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Dear Stalkers,
Mostly story starts to be abandoned and forgotten all together. So don't blame me if you get hooked and it just ends. You were warned.
The "teaser" for one of the 3 part story PDA: Paranormal Detective Series
This would be the third installment even though it is actually a prelude and divulges into the childhood and premise of Rookis and Aron, even the secretive government....

tHE rED ViOLiNA little music to help set the mood and tone....

forehead trickled down his face. How could he betray him like this.
"Why?",he asked softly he listened to the footsteps draw nearer. "I thought we were friends...I thought maybe you wouldn't
give in like all the others but I guess we can't fight what lives within us."
"Shut up and get on your feet already.", the boy he had once trusted and thought was his only hope of escape
replaced by the blood thirsty young man that stood near to him. Had he always been so tall and broad shouldered?
He yelled as he hoisted Rookis by his collar. "Fight back..Give me a challenge. Filth!" He released him at this then took a few strides aside.
"Kill me! Strike me down you coward!"
The boy charged Rookis as he swayed on his feet but even as the bone crushing blows fell on him, Rookis never once cried out in pain.
"Are you- done?", he asked as a small smile crossed his lips as he cradled his broken arm in the other.
"What kind of monster are you?!?", the vampire asked as he took a step back as Rookis took one toward him.
"I am the monster sent to rid the world of your kind...And it seems I have no choice. Aron, I have to kill you."
Paranormal Detective Agency: The Rising Suns

Rookis followed the woman closely as they walked through the massive halls. There were hundred of doors and any other
child might have ran about testing to see which one opened first. But Rookis was not like any other child. Especially not
that Dr. Weston had ever come across.
"Rookis?", she said calling the name they had given the raven haired and blue eyed lad who rarely said a word.
"I'm going to ask that you follow any and all instructions that you receive from anyone dressed as I am. Understood?"
The boy's hand reached out and grabbed her white lab coat as he nodded looking up at her. Emily Weston sighed as she
took his hand and smiled down at him. All the children here at The Moore were peculiar, but Rookis was by far the most unpredictable.
"Red.", the boy suddenly gasped as he pointed with his other hand beyond Emily. Before she could turn to see what had caught Rookis' attention
she felt a hand upon her other arm.
"What is he?", a voice that while came from a small boy carried the authority of a much older commander demanded. "Well?" The grip tightened.
"Aron!", a male nurse cried out as he seized the small boy and slapped him across the face.
"Nurse!", Emily Weston yelled out in horror as she pushed Rookis behind her as though to shield him from such scenes of violence.
Though she knew many of them had been ordered to use such means on the children Emily could never hurt Rookis this way.
"His teeth were beginging to protrude. Had I not acted he may have done behavior that is to be discouraged for his kind!", the Nurse told
her as he saluted as was code. Emily returned the salute and nodded.
"He's probably testy due to lack of proper feedings. You can't do such things, the less blood the worse the cravings. Then we'll have another Case 432
on our hands.", she explained as she bent down and looked at the latest hybrid. "Aron have you been refusing your rations again?"
"I don't want to be a monster...", the little red haired child suddenly bawled, "I want to be a normal child again! I want to be like him!" He pointed at
Rookis accusingly then glared at Emily.
"Aron, sweetheart if I could I would fix it.", Emily said softly as his tear streaked face tore at her heart.
"But in the mean time you need to work with us so we can fight this together."
"That kid doesn't belong here....", Aron grumbled.
"Aron!", Emily scowled eyebrows narrowed. "Apologize to him! Everyone is welcome here at the shelter." She slowly led Rookis around so the two boys
faced each other. "Apologize!"
"I'm sorry Rookis.", Aron grumbled rolling his eyes. But then Rookis stuck out his arms to him which had been hidden in sleeves of an overly baggy sweater
which caught everyone off guard.
"I really like you Aron.", Rookis told him with a toothy grin, "You don't look like a monster to me... You're just like me. See." Rookis showed him the
small pointed canines before wrapping his arms around him. "Please. Please be my friend....I'm so lonely here, just like you."
Emily and the nurse had watched in awe as the vampire and the boy hugged and cried. Which gave her the hope she needed to tell the
government agents that she worked for that she had enough and was going to expose to the world what they had done to children of war.
How they bred them with collected DNA of monsters and supernatural beings trying to create super weapons.
But Emily was never seen again...and the boys grew up under the tutelage of kill or be killed. But each looked out for the other and despite
all that they were taught or told by the others they remained the best of friends.
+ + +
"Rookis I don't think this is such a good idea, we could get caught from the hall guards or worse the Headmaster himself."
Rookis turned over his shoulder with those steely and guarded blue eyes towards Aron.
Has he always been so serious all the time?, Aron wondered nervously his smile fading as they continued to rifle through file cabinets and drawers.
"Anything?", Rookis asked flashlight clenched in his mouth because unlike Aron he could not see into the dark.
"No...I figured they wouldn't keep records of any of the special class students in the actual building they're probably in the lower level basement."
They both kind of paused for a moment before continuing. There were only two kinds of things that took place down in "Hell", and that was the creation of new
tormented souls in monster-like bodies (soldiers) or the execution of mistakes.
"Wait...I found something.", Rookis said as he pulled out a file whose corners were torn and looked aged. "I think its a record of-"
Aron cupped Rookis' mouth and leaped back into the corner crevice near the ceiling as two men passed the door and shined their flashlights about.
They discussed some rugby match as they went on their way. Aron slowly lowered Rookis who stuck the file into the inner folds of his coat,
he made his way to the window and opened it.
"Five bucks says I hit the ground on my feet.", Rookis smirked as he leaped Aron following behind.
They hit the ground in sync Aron tucking and rolling and Rookis landing on his feet, which resulted in a sickening pop. Rookis hit the ground.
"God you really tried to land that?!", Aron yelled as he picked him up and slung him over his shoulder making a dash for their dorm on the other end of campus.
"You bloody moron! You're not ready for heights beyond two stories..."
"Shut up."
Aron bit his lower lip, but soon gave a small cry of pain as Rookis pinched the back of his neck roughly. "You still owe me that five."
Taking the stairs in bounding leaps Aron kicked down the already fragile door knocking it off the hinges, he laid Rookis as gently as he could manage
on the couch and began rummaging through a drawer in the kitchen. Finding a dull knife he returned and cut the leg of Rookis' already thread bare pants.
Aron had to close his eyes before he could go on, "You remember that time you got shot in the shoulder and I had to sit there and dig it out?"
"Just cut the s**t and do it.", Rookis grumbled as he balled up his sleeve and bit down. Aron let out a sigh as he proceeded to shove the protruding bone back into
the skin and up into the socket all the while Rookis muffled cries of anguish ringing in his ears.
"I know, I know.", Aron said as sweat beaded his forehead wiping at it with the back of one of his hands.
"Like hell you do!", Rookis screamed before Aron covered his mouth then leaned down so that the bangs touched Rookis' face like a red curtain. Rookis' eyes widened
as Aron opened his mouth fangs alarmingly large and protruding as though he were to feed. A foul smelling odor issued forth making his stomach turn and eyes water,
and then he realised what Aron had in mind. Rookis' eyes felt heavy and his limbs tingled- while his body seemed to give in his heart still beat rapidly in his chest.
Aron could easily end my life., he tried to move his hand and let him know he didn't want this. I had no idea he could perform on levels par to a level B pure blood rogue.


Aron walked out the door (after an attempt to fix it, the door still hung off kilter), and made his way down the stairs. He could recall a time when there lived others in the dorm complex where he and Rookis resided most of the time.

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