on my previous entry i said that the colts wre going to win.well for any one who watched it ,i was wrong.the saints pulled thourgh 37 to 17.i cought the last 2 minutes or so.im really impressed with the saints,they were the under dogs.all the training they put in pulled off.i think the colts got a little cocky and said the didnt need to train and that they were undefetied.dont worry your pretty little heads,i could be wrong!!(to all u colts fans)if u can guess im not a fan of football.on E! i was watching a cermical(dont know why i was watching E! in the first place?!)they saying how kim k's boy friend,reggie bush(or whatever it is )is facing kendra's"hubby"/ husband,hank baskett(or however u spell it.probley when they met up after the game ,reggie was like "hey u have a show on E!" hank:"yeah and your on keeping up with the kardashions" reggie:"yeah" and so on.hope u had a great super bowl party because i didnt.not because it was sucky.just that we didnt have one.u may ask why im crisizing the super bowl.my answer cuz i can.yeah for the saints and sorry for all u colts fans.they put in alll the work for nothing.but dont be said u guys,at least they made it and they were undefied. pirate with heart always, emo chic