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Vitta's Mind
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This Love...

A guy is in like an icy place looking at frozen water and there’s a chick at a beach looking into the clear warm ocean water the guy touches the iced over water at the exact same time the girl placed her hand just on the surface of the ocean's water.

A tunnel like thing forms and a bright light flashes then it fades and the scene breaks so now the guy and chick are in an empty like place. The chick looks at the dude; shyly. Then the guy like writes words in the air with his finger and they show up black and it asks, "Where are we?" the chick finds it odd that the guy didn't ask who she was.

She writes "I don't know." the same as the boy wrote. The chick and guy look around at the empty place and feel bored so the girl writes "I wish there were some trees." then suddenly trees burst from the ground the guy grins and write "river" and a river is created. the two smile widely and start writing what they want in there 'paradise'

Then the scene fades…and…

Their paradise is like beautiful and perfect, like the idle place was created. No violence like what the real world should be like. The girl and guy stay there for a long time, but can't hear each others voices. one day the guy looks at the girl and grins he writes "Love" in the air and nothing happens. Frowning he write to the chick "Nothing happened....why?" the chick looks at him with a soft smile and light pink cheeks from blushing then writes "Nothing happened cause...it's always been here." the two smile and lean in for the kiss, then the bright light comes and flashes.

The scene fades

The chick and the dude are back at there original places. the chick at the beach. the dude in the icy place. both extremely confused the girl and the guy feeling kind of depressed that the other isn't with them. so the girl walks to the shore and writes "Love" in the sand and the guy writes "Love" in the snow and they appear next to each other in their paradise there eyes meet and with confused expressions.

The guy goes to hug her and the girl steps back she writes in the air "DON'T TOUCH ME!" the guy appears heart broken and writes "Why..." she writes back with a saddened face cause she discovered the second flaw in there paradise besides being unable to hear each other she writes "Because you'll leave again. The slightest touch...and...you leave." so the two stand as close as they can to each other and look at each other then at there paradise.

Finally the guy say, "If I cant hear your voice or touch you...then what can I do?" the girl looks at him and smiles "Love me." the guy blushes and in harmony they write "I never learned your name."

Then it ends.

~ ~ ~

Side Note: It's a rough idea for a video I'm making. There for it's kind of like a short story, but then it's not...if you get what I mean. So yeah, comments on it are very nice. So yeah. Not an actually story that will be written but more so...created through film.

Vitta Nai Kida
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  • 08/08/10 to 08/01/10 (21)
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