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Welcome into my mysterious mind.
-War of the Ascended Ones
What is an Ascended One/Ascendant?

Ascension is the act a being must undergo to become a Paladin. By ascending, the person is imbued with the power of Aether and gains the ability to Aethertap. Aethertapping allows the knight to control Aether, a fundamental energy that flows through the land of Rankor, which Paladins and Dark Knights draw upon to use their powers and obtain immortality.

Originally humans were the only beings allowed to ascend as it was Neamhain, Goddess of Light, who willed it, but after the fall of the ancient civilization, she hid the power within the ruins to only be used when the world was in chaos. Though ascension creates the being into a Knight of Light, they may however, choose their own destiny after ascending. This freewill later gave way to a split in power as the Ascended Ones later became known as Paladins and Dark Knights.

How'd this happen?
Long ago an ancient civilization prayed to the heavens for salvation from their oppressors. Their prayers answered, Neamhain descended upon them the ability to use the power of the cosmos to defend their civilization. However, this power was too much for them. Though the last enemy had fallen, the warriors still craved bloodshed. This later caused a separation of power as the ascended ones became corrupted, fighting each other for the challenge they desired. Fearing for the existence of the world, the goddess Neamhain hid the power, turning the civilization to ruin.

Centuries later, two siblings stumbled upon these ruins, rediscovering the ability to ascend. Wanting to use this ancient power to help the world, they formed the guild known as the Hero Band, recruiting worthy warriors to help bring order to the world but their views on how to use the power began to conflict.

Their will to fight for justice slowly became a struggle for control. Both desired to use ascension for the better of the world but each had a different method on its use. As time went on, their relationship soured creating heavy tension between them.

First beginning as a sibling feud, this rivalry turned into a full-fledged war waged against each other. When the war became, the Hero Band separated into two. Once lost in time, they revive two age old orders: The Centerfold and the Federation.

Who running things?
The two siblings: Lord Xeris and Tormenti.

After the split Lord Xeris, one of the founders of the Hero Band and brother to Tormenti, revived an ancient order from long ago. He is now currently running the Centerfold.((Xeris can finish this))

After the split Tormenti, one of the founders of the Hero Band and sister to Xeris, revived the Federation in honor of her original teacher, Val. Once good friends with Xeris, he disappeared 2 years before the split.

After the discovery of ascension, Tormenti became willing to use anything and anyone she could in order to take it for her side of the guild. Like Xeris, she wishes to use it for what she believes is the right way but they don't seem to see eye to eye.

The Ascended:
Shortly after separating, Tormenti and Xeris began recruiting and are now looking for potential people to become Ascended, the strongest warriors in all of the guild.

Before a person can become an ascended one, they must go to the Ancient Ruins and complete a special quest, proving they are worthy. Once finished, they will receive a special message and a promise ring showing their alignment (Silver for Paladin and Gold for Dark Knight). The ascended individual must wear this ring and keep the message for future identification and for organization reasons.

Note: The alignment (Paladin or Dark Knight) of the person is decided after ascension. ALL ASCENDANTS start off as Paladins however, they are able to choose whether or not to stay as Paladins or to become Dark Knights.

Warning: Once you have ascended or become a Dark Knight, there's no turning back. You're stuck that way. The only known way to lose ascension is to request goddess Neamhain to remove it. This can be deadly as all fatal wounds acquired prior and during ascension are opened after losing the power. Why is this? Aether cancels negative effects and reverses ailments within an ascendant AS LONG AS it is present within his/her body.

The Ascended Factions
Centerfold - Paladins
Federation - Dark Knights

However, despite them being called paladins and dark knights, their armor is custom to themselves and wont have a default color to show their side. They only emit an aura that only other Ascendants can see which will identify if they are good or bad.

