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The World Of Rainbows
People of the world hailed down to Asteria. The world of Rainbows. The Asterians Welcomed the stranded humans of a dead world. The Apocalypse had destroyed the innocents homes. The Asterians would only welcome the pure. Elainee being one and the youngest. Alan being the oldest of the pures. Aster the oldest of the Asterians. Cole the youngest of the Asterians. They were all young and would find who was destroying the worlds...

K I submitted this into the writing Arena and got 3.3/5!So far...it went down sad
I might continue this. I just randomly started writing on tektek.org and I decided to submit this. My imagination is getting better and better lol heart heart heart whee 4laugh

[Update] 1 biggrin

Chapter 1:Annabelle

Elainee woke up that day. The Sun was a dull orange you could barely feel any heat. Beside her was Alan, her cousin. Something had happened to Earth, but she couldn't remember. Her family was taken away from her a long time ago. So it didn't matter to her that Alan was the only family she had. She sat up and looked at her surroundings. The trees looked like they were burnt, but the ground wasn't scorched. The sky was covered in clouds, and a drizzle of rain,or what seemed to be rain, fell from the sky slowly. There were a few other kids around her. Considering Alan was the oldest the other children were quite young. Alan was 16 and Elainee was 12.

[Update] 2 (still on chapter 1)

Since Alan was the oldest he was the only one "mature" enough to be our "leader". The reason for my sarcasm is because...Well Alan doesn't really take this position seriously. Actually our system was created by me, so of course Alan doesn't want to listen to me and my "stupid" rules -_-, because I'm younger than him. I stood up and almost hit my head against the ceiling. Now I'm not a super tall giant or anything, it's just the room is fairly small. Of course I made some noise getting up. It was something like,"Oh Sh--!" Fortunately none of the children woke up, except for a little girl. She was rubbing her eyes. She looked at me, and started tip toeing towards to me, avoiding all the children around her. When she finally got to me I saw how she actually was. She had rounded blue eyes, wavy blonde hair that went to her knees, and a little black headband.She wore a cute little plaid dress. All in all she was very cute.(I'LL SHOW PIC AFTER) She stared up at me with her big blue eyes and said,

[Update] 3
"Are you my Auntie?" I didn't know how to answer her 'cause I didn't know much of my family. It was possible she was my niece. I answered, "Do you know your aunt's name?" She looked down. I saw that she was holding a little cat plushie, and a card was attached to it. She held it up."Read it pwease..." she said softly. I knelt down and looked at the card. There were rainbows on it covered in glitter. I noticed two small figures. Each at one end of the rainbow. The little girl sat down and gave me the cat plushie. I opened the card and started reading it. It said,"Dear my little Annabelle, I'm sorry we had to leave, but if you find your Aunt she will help you find me. Love, Emmy." I closed it. So she was trying to find someone who left her. "Is your name Annabelle?" She nodded. "Well Annabelle-" The little girl suddenly grabbed the plushie away and turned the card over. There was a small and faded picture. I looked at it. Well it did look a little like me, but it could be anyone,I thought.

[Update] 4 Chapter 2 It Wasn't a Dream (Alan's POV-point of view)

I am so tired! Wait is that talking? Elainee? Who's that other person...a child? My eyes fluttered open. I sat up and squinted at the little figure beside my cousin. "Gosh! Could you guys talk a little quieter!" I scolded. Suddenly kids started to wake up. They all got up and started hugging me. "Hm...maybe you should be quieter. At least we didn't wake up the kids." Elainee replied smugly. "Yea, yea..." I muttered. "Okay ya' guys! Get offa me!" I exclaimed. They all sat down and stared at me. Like they were waiting for me to do a magic trick or something. I looked around more, the room we were in looked like a small basement. I didn't really remember what had happened. All I remembered was green orbs were floating around, and I was hiding with some kids. I remembered noticing a green orb floating towards a tree and it immediately became burnt..."Alan?" I looked back down and it was Elainee.
[Update] 5 (Elainee POV)
I stared at Alan. He was spacing out a lot now.
I asked, " Hey do you remember what happened?"

"What? Oh you don't remember?" He answered.

"Uh no..." I said pouting.

"Oh yea you hit your head..."


He covered his ears, "Sheesh, what's the big deal!"

"Oh I don't know maybe I'm scared of becoming as stupid as you!"

He just looked at me with one of his eyebrows raised. "You're kidding aren't you." He finally said. "Maybe", I said sitting down in front of him. The kids around him had gotten up and started to play tag, they were short enough not to hit their head against the ceiling. I really didn't know what happened and I was scared, because of that. "I think it's best you didn't remember anything." Alan said looking away. "Was it that bad?" I said looking at him with concern in my eyes. "...I don't really know." He said looking back at me. What! He didn't know! Maybe he was stupid...After about 10 minutes I finally said, more like screamed, "What do you mean by that!? You were there! Why would you tell me that I shouldn't remember these things!? When you don't even remember? This is important!" None of the kids seemed to pay attention to us. "I don't know it just seems like a dream to me."He answered calmly. "A dream? Does this look like a dream!?" I said holding both of my hands out. "Well then I guess it isn't..." He said again.

[Update]6 Chapter 3:Visitors? (Annabelle's POV)

I guess they didn't know that I was still sitting behind Auntie...was it Elainee? Yea that was it. I flinched when I heard Auntie Elainee yell...but she quieted down after a while... I peeked from behind Auntie Elainee and noticed a older guy talking to her. "Hi..." I said quietly as he looked at me. "Uh...hi?" he said back awkwardly. "Oh yea! This is Annabelle she's looking for someone...who left" Auntie Elainee told the guy. "Oh..Well hey Annabelle. I'm Alan" This time he said with a smile. I looked at his hand then at his face then at Auntie Elainee. "Hello Uncle Alan!" I said with a smile on my face. "Hehe Alan is fine." He said chuckling. "Auntie Elainee is that fine?" I asked.

[Update]7 (Elainee's POV)

confused confused confused sad confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused sweatdrop

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