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Nothing of Importance
title explains it
RP Robot Profile
Model # : NA713
Human Name: Natsumi Arashi
Creation Age: 5 years
Age created to look: 25
History: She was created in a factory. Not modeled to any specifics other than a simple human female form, complete with skin, hair and anatomically correct. She was created as a nanny for a rich tycoon's spoiled son. It was his wife's idea for a robot so her husband could no longer sleep with the human nanny's they had been hiring. The son hated her and was fearful of her from the day she arrived in a box on thei front door. As she was programmed to do, she went about with taking care of him. But the son became more and more fearful of her and would not interact with her, let alone be in the same room with her. So the parents decided to get rid of her. Doing what anyone does when getting rid of something they do not want, they set her out by the trash. Trash day came, she was thrown in the truck. However, the garbage men failed to pay attention. She was not completely in the truck, so only one of her legs was crushed by the machine. They also didn't notice when they turned a corner and she fell out of the truck, landing on a parked car. However, she was unaware of how lucky she was. For the owner of the car was a specialist in computers and modeling. He was overwhelmed with excitement when he found her on his car. He brought her inside and worked on her for many months. Searching for parts to rebuild her leg and customize the rest of her, figuring out how to program her to his likeness, only taking a break to go to work or have fun with his friends. When he was finished, he powered her on and spoke to her. He gave her the name "Natsumi Arashi". Natsumi was able to move, speak, blink, and do all the functions a human could. The man told her his name as well "Dany Rett". Dany had programmed Natsumi with all kinds of knowledge, emotions and a personality he could connect with. And so Natsumi had a home where she wasn't feared. She had a face and a personailty. But, with the emotions she had, she often felt sad that she wasn't human. Dany, however, always reassured that she was better than a human. 2 years passed, and eventually a relationship blossomed between the two of them. For now, they live together in Dany's home. Dany has made many changes to her over the years, and soon hopes to find a way to install a weapons system within her.

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