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♫.:[Ando™San's Journal]:.♫ I like to write and vent. :)

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Donation List
Here's a list of people who donated to me. This is a long list so I took it out of my profile and put it into a link to here.

Donation List
Pakasith - Dreamer's Dust
Dark Halo Fairy - Horns of the Demon, Winged Anklets, Dark Halo, 450,000 Gold
Zentetsuken - Gimpi
Badgerkins - Fallen Wish and Water Meat Set
Andoh Panda - 5,000 Gold and CoCo Kitty Plushie
Morokea - Inks, 2k6 Candy Cane, Gwee the Dragon, Mochi the Puppy, Bun Bun Plushie, 10,000 Gold
Dash-Colon Ly Colon-Dash - Chyaku Norisu Scarf
Yummi Mochi - 2 Fortune Eggs and Infernal Spirit
Loki x Loki - 6,000 Gold
Angelhearte - Padmavati's Lotus, Death Whisper
Give Us The Horizon - 5,000 Gold
The Real Pyramid Head - 55,000 Gold
The Donner Party - 25,500 Gold
RainbowBustier - 90,000 Gold
Sneak-a-Peek - 10,000 Gold, Aquarium Fish, CoCo Catfish
Alextro Constellation - Trick or Treat Tote, Panda Plushie, Flamingo Plushie, Pink Bunny Slippers, Dark Ice
Cakeu-Chan - Fausto's Bottle, HamuHamu, Jellyfish, Spikey, Sharktooth, Mu Plushie
Frost Queen Proserpine - Aquarium Fish
Disabled Toy - Aquarium Terrains, Aquarium Fish
B e n z o l - Gift of the Gods, Scion Black Paint
Diamond Princess Ashley - Sven the Penguin, Dandidoodad Spore
Young London - Pora Ice, Fallen Wish 2nd Gen, Canary Yellow Pimpin' cane, Magician's wand, Fairy's wand, Gaia 2nd Anniversary Balloon
`Peas and Carrots - 40,000 Gold
n o t t e r g i n t e r - 4,000 Gold
r e d e s i g n e d ]- 10,000 Gold
Kagetsukai84 - White BunBun Plushie
in my Cupcake - Toothie Plushie
Scott_Mason - 50,000 Gold
elysion pedion - Emo Bag
Psyberian Husky - G9 Laptop
Feeds like Cancer - Oculus Mythica, 18,000 Gold
Bee was for Bumble - Superior Form
Sexual Harrassment Rhino - Oculus Mythica, 300,000 Gold
The Omni-King of Trolls - April 2009 Sealed Letter
N a z i k a m p f -2,467 Gold
Meniscus - Gimpi
ViET_iPOD-LUViiE - Chickie Scarf
Freki-geri - 42,800 Gold
Kitteh Blonk - 50,000 Gold
iN3nny - Devoted Pawn, Immaculate Bishop
The Omni-King of Trolls - 40,000 Gold
Jigglyjello - 19,903 Gold
Cake4Arisu - 75,000 Gold
Nerpin - Snow Feather, Oh My Gumball
Swine Flu Gonna Get You - Dark Ice
Gracesriot - Nomy the Snail
Anonymous Benefactor - Snow Witch, Jackster Wand, Fresh Grass Hat, Angelic Sash, Dark Ice
Macktastic Shagwell - 20,000 Gold
Sandwich Artist - 17,000 Gold
Smoothe Criminal - 30,000 Gold
TabbyMina - 170,000 Gold
Andykins - 45,000 Gold

Thank you guys so much! I absolutely love donations, and I will never sell donated items!

I will not donate to you if you ask me. I want my donations to be a surprise to the unexpected.
Also, when I do donate, I donate over 100,000+. That is why I do not donate often.

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