I've been looking for steady work for months now, and so far nothing.

Bills are piling up and I don't have the money to pay them all. The commissions I've been given to do have helped, but it's still not enough to pay everything I need to. If anyone knows of any genuine online work, especially illustration/art jobs, I could use the work. Times are hard for a lot of people, I know, but if I don't at least try to make use of the resources available to me I would just be making things more difficult and I'd never get out. I'm not looking for charity, just paying work.

So as a personal 'Stimulus package', wink I'm offering sketch commissions for $5 and color digital sketch commissions for $20.

Follow this link for more info: http://neemeister.deviantart.com/journal/31165240/

This is a recent commission:
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