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Lunar Stories
Most know I love to RP so since im bored, I'm going to try stories.
The New Girl - Continued

We get together every night, staring at the stars from her pool. We never got together during the day though, she is either working or doing chores.


Allison looked over her work schedule, again, she had the next wee off because the store was closed. She was finished with all her chores, the house was cleaner than it ever was and she was now bored. She sat there thinking to herself, until she came up with something that would surprise Grant. She would go over to his house. Allison put on her jacket hood over her head put on sunglasses then went next door, and knocked four times then stood and waited.

"Hello Ally, are you here to see Grant? " His mom asked, Allison nodded, and she let her in. "Grant is in his room with a friend. You can go right ahead in."

Allison went back knocked on Grants door twice then entered. "Hey~" She said and smiled.

"Allison! You're, I'm, I mean its not night?" Grant said quite confused. His friend started laughing.

"Yeah I know, but I'm off for the next week, and I'm done with my chores. Do you mind shutting your blinds so I can take off my jacket? " She asked with a smile, and Grant did so.

"Whipped. . . " His friend said quietly before Grant punched him. Allison took off her jacket, and sunglasses and sat on Grants bed. "So how come you have to cover up? " He asked.

"I'm allergic to sunlight. " She said.

"Oh. . . " They both said. Not even Grant knew that.


"Dude that new girl that works in the bakery is your neighbor?" Tim asked. "AND YOU LIKE HER? " He continued. "Dude you are super lucky, she is hot! She calls you her best friend, you spend every night together, and you've seen her in a bikini. You see her in that every night? Dude the guys on the foot ball team have been trying to get her to go to he pool with them to see her in that ever since she started in that bakery."

"I'm just lucky. " Grant said. "Very very lucky. " He finished saying before he heard a knocking at the door, and Allison came in.

"Holy cow! She is hot!" Tim said under his breath.

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