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A Storyless Run
The tunnel stretched farther and farther from under my feet, Dark and wet with rigid stones pointing out in every angle, piercing the tight passageway. My feet hurt, but I have to keep running, I need to get away; I can stop... not now…

The whispers got louder… I shrugged. “They were getting closer……..”
I ran, so much faster than before. The tunnel grew smaller; my arms slashed through the sharp stones, spraying red fluid over the caverns, but this didn’t bother me... I had only to stay alive… they would find me without the blood anyway…

I ran, kept running, but soon, my body faltered and fell...I rolled far enough to get my entire dress drenched in liquid... The rigid stones didn’t help; I had cut and bruised myself so much that I was losing the ability to stand. There was a large opening in my left thigh, blood was running fast. I didn’t know what my face looked like now, but I knew that my midnight hair was red now… I wanted to stay, to just rest awhile... But I knew that I had to keep running, no matter what…

I was exhausted, battered and worn. Now, I had the figure of a small red doll… full of stitches, tiny and wet with blood... I don’t remember how long it took me to run and how long it had taken them to ambush me here…

I was moving, swaying in a rhythm of screeches and screams; Musicless and quiet. I spun; the blade in my hand sliced his neck, splashing blood onto my pearl face… The song of screams continued. Sparkling drops of blue filled my eyes and ran through my face, turning red instantaneously and disappearing into nothing... I kept dancing; my partners deep in red to this eerie song…

I fell, they were everywhere. I was on my last leg... I couldn’t move my arms, the song I was dancing to, stopped long ago. I dropped my knife and relaxed on the bare rock behind me… I remembered my purpose, my friends, my home, my contentment and anguish… And laughed……………………

A girl... She had long black hair, which swayed and flowed with the water... She had eyes which looked very much like Clouds in the winter sky; White with soft blue and painted with streaks of grey… She was beautiful, small and white… She looked so calm, floating with the river… washed with blood…..

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