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Rants and Raves
SO I've been really listless lately. I've been feeling like no matter what I do, I can never achieve my dreams

and of course my dreams have to be weird rolleyes crazy black chick wants to be a librarian/fashion designer/metalsmith MAKE UP YOUR MIND

well, I think I have.

I'm choosing the metalsmith!

and you know what, the plan for this is pretty awesome.

There's a kind of craft community center esque thing near me that teaches a beginner and intermediate jewelry and metalsmithing class, and it's only $200! So, I'll do that, then when I'm making enough money in whatever, I'll move to Athens (about 5 hours away from home) and go to Uni of Georgia which just so happens to have a Fine Arts Degree in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and it just so happens to be one of the top 50 schools to get such a degree...it will be scary moving from home but eh, I'm 22 ******** years old it's time to MAN UP lol. my main problem is money but I'm thinking I can get in some jewelry competitions or something for scholarships and also maybe find a nice touristy area there and find a few stores willing to sell my pieces on consignment...

SCAD has one but ******** SCAD (if you can, NEVER go to a tech/for profit school they are shitty and honestly, don't give a ******** about you. The teachers there are all the ones that FAILED at their degree...that's why they are teaching, hurrr durr. at a traditional university, of course professors are held to a higher regard than one at devry or westwood; these schools have a longer history and community roots...in fact, if I was in the position of someone with a business and I had to hire people, I wouldn't think about hiring someone from for profit schools, at least not long term.anyway; they are fresh out of a shitty school and wet behind the ears NO THANKS

I digress...

I mean, sewing is cool and all and it would be easier for me to get into that field, but I won't have the same passion for it as I would for jewelry making and I've been wanting to do metal work for a while smile I mean, all I have to do is work my a** off, get my work on the necks of some of these rich a** ghettotards and I'm in!

and then, get my masters at uni and the real work begins

starting my own REAL accessory line! Like, making pieces specifically for fashion shows...working for actual fashion lines...making amazing s**t that costs 5k+ plus EVERYDAY

and I'll be one of the few black sister's doing it.

it's not fair that what I want to do with my life just so happens to be really ******** hard to get into

but if the lousy rich a** %1 of the population doesn't play by the rules, I don't see why I have to.

and that's my 5am rant for today!

later today:

-repair my boss's necklace
-make another hat
-work on some 4th of july s**t (including a hat for myself WOO HOO FIREWORKS)
-post more on etsy ugh

oh yeah here's my etsy BUY SOMETHING lol


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