maki sat on her bed in her room she could hear the rain come down out her window she dident know why she was so bored but she was still recovery from her wounds from her father maki thout about the battle with her father and when stien had killed him she thanked stien the other day but stien was still the same with his insany isuses maki just keeped thinking about it her own insany was not as bad but it seemed nothing like that then heard a kock on makis bedroom door come in maki said star opend the door hey want to hang out? star asked maki looked behind star tammy was behind star its seems star could not get terra to wacth her little sister sure why not maki said getting up then grabbing her hoodie star looked over to maki who was holding her jounal any new picutres? star asked yeah one of james ill show u downstirs maki said then statred to walk out of her room u a great drawer maki san tammy said then giggled thanks maki said already downstaris seeing her mom and sprit albarn talking star and tammy came down your mom is still with makas dad? star said yeah they relley like eacth other maki said do i hear wedding bells tammy said out loud star glares at tammy mary blused its nothing like that tammy maki rolled heer eyes the 2 had been dateing for 3 weeks and had a kid togther so yeah they could get married if they wanted to but maki knew srprit was cheap even thou she did like him