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Keys to the Kingdom
A Kingdom Hearts fanfiction. The fate of the universe lies in the hands of six new teenaged keyblade masters... scared yet?
QUESTION: Continue/Restart/Quit?
I'm going to ramble and explain a bit as if my question isn't obvious from the title. (Pardon me if this posts twice.)

Rereading KTTK, I've come to realize several things: first, I have come light-years in terms writing quality from when I wrote the very first chapters back in Junior High. Not that you guys would know that due to how little I've posted. Second: I really want to write on this again. Third: I can't bring myself to write on this again because the base I'd be writing on is so... bad.

Mostly because of my main character, sadly. I still like her in terms of personality and flaws and such... but the motivation I initially came up with for her is completely and utterly wrong and needs to be severely reworked. Attempted rape and sexual assault can work in a story, but it takes a FAR better writer than I to do it. I look back and I realize even IF Seifer would try and rape a girl like Mia--which, thinking critically, I doubt he would--I didn't take it seriously enough at all. Mia wasn't at all affected by it aside from merely being cheesed off. In hindsight, I HATE that. I can't honestly say I have any better ideas for her backstory but there IS A BETTER WAY TO DO IT. Therefore, I want to do it that way.

I also would really like to rework my world list. It is my earnest belief that Naruto killed this fic. Well, the next world I was planning to go to, the Halo universe, probably put a nail in its coffin, but it was probably Naruto's fault in the end. About the same time I stopped writing I completely and utterly lost interest in Naruto. In fact, I began to utterly HATE Naruto. It's an intensely silly series, and I could go off on a fifteen minute rant about it, but I just watched an internet reviewer rant on a Spider Man comic just as long in the middle of a countdown, wondering when he'd shut up about it. I was also rather silly in agreeing to write on a universe I literally know nothing about (that being Halo). I have never played Halo, I don't own an XBOX, XBOX 360, or a powerful enough computer so I could feasibly play it, and I really don't plan on playing it at all except recreationally with my friends. I can't find a good enough walkthrough video on YouTube so I can't do the research I want, and I find I don't really want to look much harder. I've also become familiar with OTHER universes that I would love to write in, such as maybe Metroid. In other words, my interests since I originally plotted this fic have changed.

So, I'm starting to wonder if I should just rewrite the whole thing--well, perhaps not the whole thing, I think that the Hellsing chapters were decent and keepable, but otherwise, I just want to chuck them in the bin and try again. Naturally if this was the case, you'd probably have to wait even LONGER for me to rearrange my crap again, but I don't think I can force myself to go on as is.

Two more things that may change in the rewrite not mentioned above:

1. Character names, primarily Mia's. I have several OTHER characters, also named Mia, that are quite different from KTTK Mia. She's probably gonna get a new name. Stolen, Crim, and Kyuubi, if you're reading this and would like to change your character's name, lemme know.
2. Reduce the six characters to only five. People familiar with me IRL will probably know another reason for this decision, but in my opinion... Mike Christianson, the fifth character I had planned to introduce, really isn't working story-wise. I haven't planned for him to do anything that any of the other characters can't do themselves, and five characters are far more manageable for me.

And of course, other things to be changed, or unchanged, at the author's discretion.

So what do you guys think? Would you mind if I rewrote it?

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Sep 13, 2010 @ 02:56am
go for it mage-tan. doesn't matter to me if you change stuff, it's the mark of a good writer if they can notice and change their own mistakes without much help.

but speaking of which, i need to write as well...

commentCommented on: Tue Sep 14, 2010 @ 12:03am
I certainly wouldn't mind if you re-wrote it, understanding your feelings for such a decision as a writer myself who also has com lightyears from my junior high writings xD I certainly would love to start reading again ^^ And as far as names go.. I am unsure. I love my original nickname because it has stuck for years,, but have also grown fond of another nickname I am widely called now. Perhaps you, crim, and I can get together and talk about all this soon?

stolen after midnight
Community Member
The Crimson Soldier
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Sep 17, 2010 @ 11:53am
Sure, go for redoing it! Once you get far enough in, I think I have the skills to start the doujin now! And yes, I guess a name change is in order. I think I'll go with something more... Vampirey? I don't know, I'll think about it today. And, I'm sad that Mike will be leaving, seeing as I'm close with the person who is him in real life, but I guess I can't stop you.

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