After a person has ascended, they are given a silver ring (This ring later turns gold when they have become corrupted and turned into a dark knight). This ring is the source of their power and is soulbound until death. But being that an Ascendant is immortal, it is impossible for someone to steal this ring. When an Ascendant is released from ascension or passes on, the ring fades into the soul and is now apart of them forever.

Each ring, once acquired, is labeled with a roman numeral from 1 to 99. The first 10 were originally given to the first Ascendants who were later erased with their civilization.

-List of Known Ascendants-
1. Sir Arcelindo the Great - Unknown
2. Sir Ree Thatcher - Paladin
3. Sir Bryan Vain - Paladin
4. Madam Ashley Vain - Paladin
5. Madam Brianna Chase - Dark Knight
6. Sir Marcus Dragonwolf - Paladin
7. Sir Roland Gray - Dark Knight
8. Sir Brent Lorem - Dark Knight
9. Sir James Devora - Paladin
10. Madam Jane of Light - Paladin

Number 100 is said to be the strongest knight to ever exist. Legend has it that he will be the commander of the holy army. Upon his rebirth, there will be a great light in the sky declaring that the new king has been born. When the demons of hell break free to wreck havoc upon the world, he will reunite the two factions in the greatest army to have been witnessed as he raises his sword high into the air and calls upon the people of the world to fight in the greatest war Gaia has ever seen.

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Community Member

Fri Jul 30, 2010 @ 01:03am

Welcome _____.

Neamhain, Goddess of Light, has blessed you with a great gift. You have ascended your form to higher glory. You are now an Ascendant, a Knight of Light and Warrior Beyond Life and Death.

User Image

"Prepare for battle, great knight. For this is a war of not just good vs evil but a battle in the great fight between life and death itself.
Choose your path wisely, for it will determine the fate of the world."

Community Member

Mon Aug 09, 2010 @ 10:28am

God Cry Technique:
Focus - The fighter concentrates a certain amount of aether energy into a direct point, whether within or outside their body. If the amount of aether is too much, the object explodes.
Flash Cannon - Forms an orb of aether energy that violently repels anything it touches.
Dark Copy - Forms a near solid aether copy of the fighter.
Dragon Cero - The fighter focuses aether into their palm and releases it into a large beam of destruction.
King's Bolt - The fighter fires a bolt of aether that shock's the target to the core, exploding it from the inside out.
Heaven's Hand - The fighter gathers the aether around them and concentrates it into a dead target, reviving them.
Spacial Judgment - The targeted area is sealed off and imploded.
Neo-Ascendant - The fighter gathers a high amount of aether and accelerates their body, pushing to higher limits.

Community Member

Thu Sep 09, 2010 @ 02:28am

Here lies the record of the original ten knights. It was them who started the war on true evil. After their death, their power became one with Arcelindo as he braved the darkness of his civilization to create a future for the land of Rankor.

1. "Sir Eno" Arcelindo the Great - Unknown *Hidden deep within the sealed ruins: Only Eno shall destine it*
2. "Sir Nathan" Reed Thatcher - Fire *Fell to the earth in Night Fire Town*
3. "Sir Gaea" Bryan Vain - Earth *Center of Destiny to Ruin*
4. "Madam Zepha" Ashley Vain - Wind *Within the Airship Rankor*
5. "Madam Posey" Brianna Chase - Water *Atlantis*
6. "Sir Lifegiver" Marcus Dragonwolf - Life/Star *World of ruin: Only Shard knows*
7. "Sir Corrupt" Roland Gray - Darkness *The Federation*
8. "Sir Looming" Brent Lorem - Mind *Town of Night Fire: Only the Librarian knows*
9. "Sir Death" James Devora - Death/Ruin *The World of Ruin: Only Void knows*
10. "Madam Jane of Light" - Light *The Centerfold*

After the rebirth of Arcelindo, the way of ascension was sealed within the original ten. Now only the 10 rings still exists as evidence of the lost civilization.

It is said that if one gathers all 10 of the rings, they gain the power of the original Eno, strongest being to ever exist.

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