So it has been a while sinde I've posted something in my journal. lol please excuse my laziness, but recently I haven't nothing intresting to discuss. I doubt that anyone would care for what I have to say. Well I suddenly realized in my life that I have no shoulder to cry, I'm the kind of person who ppl tell their secrets to me or talk about ppl behind their backs and some of them are my friends. Well at school I'm friends with ppl who don't share the same interests as me, like I like k-pop C-pop and J-pop, but there was only one person in my Japanese class who liked K-pop and he is Korean. He's a year older than me and I love his accent heart but we really don't talk much. Idk why I'm even typing this but to get to the point I feel really really lonley right now, I need someone but I don't know who? Also all my friends on Gaia haven't be contacting me or replying...could they mad at me?? But i heart you all and remember I'm always here for you all.
No0b-Cake out! wink