Wow,.... It's been FOREVER since I've put in a journal entry and now that I notice it, my entries are pretty stupid, I was a little younger when I posted those so ignore the randomness. I'm still very hyper and stuff I have just matured a bit. XD
So here's the deal, I Do art, send me a PM for a request, I DO have a Facebook but only the people who actually know me ( And aren't reading this randomly cause' they have nothing better to do.) can add me, If you want to check it out here's a link:
And so, I will start a YouTube series with a friend of mine, her name is xxmidnight_thornxx ( She is on my friends list.)
if you want to meet her but check on the entries anytime soon to get the link once its started, okay? It will come this summer and will be posted every few days so look forward to it. Thank you!! And I love you.(even if I REALLY DON'T know you, its fine, I love you too.)