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ONE DAY I CRIED /emo whine b***h
And yes, oh my God, the Billy Mays button is off! There is a God!

4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh

I'm Chey(enne) Elizabeth. I'm 16, and from a small Southern Ohio village (Seriously, it's listed as a village).
I'm about 5'3, 135 pounds, 36DD tits (lolSTFU), really pale skin (I rarely get tans, it's hard for me to), my hair is a deep brown/red color and wavy, my eyes are a very deep green (my left has a yellow smudge).

I'm a very serious kid, though yes, obviously if you've seen my posts and comments before, I have a very childish side. But a majority of the time, I take s**t too seriously and get offended constantly, start fights. But as of late, I've learned to not take s**t seriously and to laugh it off.

I don't much give a flying ******** about half the people I've come into contact with, and will show it. Whether it be online, or in real. I just don't care, and I'll let you know. Though I can be pretty nice, I tend to come off as a rude b***h. Which I am, no lies. Just my nice side tends to be overlooked for s**t I've done/said in the past.

I curse a lot, it's embarrassing. But I was raised by parents who curse like, in every other sentence, though they tried to raise be to not be like that. But ******** you, mom and dad, you rubbed off on me.

I'm a huge puss. Seriously, any pain at all, and I'll be on the floor, rolling around, kicking and screaming in pain. I tend to wimp out a lot when I'm fighting with someone and be the one to end the fight, despite wanting badly to just wail on their face. I have little self control, and tend to punch walls when I'm really upset, then whine for 20 minutes about how my fist aches. I yell at everyone, and don't take well to loud sounds, so obviously don't handle being yelled back at well. I'm all in all very childish in that sense.

I get annoyed with total morons easily. One petpeeve I can not handle at all is when people phrase every thing as a question, like, 'I GUESS?' or 'I DON'T THINK?', or putting, 'no?' at the end of sentences. It's really ******** annoying, and makes you seem like an a*****e. Another peeve is people who think they're a ******** cat. Like, the people who go, 'NYUU?' and say, 'I'M SUPER CAT LIKE, I AM SO A REAL LIFE CAT GIRL'. No you aren't, you're some dumb b***h with a fetish for men ******** cats. And one that is just annoying is people saying music is their life. STFU, no it isn't, you would so ******** survive without your s**t music.

What little music I do like is J-pop. Which is sad, I know. I only like the music done by chicks with like, ******** whistly high voices. Like Perfume, Ai Kago, the Utauloids Teto and Luka, Aya Matsuura, Pink Lady, and just Morning Musume in general. I think it's the high pitches and really quick beats that I love so much. And I just have a total love with cute things. I admit, it sounds really annoying, but it also is just something that sounds really lovely to my ears.

I love video games. I like some anime. I watch little TV, but what I do watch is Family Guy, ATHF, and s**t on the history channel, or animal planet.
Games I really like (love) are Pokemon, Harvest Moon, and the Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak. I also liked Disgaea 1/2/DS, Final Fantasy 9, Tales of the Abyss (beat the living ******** out of), Rune Factory Frontier, Tales of Legendia, Wild Arms 3, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (beat the ******** out of, too), Tales of Eternia, Animal Crossing.
Animes I love are Haruhi Suzumiya, Kanon 2006, Air TV, Toradora!, Hanamaru Kindergarten, and Kuchu Buranko. I like comedies/drama, obviously. I also enjoyed Full Metal Alchemist, PainPoni Dash!, Kamichu!, Cromartie High School, The Gokusen, Full Metal Panic! Overload, and Happy Lesson.

I tend to be blunt, am told I'm ignorant, I'm rude without noticing, I'm extremely apologetic, too forgiving, tend to think of all bad possibilities first, very childish, selfish. I can also be very uplifting and happy, bring you up when you're down, don't like to see people I care for upset, like to make people giggle at my expense, giving when I feel the need, a comforter. I'm not all bad, though it appears I do have some pretty lame personality aspects. I just hope people on here, and some in real, will look through those bad qualities, try helping me get over them, and all in all, realize the good inside of me.

I'm not a virgin. I'm proud I'm not. Because I've found someone I care deeply for. I don't know, maybe it's puppy love, but then again, what I feel, it's deep. The boy I'm in love with (my version of love) is the most precious thing I've ever had. He cares most for me, puts me above himself, is essentially my slave. I'm so sure, if a semi was speeding towards me, he'd put himself on the line to save me. And I would for him. I may not be perfect, I'm far from it, but I think for eachother, in all our flaws, in our interests, in our fights, in our cuddling, in our long, pointless talks, in all my rants, that we truly are perfect for eachother. He has his many flaws, I mine, but I look past them. I see his cute, childish self, just like me. Enough about my little Cody. Rants about love interests get on my nerves, too, so I'm being a hypocrite right now. lol

I love cats. Hate dogs. FFFFFFFFF- dogs.

I like to think of myself as a princess. Being spoiled and all.

I live in a hillbilly town, everyone I know has this disgusting hic accent. But somehow, I don't. Though sometimes, one'll pop up out of nowhere, or I won't say G at the end of a word with 'ing'. Possibly because I grew up wanting to be a voice actress, and all the practice I've given myself killed the hic inside of me. I just simply sound like a normal girl, I think, my normal voice is rather pitchy and I pronounce most of my words.
Also, I can't stand hillbillies/rednecks. Especially the Republican ones. Well, most. They need to STFU, I don't give a flying s**t about your hate for Obama nor your want for whatever gun to be legalized.

