Deanna Troi." Jean Luc mentioned with his hands to his crewmen.
The akirians smiled and nodded with a tilt of thier heads to the three crewmen of the Enterprise. With that, Captain Picard lead the way out of the transporter room, and started towards the turbo lift.. As they walked down the corridor towards the lift, they engaged in suttle conversation.
"We have brought a few dishes of our own, for the dinner, captain.. I hope you find it as delight-ful as your own favorite dishes." The slightly shorter akirian to Charans left held out a small container with a top on it. since the container stilled existed in his hands, it was safe to assume the transporter cheif scanned its contents and decided that nothing in it was toxic to humans (or any other race on the ship), and had allowed it to be brought on the ship.
Picard looked to Troi, and she simply smiled and nodded.
"We'll be happy to try it out, Ambassador, as im sure you'll enjoy our delegacys. Our replicators can pretty much come up with anything you can think of, very safe indeed. and very good."
They reached the turbo lift and stepped inside, forming a small group of organized humans and akirians.
"Bridge." Riker said.
Soon everyone filed into the captains conference room and took their seats at the huge square table in the center of the room. Charan sat in the center seat on the left side of the table, his company on either side. Riker and Troi took the seats opposite, with Picard at the head of the table. There were dishes set all around the table. From Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob to the galaxy famous Ramon noodles.
The aliens looked at the food with wonder, and it almost looked as though their mouths were literally watering. The captain noticed and grinned slightly, admiring his new friends’ excitement for something new.
“Allow me to share with you the names of my comrades….” The ambassador stated. Then he motioned to his left.
“…This is Sovt.” And then he motioned to his right.
“..And this is my main advisor, Gryn.”
Both aliens smiled slightly and nodded their heads slowly, in the same way Charan had did when picard made contact just an hour ago.
Picard raised a glass of wine and nodded around the table and prepared for a toast. He was only sorry that he couldnt invite the rest of his senior officers to the table. But Data had his dutys on the bridge, the doctor was asleep and Geordi was helping Ensign Rogers with some technical problems having to do with internal dampners on deck 5. The others raised their glasses as well, including the 3 aliens.
“To the start of a long lasting relationship with Akirians and the federation! May we strive to better ourselves both technologically and mentally." He paused for a few seconds.
"Dig In!"
And with that, he takes a sip of his drink, and started on the meal. The others follow suit.
Setting his glass down, Charan looks from Riker to Troi, then to the captain, all the while with a look of pure curiousity.
"Humans are very kind, captain. Most non-akirians we have met have not been as generous. Tell me, there is no trechoury in your ways?"
Picard wondered if these people had met the Romulans.
"Certainly not from anyone on this ship, Ambassador. The Federation extends a hand of friendship. We're explorers, altho, I do understand your concern. We do have our share of enemys. We are infact inter-twined in some conflicts with some hostil races, nothing that we will ask you to become a part of however. Yet, we share our knoweledge with hundreds of other peoples from hundreds of other worlds, and found a way to work accordingly together for a very long time." the ships commander explained. He didnt really want to reveal any information about the Dominion war or any of starfleets more haggard concerns.
Riker took a sip of his glass and decided to add:
"We cant speak for the entire human species, there are some of us out there that are motivated by evil tendencies. But anyone excersising treachory will be brought before a court-martial and condemned for their crimes accordingly. We strive for peace, sir.. and if you ask me, its a hard job at every turn."
Charan looked to riker and nodded in admiration of Rikers words.
"Do you meet lots of hostil races?"
Thats when troi chimmed in. The betazoids dark eyes showing honesty.
"There are a fair amount in what we've charted in space. However, we try our best to reason with them whenever we dont see eye to eye."
Picard nodded and set his glass on the table.
"Tell me, Ambassador.. have you met a lot of alien races?"
"We've met our fair share, captain. Tho we havent charted much, and it seems like everytime we discover something new, someone else has beaten us there. In our own system, however, much has been inspiring to us. Our planets are icons to the people and represent different God like beings.. Akira, being the God of earth, in which we live and breath."
"Thats very interesting, many of our own people believe planets to be deitys as well." Troi said.
"You strike me as not being entirely like Riker, or Picard, there.. Cousalour." replied Charans main advisor.
"Thats right. I am only half human. I am also Betazoid.. My father was a human, and my mother was full betazoid."
Suddenly, Troi heard a voice in her head
"I sense that you wield some telepathic powers." said the random voice. Troi looked at Gryn and smiled. Thinking directly at the other telepath.
"Thats right, and up until now, I could only talk telepathically to my mother.. Very interesting. But lets talk aloud as to not be rude to the others."
Gryn laughed and took a huge drink of his wine.
"I am sorry, I am not used to talking outloud. In my line of work, the telepaths send messages to the leaders telepathically as to not invade security messures. But, since I am among non telepaths, i will try not to do so."
Picard looked surprised, and glanced over to Troi, then back to Gryn.
"You're species are telepathic?"
"Not all of us captain. Only certain akirians with a specific blood-lines are. Those individuals who possess such talents are expected to be advisors to our leaders. Im sure you can guess as to why."
"Ah. Yes, it makes perfect sense. So that you can relay messages without the problem of un-invited ears."
"Prisicely. But do not worry, We can not read minds or pick up on emotions. We can only simply relay messages to people. And i've just recently found out, thanks to the half betazoid, that we can hear conscience thought only if directed by a slightly stronger telepath. In which your Troi, seems to be. I was only so happy to be able to sense that she was a bit telepathic. I am sorry, Cousalour. I was only testing a theory."
Troi could tell the akirian was being entirely honest, and nodded approvingly.
"No, its quite alright Mr. Gryn. I can tell that you are just as curious to our race as we are to yours."
"Data to Captain Picard." the ships intercom spoke suddenly..
Picard tapped his badge..
"Yes, what is it Mr. Data?"
"There is a message from Starfleet command, urgent."
"Can it wait?"
"I am afraid not sir, there is a distress call from the NCC Ranger. They are stuck in space with no warp drive and are in need of our assistance.. We are the closest ship to their location."
Sighing, Picard frowned and glanced at the Ambassador.
"Im afraid I have to cut this short-" Ambassador Charan cut him off with a wave of the hand.
"None-sense captain. I have little to do on the planet, may we accompany you to your downed ship?? it would be the furthest any of our people have been from our home and I am interested in what maybe..... out there."
The captain thought about it for a moment. Stood, and pulled down his tunic.
"If it is alright with your planets leaders, I dont see why not. We can set up guest quarters for you, and you can have access to every part of the ship. Besides our main bridges, teleporter rooms, and engineering."
"That is acceptable."
Nodding Picard tapped his comm-badge.
"Data, inform Akira that the ambassador has requested to journey with us. Tell them we will have him back here as soon as we attend to a ship in need of our help. Then set a course to The Ranger.. warp 2. Picard out."
Picard wondered why he stood up so suddenly, then tapped his badge again..
"How long until we reach them Commander?"
Data responded
"20 hours 34 minets. Sir."
"Ah.. make that warp 4 Mr. Data.."
"Aye, sir."
Picard, Riker and Troi engaged in the meal with their new found friends, while the Enterprised Flashed into warp on the way to help a crippled commrad.

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