Hello... It's been a minute... have a lot of stuff on my mind. so.. here goes nothing i guess.

Pour acid in, eating away at my skull
The cup is half-empty, the cup is half-full
Blood, sinew, organs everywhere
Someone's calling my name over there
Shove a white-hot sword into me
The blood starts pouring, I'm finally free
Go ahead, rip my eyes from their sockets
I've seen too much, it's time to stop it
Fire away at anything that moves
Time isn't stopping, I've got nothing to prove.
Bolts of electricity shooting inside and out
You came to see it, right? Don't start to pout.
The pain is unbearable, but I won't give in
I think my bones are ripping straight through the skin
Absorb my suffering, gorge on my pain
Don't stare too long, you'll make yourself sick again
Harder, I say, hit me harder
I really can't imagine why i even bother.
Eviscerate,crush, just rip me open
I'm not gonna run,I'm waiting, I'm hoping
Fragments of glass shoved into my mutilated lungs
Suspended in the air, I might just get hung.
I crave this pain, this detrimental need
Let's just go watch someone else bleed.
As the last vestiges of life run in rivulets out of my mangled frame,
I am on my final journey, meeting Death once again.

Yeah... that's all for now. see you all later.