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Skulladder's Random Thoughts :P
This is where I write down things about myself, or lines from stories i've written, or just about anything i feel like. :P
The Fallen 6.1
Matt grabbed a magazine off the table beside him. He glanced up and saw Jewel sitting completely still on the other side of the waiting room. Leo was sitting beside her, trying to comfort her. Skyler was reading and Nathan was watching TV. Matt decided to continue reading.
The scent of coffee and donuts filled the room as a woman who had just been to the café walked in. She had a huge tray of frosted jelly donuts that smelled amazing. They reminded everyone of how hungry they were.
“Matt,” Jewel called.
Matt stopped reading and looked up. “Yeah?” he replied.
“What time is Jake’s operation?”
“About ten minutes from now I think…” he rubbed his head and set his arm back on the chair.
“Ok,” Jewel said. She swallowed hard and stared down at the tan carpet. What if something went wrong?
A few minutes later, Matt set down his book and walked over to where Jewel was sitting. He gave her a hug. “Want to go get a donut?” he asked.
She nodded, and Nathan agreed to come, too. Skyler and Leo stayed in the waiting room. The three of them walked out into the hall and towards the café.
“I hope he’s ok…” Jewel said quietly.
“He’ll be fine,” Nathan comforted, “He won’t feel a thing because he’ll be asleep the whole time.”
“Yeah,” Matt added, “And once he wakes up we can go see him.”
Jewel tried to smile, but she couldn’t.
They finally reached the café at the end of the hall. Matt waited in line to get the donuts for everyone, while Jewel and Nathan found a small round table to sit down at.
“Jewel… he’ll be fine… don’t worry,” he told her.
“How do you know?!” she snapped, “What if he bleeds all over the place? What if he wakes up when they’re still doing the operation? What if he doesn’t wake up!? What if he DIES!!!?”
“Jewel, calm down, he won’t die!” Nathan said, “He’s tough!”
“But he looked awful,” Jewel cried, “All that blood… all that pain! He seriously looked dead!”
“The doctors are going to fix that!”
“How do you know?” she burst into tears and put her head on the table. A few people turned around and looked at her.
About three minutes later, Matt came back with the donuts. “Hey, are you ok?” he asked, looking at her smeared eyeliner and pale face.
“I guess…” she said. Everyone just sat there not talking or eating.
Jewel looked down at her donut. It smelled delicious, but she had no appetite whatsoever. “Thanks, Matt…” she said. She felt horrible that she wasn’t hungry, but at least she wasn’t the only one. Matt only had a bite, and Nathan picked a few sprinkles off the top.
Jewel also felt bad about snapping at Nathan. All he had tried to do was help.
“Its 11:20…” Matt announced, “They just put him to sleep…”
Jewel wished he didn’t say it like that.
Nathan took a bite of his donut. So did Matt. Jewel stood up and turned towards the door.
“Where are you going?” Matt asked with a mouthful of food.
“To see Jake,” she replied.
Nathan grabbed her hand so she couldn’t go. “They won’t let you in…” he said. Jewel sighed. This was too hard for her to take.
After two long hours of waiting, a doctor notified Jewel that Jake’s operation was over. She followed him up the elevator.
“He’s about to wake up any minute,” the doctor said with a smile. Surprisingly, Jewel smiled back. They walked to the room where Jake was at, and then the doctor left them alone.
Jewel put her hand on Jake’s forehead. She looked down at him. He seemed so peaceful when he was asleep, despite the fact that his arms were covered in stitched up cuts. She stayed at his bedside and waited for him to wake up.
Jake opened his eyes. Everything seemed a little blurry. He sat up and looked around the room, and then at Jewel. “Hey,” he said and smiled, “Where is everyone?”
“Nathan, Matt, Skyler, and Leo are all in the waiting room… I’m not sure where the doctor went.”
“Damn, all of them came here… for me?” Jake sounded surprised.
“Of course! Me, Skyler, and Leo even took Mr. Jones’s car,” Jewel told him.
