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Name: Vyatris M. Silverberg
Eye Color: Light Blue
Weapon:Twin Fang: Light blue katana, hones the essence of ice, emits a blue aura when being fought with. Poison Osufune: A longer katana normally used more often, etched with poison, and deadly to the touch.
Armor:Assassins outfit, In town he wears plated armor, without his left shoulder gaurd.

Special Abilities: Shining Oath, Night Shadow

Elemental traits: Known to use the elements of ice and fire, his greater knowledge of the elements is unknown.

Basic life info: Born in an age of warfare, Vyatris was immediately put into training under Commander Beatrix Laforj, one of the best sword users in the land, she often called him her golden student, because he quickly learned the techniques needed to survive, In his training he grew fond of his friend named Addison, they both served under their lord Jonathan, a sweet lord, Vyatris grew fast, becoming the best of his group alongside Addison, however Addison had been banished.

Vyatris was giving the Title Vyatris the Twin Lance, for his bravery in the War of Tempests, where he fought many to protect his Lord Jonathan, in success he gained many injuries, while healing he studied under elven kind learning many spells, this made him even more deadly, eventually he became the right hand of the royal family he served, hunting down and slaying the traitors, brutal in his efforts and very arrogant.

Vyatris is one of the few who bear the Royal family Seal, only those close to the family or loyal enough gain the privalige, of having this, they said the closer it is to your heart.. the closer you are to the family you serve, Vyatris's was on his left shoulder, right above his heart, 2 lances crossed side by side, and 2 dragons fighting ferociously above them.

Storyline:Serving his new lord Lord Uvan Irvass, he hunts down the traitors of the royal family, his old Lord Jonathan now in "Early Retirement" cut off from his rightful place, now living in a small hut, Vyatris finds himself at an impass continue following this wretched Lord, or turn traitor, on his most recent hunt, he found an odd lady figure, weilding a bow with great precision, she didn't look too familiar from afar, however up close he recognizes the face, and is immediately stunned, the top head on the wanted list, Addison was hiding in the quest village of Mordic, In order to warn her of the coming troops, he takes her inside a small inn and informs her of the tyrany of his new Lord, immediately warriors knock at the door and demand the traitors, the two are Vyatris's loyal guard, and have to bring him back under the title of "Traitor" he goes without say, only sighing and informing them he's doing so to stop the bloodshed, after he's put into his cell, Addison rescues him, claiming the two would've let him go anyways, they then set off to find Jonathan.

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