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Characters and Information
Clan Proposal
Clan Name: {Yamanoue}
Village: {Kumogakure Only}
Element Affinity: {Primary Earth}
Description of Clan: {Yamanoue is a mercenary clan who work in much the same way as any other ninja fighting group.}

Physical Appearance: {Almost all members are southerners, usually meaning they have tanned skin, however a pale one will show up once in a while. Their eyes are either violet or blue.}
History: {Yamanoue comes descended from two formerly important houses.
The House of Yamanoue and the House of Masumai. The House of Masumai had
formerly been a high class Samurai family working only for the daimao. However
war and strife made it impossible for the family to continue in that capacity
due to the fact that the head of the house hold was suddenly a woman whom could
not serve. This loss of position while not immediately losing favor in the
court, lost instead momentum. The House of Masumai had previously been
influential however, headed by a woman few respected the house. They were the
subject of hatred for many other nobel families and found themselves after time
unwelcome at court and ostracised from society at large. On a local level
however, they maintained their power even when nobel families with power in the
court could not. The Masumai family survived to see the fall of the Daimao and
from then on stayed out of nobel proceedings.

The House of Yamanoue was by far not of such nobel heritage. In fact the house
of Yamanoue was initially nothing more than a farming family from the south.
While wars were frequent in the north they rarely affected the south and Ninja
were not known down there. It was not these circumstances that changed the
House of Yamanoue, but the climatic change that soon occurred. A drought over
two years long caused their crops to fail and they as a family were unable to
sustain themselves through the usual means. Yamanoue Issai was the first to
lead the family down another route, the wars to the north were rife and it was
rumoured the pay was good for mercenaries and Issai was after all, skilled.

Profiteering on war and the lives of other people the House of Yamanoue became
a reverered almost feared House of Mercenaries and their wealth soon had them
targetted by local regional lords. Issai defended his home and those around him
mostly out of self protection, he aided those around him in the hope they would
aid him and they did so. The regional lords failed to assassinate the House of
Yamanoue but instead made it nigh on impossible for them to remain. Thus they
travelled north and established themselves in the wilderness. Amassing wealth,
even still the House of Yamanoue built a castle and a home for their people but
the northern peoples did not respond to this with kind. Issai perished at the
hands of a betrayal.

The House of Yamanoue from that point deminished, it's influence as a powerful
mercenary unit suffered greatly that is, until Yamanoue Masu decided to head
further north in the search for work. Masu while walking so the legend goes,
was passed by a speeding carriage, chased by a horde of bandits, he thought
nothing of it, after all, the same things happened every day, they'd done many
themselves. He even took another path through the mountains so that he wouldn't
see them again. This however, turned out to be a significant point in time
where the house of Yamanoue would change forever. From a precipice, he could
see the carriage had rolled, the horses were struggling to get up, the bandits
had surrounded the carriage. The tale goes, that the bandits were trying to
assassinate a young woman whom was crying out for help. In the act of humanity
it was Masu whom ran down the mountain, slaughtered the bandits and saved the
girl an act that was rewarded by the family of the girl. The Masumai family.

The house of Yamanoue and Masumai families joined together one funding the
other and becoming a power to be reckoned with. They were approached directly
by a regional lord to join with their hidden village where they would no longer
be threatened or pursued in exchange for working for them.}

Habits and Social Structure: {Usually the family are very reclusive, most live outside of Kumogakure, the ones who do live in Kumogakure are those that have been selected to become Kumo-nin. This isn't usually regarded with much honor within the family in fact, most think they are a nuisance, they are however respected in the fact that they are doing it out of duty to the family. Most of the reclusive attitude comes from the merger with the Masumai family. They hold three celebrations a year. Issai's birth, The merger of the two houses and the Joining between Kumogakure and the house of Yamanoue. The social structure is quite restricted, they do not get involved in village politics, however they play a role in military affairs which is where they like to be, they do not interfere with commerce and prefer to leave that like everything else to other families. When they visit Kumogakure, they often do so in groups, do what they need to do and then leave.

