Chapter 1
The night is silent. The air was cold as if evil was present, somewhere in the dark forest. The boy, probably 9 years of age was running, holding hands with a girl, probably the same age as the boy. They are being chased. The girl was bleeding on the shoulder. She was feeling like she was going to die. Even though they were going as fast as they can, the sound of thumping was growing louder and louder. They trip over something black and the size of a knife. As they stumbled up it was too late the thing that was following them was huge. The body was covered in fur. The head was not human but a wolf. The boy shook the girl seeing if see was still alive. She was, but barely. Looking at the thing he noticed it is not looking at him he tried to wake the girl.

He whispered, "Hey Myou, get up, wake up please wake up. We gotta keep going or we might... die" No response. Starring at the object he tripped on. He noticed the sharp looking edge of the rock. He felt a sharp pain on his foot. As he checked his foot, there was a small stain of red on his foot. The beast stared at him with eyes glowing like red rubies from the fiery pits of hell. Scared the beast grew closer and closer as the boy inch closer to the object. The beast notice what the boy was doing so he snapped at the boys hand grabbing the object that he was hopping to defend himself with. The boy was bleeding badly. He started to see blurs. The beast snapped again.

Yamato flew up in the bed. Gasping for air, shocked. The sun was raising. Thankful that it was only a nightmare. He got up and get ready fo school.