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“Well, if it isn’t Aida Thompson!” I turned at the strange, but familiar voice. I turned, and stared. It took me a moment to realize that yes; the person standing in front of me was indeed who I thought she was.
“Naideen!” I squealed, throwing my arms around her. I clung to her for several minutes, afraid to let go, lest she be a figment of my imagination. Ah, but I worried for naught, for when we parted she stood there, beaming at me, almost as I remembered her.
“What are you doing here?” I demanded as I looked her over.
She had matured over the last two years. She was still short as ever, but the baby fat had left her cheeks, and the freckles had faded, leaving just a few faded dustings across her nose. Her skin was a pretty tan, and her body had lost it’s padding, revealing a curvy teen underneath. She was dressed boldly, well bold for her at least. She wore light blue jeans that were tighter than the baggy jeans I remembered her wearing. Her shirt was a pretty blue blouse that was also tight, not slut-like, just fitting, with a slight scoop neck, and three-quarter sleeves. Stopping just above her neck-line, was a sliver necklace from which a half moon dangled. Her earrings matched. This led my eyes to travel to her once-brown hair, which was now almost platinum blond. Her hair was curled in fat curls that cascaded down her back, where I remembered her hair to be beautifully wavy. I wondered what caused the major appearance change.
“My mother got a new job, and so she moved here to be closer!” A bright smile was lighting her up, just as I remembered it to.
“Wow. I’m so glad. I haven’t talked to you sense I left.” My voice was still betraying my shock. I saw her eyes taking in my own changes.
“What happened to you, Aida?” Her voice was soft with confusion as she took in my Goth/Emo like look. I watched her take in the beat up Converse decorated in abstract art, my skinny jeans hugging every curve of my long legs, my tight black t-shirt advertising The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (my favorite band) just barely visible behind my black Element hoodie. I watched the surprise as she took in the dyed black hair and the heavy makeup that drew attention to my bright green eyes. I also watched her take in, with shocked horror, the stark paleness of my skin so unlike the dark tan she would remember me having. “You’re – you’re one of those emo freaks.” She didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, I knew, still, I couldn’t help but get a little offended.
“What’s wrong with that?” I asked her, my tone clearly indicating my offense.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I just can’t believe how much you’ve changed.”
“Losing everything can do that to you.” I murmured quietly. I could see her embarrassment, and I regretted the comment immediately.
“I know that must have been hard for you. I’m so sorry Aida!” A tear ran its course down her cheek, and I found myself comforting her.
“It’s okay; it’s not your fault.” I whispered to her, pulling her into a hug. She hugged my back, fiercely. After another moment we pulled apart. My eyes slid over her shoulder, and I spotted my best friend, Kaage.
The first thing anyone noticed about Kaage was how very intimidating he was. He was 6foot 5 to start with. He had ink black hair, dark skin that had most people believe he was mixed even though he wasn’t. He had wiry muscles and scarred hands that showed his history of violence. His eyes were my absolute favorite part about him, they were onyx, and framed by thick black eye lashes that gave him an exotic look. He was as close to perfection as I’d ever seen. He also dressed in entirely black, every day. The very next thing females noticed about him was his absolute gorgeousness. He was as close to perfect as human could be. He was literally tall, dark, and handsome. If it wasn’t for the fact that, before I cam along anyway, Kaage never dated anyone I might have had more trouble chasing off his female admirers when we made it official.
I saw raw fear flash through Naideen’s eyes as she ran her eyes up the length of him (she had turned to follow my gaze), it was the same fear that I had felt the first time I’d lane eyes on him. He was just so damn intimidating.
“Hey Kaage. This is Naideen. I believe I told you about her.” His gaze flicked to her for the first time. I saw surprise there, and I knew he was comparing her to the mental image I’d given him of her. “Naideen, this is Kaage.”
“Hi.” Kaage gave her a curt nod, his deep voice rumbling around us, wringing a smile from me.
“H-hello.” Naideen’s voice squeaked. The bell rang just then and Kaage and I started for our first period, leaving her standing there, dumbstruck.
“I was wondering where you were.” He murmured as we walked away.
“Yeah, I was headed out there when she called my name. I had no idea she was coming.” He stopped walking as we got to my classroom. Suddenly I was leaning against the wall, and he was starring at me we a wry smile. My eyes slid to the right, and, sure enough, Mrs. Crenshaw, the assistant principal was headed down the hall. Kaage leaned in, his lips claiming mine.
