"Girl [Much To Be Seen]"
by R. J. Spring

She takes off her glasses
Only on her own
It's she who's makin'
Her blind.
Taking what she used to know
Can't have what she's been
Longing to Find.

An' she ain't selfish
An' she ain't mean
To me she is the best.
But she can't view what beauty
There's to be seen
She's treating herself like the rest.

It ain't fair to you, young girl,
Why you gotta play like this?
Stabbing your eyes you don't expect to cry
You've gotta stop balling your mind-mattered fist.

For you can't explain no more
For you can't feel this pain no more
Claiming wanted actions are short from
Logical ways.
It's been bitin' you so long, for all those
Many days.

All looks bleak ahead for this girl
This lady who doesn't see anymore.
She's wearing blinders like a horse
Seein' the black ahead and not the good
That's aside her.
I can't tell what goes along
But something here is going on
And I can't say it ain't me
And I gotta say that honestly
I wish I could abide her.

And girl there's much to be seen
Don't be the moon
It's not as serene
As ya'd think.

And girl there's much to do
You can't go walkin', walkin'
Down that street.

Girl you got much to be
Put it out, not all in
Please listen to me
Listen, listen
To you.
Listen to you.