They practice an odd custom of selecting the new heir on his or her sixth birthday (between the ages of 4 and cool . This heir will become the next head of the family whether they like it or not.

Quirks and Special Features: Their Bloodline known as: Blessed Terra (Nicknamed: Touch of Gaia, Earth's Curse or Earth's Blessing due to how it works and what it does) is usually not noticeable there have been few users of it even within the family and even fewer records kept. This bloodline comes not from any sort of Chakra defect but a simple adept of use of the skill, many of the users were in fact Medic-nin due to the high chakra control required. The user of Blessed Terra can take their own Chakra and store it inside another, the really unique fact though is that they can send techniques along with it. It was discovered by the family that there were only certain types of techniques that could be used in this manner. Those were, sealing techniques, empowering techniques and weakening techniques and have thus specialized in those techniques.

In game Stats:
Wisdom x1.5, Strength x0.7
Chakra x1.5, Health x0.7
Dexterity x1.5, Intelligence x0.7

Technique List: {Techniques that you use as a clan member. Your clan is the only ones capable of doing these techniques, because of your unique knowledge or genetic enhancements. Use the Technique Sheet above for each one.}

Name: {Memory Writing}
Description: {The ability works as one of the prime ingredients for the rest of the abilities. Chakra already requires knowledge, and therefore has access to the memory sector of the brain, however, normally it cannot be altered. This technique allows the user to write information to their memory in a much more structured format, therefore making recall not only easier but more precise.}
Rank: {E}
Cp Cost: {1}
Attack Turns: {1}
Reflex DC: N/A
Damage: N/A
Requirements: Chakra Control 1, Genjutsu 1, Ninjutsu 1
Training: 2 stages.
Stage 1: Wisdom DC 14, The user needs to understand how the technique works therefore they need to be able to understand that they can possible change things by using using chakra. The user therefore experiments on themselves.

Stage 2: Chakra Control DC 14, The user needs to ability to be able to must the control for the technique. Once they have their Chakra Control at the right DC, then they must roll then after at DC 15 for Genjutsu and Ninjutsu until the DC reached for Chakra Control reaches 13 (Decrement of 1 per dice roll)

Special:+2 to concentration 2 turns. Otherwise allowing you to remember things in detail, without error.
Owner: {You!}

Name: {Thick Skinned}
Description: {The ability is one of the first abilities to be learned if not -the first-. It can be used on ones self or another and simply increases the defense of a character for one turn}
Rank: {D}
Cp Cost: 1 per Buff.
Attack Turns:3
Will DC: 10
Damage: N/A
Requirements: Chakra Control 1, Genjutsu 1 (although not actually Genjutsu, this is a requirement due to the fact you need some knowledge to know what it affects) Ninjutsu 1.
Training: 1 stages.
Stage I: Chakra Control DC 14. Simply touch yourself or target with the intent to defend.
Special: +2 Con. Cannot be stacked
Owner: {}

Name: {Quicken}
Description: {The ability doesn't actually affect an ability as such but it affects the targets perception or memory by increasing how much information can retained temporarily, therefore speeding up a users perception and therefore reaction time}
Rank: {D}
Cp Cost: 1 per Buff.
Attack Turns:3
Will DC: 10
Damage: N/A
Requirements: Chakra Control 1, Genjutsu 1 (although not actually Genjutsu, this is a requirement due to the fact you need some knowledge to know what it affects) Ninjutsu 1.
Training: 1 stages.
Stage I: Chakra Control DC 16. Simply touch yourself or target with the intent to increase speed.
Special: +2 Dex. Cannot be stacked
Owner: {}

Owner: {You!}

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  • User Comments: [1]
    Community Member

    Sun Jan 09, 2011 @ 02:52am

    I like. I see nothing wrong with it.

    Though, you should make it so certain techniques, like elemental, can't be transferred.

    And if the techniques are to strengthen or weaken, then just look at the abilities, and make techniques to do with those...

    Though, I would say techniques affecting abilities should be about C rank.

    User Comments: [1]
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