I like to walk around during winter time. I adore snow. Though I get sick super easily. But ******** my health, snow! 4laugh Sledding~~
I hate summer. I hate swimming. I hate heat. I hate the smell of blooming flowers. I hate the sun in general. ******** that s**t.
I also hate fall. Dead leaves and the days getting short is not my thing.

I have a s**t ton of phobias. Being alone, bugs, spit, deep darkness, losing my balance, old people, being watched. Those are just a few.

I want to possibly work in child care when I get older. I'm working towards it by attending a school that has legit classes in it next year. I want to play with kids, plan fun little activities, all that cool s**t. I've worked for 2 days in a daycare before, for a class. I adored it, so much.
Also, if it's possible, I want to voice act. My voice would be the perfect voice for snooty little girl 4laugh

Thanks to the town I live in, there's like, s**t to do. I mean yeah, I'm sure I could find something, but if you were here for like, even a half hour, you'd see how little and dull my town is. So thanks to that, I don't go out much nor do I do many fun things. That's why I'm online so often. I want to move to an actual town, one that has like, stores or something, not a town with a McDonald's, like 5 gas stations, and a market, because that's all we have. Oh, and the lake. That our s**t gets dumped into. neutral

I like to talk a lot. I could talk your ears off. That is, if you start the conversation. I'm too shy to normally say something to someone I hardly know in real, so that means you have to have the guts to speak first, and be prepared for a long rant. I hate talking so much, sometimes it's pointless or doesn't make much sense. Embarrassing.

I also have something along the lines of stage fright. Just, minus the stage. If more than like, 5 people are around me, I can hardly speak. I mean, if it's in class and I'm reading aloud to the class, I'm fine with that. But if it me like, talking, my opinion and such, I just can't do it. I keep thinking I look like a tard. That they're thinking, 'WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS b***h', which they probably are, thanks to my scared look.

I'm lazy as hell. Seriously, like my mom says, 'I'M AMAZED YOU WIPE YOUR OWN a**!' Because I seriously am lazy. I have my mom pour my own pop. I have her bring me my dinner. Sometimes even put my socks on for me. Cody sometimes takes her place and does those things. I mentioned how I was spoiled, yeah?

I'm really touchy feely. I like grope people.

I take cleavage pics a lot. STFU, I got 'em, I'll show 'em off. I mean, yeah, sorry, but really, it's tits. Nothing to whine about.

I don't know what I believe in. I believe in God sort of, but not really a Christian God. But I also believe the big bang/evolution theories, because seriously, if you don't think we're related to monkeys, you're an idiot. Or just overly (in my opinion) faithful. But I do pray to God. I do believe there's someone beyond us, controlling us. I don't abuse him, and pray to him constantly for every little thing, but if I think it's really, truly important, I'll pray.

I'm all for womans rights. Want an abortion? ******** yes, I'll come with you when you get it. In fact, no matter how many times before I'm at least 25 that I get pregnant, I will have an abortion. I'm not walking into no baby drama. LOLWUT

I can be open minded, but not often. I mean, I jump to conclusions a ******** lot. Like with gays and other races, I couldn't care less. But like, beliefs or ideas, well, I can be rather opinionated.

I love to draw. I mean, I have flaws in my art. But I'm good. You don't think so? Too bad, I'll keep drawing. I draw anime style. I don't do the huge, retarded eyes, but I do the giganto tities. redface I'm also still practicing proportions, but lately, they've been rather good. Also got to get better with dudes. So. 4laugh I don't think I want to pursue art, though.

I like to wear cat ears. redface Mine are big and black with little golden bells.

I'm clumsy. Like, trip over my feet constantly. Or bump into walls. I'm an idiot.

I don't do my school work. That's another half of my being lazy. One teacher really likes me, treats me really well. And he wants me to do my work really badly. I keep wanting to, just it slips my mind or requires more effort than I want to invest.

I'm clingy. Like, follow like a step behind you, hold onto your sleeve constantly clingy. I don't like to be alone, as mentioned.

I'm a worry wart.

I like to act like an idiot sometimes. As in, like get a stick and have a mock sword fight in public. Or turn all the talking toys on in the toy isle, and run. Or talk in a baby voice to get some giggles.

I like to memorize parapara. Such as Hare Hare Yukai, Danjo, and Happy Happy Sunday.

I stripped on cam once for a girl. If you'd actually like to know why and hear the HILARIOUSLY STUPID ON MY PART story, do message me.

I seem to cause a lot of drama. I'm told it's all one-sided. That I'm an immature b***h and need to get over myself. NOTHX. I like myself. Get some balls, and don't provoke the drama. Either block me, or tell me you're now interested in my crap.

I don't know what else to say. This'll change, more than likely, frequently. I change a lot, go through many phases. I'm not an adult, hardly mature period. I'll probably go back and change this the moment I submit it and read over it.
Hope I mature with me and become a good person with me. 4laugh

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commentCommented on: Sun Feb 14, 2010 @ 03:06am
well rud or not need to say hello and holy sh!t you farted with your tits
but anyways peace

need more friends so if ya want peeps send a reply

commentCommented on: Thu Mar 11, 2010 @ 11:19pm
Stripping for a girl? TELL ME EVERYTHING! xd

I Hate Jared Underwood
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