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My definition: an over used word used to explain feelings unexplainable to a person or object.

One of the most over used words in the English language, and yet no one knows its ACTUAL definition. In my opinion its actual definition is nothing but a person's own opinion. Because if you think about it , everyone expresses their love in different ways. Some with money,some with affection, with meaning,material goods,emotions,writing,art, whatever. so many expressions of it in so many different ways, the true definition can't possibly be just one. It is nothing but an opinion of the human mind, and how they try to express it.

But when you actually reach a state of consciousness to where you realize you have found your true meaning the feeling is unexplainable to any other. The derogatory term known as "love" has just clicked in your mind ,and you reach a sudden euphoric state of mind, as you ponder and think about new theories and possibilities that await for you around the next corner of life. This milestone can only be achieved by those who have SOMEONE or SOMETHING to spark a light in the deep recesses of your mind, where feelings like this are often repressed, or clouded by some sort of false infatuation. Once that light is sparked then you just travel down the cave and see what's ahead..... but here's the actual question(s) you need to think about....

"do i want to know what's ahead?"
"will i be able to handle it, carefully, if/when i find it?"
"is this necessary for ME to be traveling down this cave if i have no purpose being here?"

~this is merely my opinion, and i know this is touchy for other people considering that every one has different experiences.... i'm not trying to offend nor bash nor change minds with this.... i was having a critical thinking moment and during these times i like to document my thoughts....

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Quiet Misty Morning
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Aug 14, 2010 @ 05:47am
I completely agree. =)

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