“What!!? But you’re gonna be in so much trouble for that! I feel horrible… this is all my fault…” Jake sighed and looked across the room at the door.
“Don’t feel bad…” Jewel said.
Jake tried to sit up. “Dammit I’m still hooked up. I wanted to kiss you…”
“You can still kiss me… just hang on a second,” Jewel said. She leaned down and kissed him. He pulled her in closer and they started making out… until the doctor walked in on them.
Jewel instantly turned around. The doctor had a mixed expression on his face. “Sorry if I interrupted anything, but this is… um… important,” he cleared his throat, “Let’s get you unhooked.” He began carefully pulling the tubes out of Jake’s arms. “Your friends should be on there way up here. Do you have a parent?”
Jake shot a glance at Jewel. “Yeah…” he replied.
“Is he here at the hospital? He has to pay for the bill,” The doctor said.
Jake almost choked. He forgot all about that. “Uh… he’s not here…”
“Does he even know that you’re in the hospital?” The doctor’s voice became stern.
“N…no?” Jake squeaked out the word.
Nathan walked in at the perfect time. He heard the doctor ask for Jake’s dad’s phone number.
“What’s the number?” the doctor asked.
“I don’t know!” Jake said.
“You don’t know your own father’s phone number? That’s hard to believe,” the doctor was losing his patience.
“Jake, just give him the number,” Nathan sighed. Jake reluctantly wrote down the number on the sheet the doctor provided. Then, the doctor grabbed the phone off the wall and called Jake’s dad.
Jake sat there and made no noise whatsoever. He felt sick to his stomach. Why did his dad have to pick up?
“Hello, sir, this is Dr. Richardson from Port City Medical Center. Are you the father of Jacob…?”
“Jake’s there!? I’m on my way!” Dad didn’t even let the doctor finish his sentence.
“He sure is, just had stitches too. Don’t be too hard on him; he’s still in a little pain.”
“I won’t, at least not until we get back home. Then he’s a dead man.”
Jake’s dad hung up. Then the doctor rolled his eyes at Jake. “Stay in here,” he ordered, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
The doctor walked out of the room just as Skyler, Matt, and Leo walked in.
“Jake!” Matt said as he ran in, “Jake, oh my God you’re going to die!”
“Well that’s comforting right after you’ve had surgery...” Jake said sarcastically.
“Your dad’s going to be really pissed off about this!!!”
“I know!” Jake said. He sighed.
Leo walked over and looked at his stitched up cuts. “I hope you feel better,” he said.
“Thanks,” Jake replied. He scooted over to make room for Jewel to sit beside him. She hugged him and squeezed his hand.
Skyler joined the group standing over by the bed. He saw Jewel and Jake holding hands and felt anger build up inside him. It showed through his expression.
Nathan noticed. “Hey, Sky, you ok?”
Skyler instantly smiled and turned around to face him. “I’m ok… just thinking about stuff… I get mood swings sometimes,” he lied. He tried to cover his anger up as much as he could.
At least Jake and Jewel didn’t notice. He was too busy being happy with Jewel. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jewel and Jake kiss. It wasn’t long, but it was still awful. Skyler tried to think happy thoughts.
“Do you think you’ll feel okay enough to go to Rebecca’s party tomorrow night?” Jewel smiled at Jake.
“Oh yeah,” Nathan said, “I forgot all about that!”
“Dude, how can you forget about a Partay?” Matt said. He put emphasis on the end of his statement. Nathan shrugged.
“I’m sure I’ll feel great. Even right now I don’t feel too bad,” Jake told Jewel.
“Ok, that’s awesome,” Jewel said, “I’ll call Rebecca when I get home.”
“Is Allie going?” Skyler asked. Leo looked over at him and smiled.
“I guess we can invite her,” Jewel said.
Jake rolled his eyes. “I hate that slut,” he spat, “and she probably hates me.”
Nathan laughed. “Remember when she made fun of me, you, and Matt, and you cussed her out and we all went to detention?”
Jake and Matt laughed too. “She deserved it,” Jake said.
Skyler didn’t like Jake at all for that.

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