People always say it is good to write down thoughts and draw. So i guess this journal on Gaia is like the journal i still have, sitting in a box.
First, I am currently laid off but doing some work for McDonalds. we are still closed but i get to see the new store before the majority of the workers this friday smile Score
Second, Boyfriend is incredible. And he really wants the house near the place we are at right now. It is in our price range and very nice. Sadly crying no garage. Which means scraping time for me
Last, my BIRTHDAY is coming up. yay, exciting, i am getting older razz Also some of my own original drawings are coming out nicely
Terrible news, i can't get my pictures scanned onto the computer still sad but i will eventually smile so everyone can see all of my work. Once everything is settled down on a place where i am living, i will get a tablet