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Feral's Thoughts and Feelings.
Why are we as humans so prideful? What makes a fifty year old man so much more right than a seventeen year old girl? Why do we fear what we do ont understand, and because of that fear, we dispise it? What makes us so much better as a human than the person next to us? As a race, as a species, we humans are a cruel lot. Animals kill for food and survival, we kill out of spite, in a fit of rage, in a drug induced haze. When we catch a killer, we kill them. Why? Will thier death bring their victims back? No. It gives us an empty staisfaction for a fleetin gmoment, then we return to our hurt and loss once more. And if we give them the same measure they gave, are we truly any better than them? How are we different for the killers themselves at that point? We wrap pretty words like 'safety' and 'justice' around it to justify our own actions, but in the end it's all the same. We just killed another living, breathing, human being. Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" and he is right. How can murder atone for murder? How can death teach us that killing is wrong?

Why do we use religion to justify our actions? What makes the respective deity of one that much more right than that of another? More people have died in the name of religion than have ever died from cancer, and we actually try to cure cancer. The Holy Wars are a perfect example; christains killed muslims over land that was never theirs to begin with simply because their 'God' said it was. They prayed to the same God with different words, yet the muslims were called 'devils' and 'demons'. The Spanish Inquisition; pagans were slaughtered wholesale for not converting to their religion. For what reason? For following the old ways to worship their Gods and Goddesses and refusing to yeild to the christains? They were, ARE, people. Even now, the deep rooted need to 'save' the earth has pushed them into aggressiveness. They try to force their beliefs and veiws onto anyone of a different faith and make them convert. This is wrong. We should embrace all religions and understand that we all have our own paths to follow.

We as humans are shown by our parents what to think, feel, how to listen, discriminate, fear, and hate. Why are we trained to do this? So that we may repeat the mistakes of the past? To keep the world in this constant torrent of fear and hate? Why do we judge an entire people on the actions of a few within them? Muslims have been tormented by virtue of the fact that some extremists went too far. If we followed this philosophy, then pagans would have every reason and right to hate christians, and same with muslims. There are zealots and exteremists within every religion, and we should understand that the religion is not to blame, but those who acted on blind, misguided faith. If you look at relious history in an un-bias point of veiw, christians, the self-procliamed gentle religion, is in fact the bloodiest of them all.

Why do we condemn a human solely based on the person that they love? What is so wrong if a man loves another man? Why is it if a woman loves another woman, they must go to hell? In this day and age, love is rare. True love is a pure and wonderful thing that many search for their entire lives without finding it. Why should the gender matter if the love is real and pure? The christian bible says to love the sinner and hate the sin, but why should we condemn love? Isn't love what we need more of in this world? do we not need more compassion? Understanding? Love is love, no matter the race, creed, age, or even gender.

What makes land ours? A piece of cloth on a stick in a the dirt? And imaginary line etched into the earth? Why do we not help others find new lives and fresh starts? We should help our fellow humans, even if they are from a different race, home, of creed.

What makes us humans so much more than others? How many times have we walked by another person on the street asking for money to feed themselves, and turned away? How many times have we stood by and watched as someone screamed and begged for our aid? They are humans, like us. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, aunts, uncles, or friends to someone else. Why must we turn away from them? We are all people. We all laugh, cry, sing, think, feel, and bleed like the others aroung us. We all have ideals, thoughts, hopes, dreams, pains, loves, and lives. It matters not if we are black, white, stupid, tall short, hispanic, asian, rich, smart, poor, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, blue eyed, brown eyed, blind, deaf, mute, pale, or green with pink stripes, we are all humans. We are all living, breathing, thinking, feeling, people. We should, no, we MUST learn to embrace each other for who we are. We are all unique, special, and precious individuals. We are all different, yet we are all the same. We are people.

Feral Fallen
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Feral Fallen
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