Hello people who read my journal. I was lying, I am 13. If I wasn't 13, then I couldn't join, right? So, I was lying. SORRY!! sweatdrop Today I will try and figure out how to give items away becasue I don't know how to YET. But I will soon! Also, can someone check out my profile becasue I was on this for only 3 days and I did soooooooooooooo much within 3 days. I live on the computer. smile Oh and anyone who gives hate comments : talk2hand Yeah that's right! Talk to the hand!!! I am funny. rofl but I'm also mean twisted DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN. That was supposed to be scary music. sweatdrop I can be mean. Ready, sometimes I tell my brother... he's weird! rofl I know I am such a bad girl. No seriously, that wasn't me being mean and I'm pretty sure you don't want to see me mean. Oh and one more thing. If you're wondering I'm not emo, or goth, or a jock, or a spock, and I am NOT a prep. Me and my friends, in school we are always making jokes and laughing, so I guess we are called joke peoples? IDK. biggrin QUESTION OF THE DAY!!!! What are you? Are you a goth, a spock, a jock, emo , a prep? Or are you non of those and had to make up a name like me! wink CYA