I forgot all about the noisy, crowded hallway as I kissed him back. He had an arm around my waist lifting me up, and my arms were wrapped tightly around his neck. I could feel every line of his body as he pressed against me, his free hand tangled in my long black hair. His tongue demanded entry, teasing at my bottom lip. I sighed, my lips parting expectantly. My tongue met his in a brief battle for dominance. He won, his tongue assaulting my mouth, warming me clear to my toes. Damn him. The cat calls and whistles from my surrounding peers were lost on me. All I knew were his hands and his lips.
“Kaage! Aida!” The sharp command shattered my bubble, and I turned my head to glare at Mrs. Crenshaw as I was set back on my feet by a grinning Kaage.
“Yes, Mrs. C?” He asked innocently.
“You know what, Mr. Wolfe, I’ve told you two time and again: No making out in the halls!” I giggled.
“I’m sorry Mrs. C. I’ll keep him in check from now on.” This was our routine. We went through it everyday, and had for the last year that Kaage and I had been the official couple of K.C McKinley High School.
She sighed. “You better. Now get to class.” I giggled again, and picked up my discarded bag from the floor. As soon as Mrs. C turned her back Kaage stole another kiss.
“See you later.” I nodded as he went across the hall to his class, allowing myself a small smile as I entered my own. I pulled the door closed behind me just as the bell rang and slid into my seat.
“Making out with Kaage again?” I glanced to my left where Jada was sitting, peaking at me with laughing eyes.
“Mmm, most definitely.” We both giggled.
Jada was the opposite of everyone else in her family. Her eyes were blue rather than green (her parents had thought they would turn green like the rest of the family, hence the name), her skin was pale rather than tan, she was short, thin in the extreme, and totally colorful. Her hair was platinum, her eyes outlined in obnoxious pink eye liner that was only slightly brighter than her eye shadow. A rainbow necklace matched the earrings and ring she wore. Her brand new Converse were covered in little tiny rainbows, and her pants were bright canary yellow, an offset to the back t-shirt she wore. Overtop she wore a purple and grey hoodie that she’d had for as long as I’d known her. She was Bi (she claimed to like guys too, but I suspected she was using that as a cover and was actually fully lesbian).
It was a few minutes before I was able to talk to her again, do to the teacher explaining our assignment. When we were able to resume talking, I told her about the sudden appearance of Naideen.
“I bet that was sooo awkward.” She murmured when I had finished.
“Definitely. We were good friends once, but somehow I doubt we have much in common anymore.”
“Yeah. So what’s she doin’ here anyway?” At that I shrugged.
“She says her mom got a new job and they moved so they would be closer.”
“Ladies!” A voice barked from behind us. We both jumped.
“Yes, Coach K?” I asked innocently, knowing perfectly well he wanted us to get to work.
“Stop chatting, and get to work on your assignment.”
“Yeah, yeah Coach, we got it.” Jada said with a sarcastic roll of her eyes. The teachers totally loved us. We had 5/8 classes together, and we talked through most of them, and yet, and yet we were still solid B students.
After that, we did less talking and more doing our work, though I still managed to here all about Jada’s newest love interest.
The class flew by after that, the bell startling the both of us.
"Anyway, I'll tell you the rest later." Jada said as we stood to leave. "See ya at luch!" She waved energetically, bounding down the hallway to one of her friends. I laughed, rolling my eyes.
Kaage, just like always, was leaning casually outside my classroom door.
"'Ello." I said cheercully as we begun our walk to the other end of the school where I had Spanish. He glanced down at me, an amused smile lighting his face.
"Somebody's in a good mood." I laughed.
"Well, you know Jade. She can put anyone in a good mood." He chuckled.
"Hey!" I glanced up in time to see a blur, and to feel a pair of arms arm tightly around me. "Why'd you just walk off this morning?" Naideen demanded as she relased me.
I shrugged. "Sorry." She smiled, having already fogiven me. Something never change.
"What do you have next?" I asked, reluctantly making conversation. I would have prefered to talk to Kaage.
"Uuuummm," she glanced down at her schedual. "Spanish. With Mrs. Garza." I mentally groaned.
"It's Senora Garza, and I have her next too." She beamed, moving out of my way so we could continue walking. The rest of the walk continued in an awkward silence. I could tell Naideen was flustered by Kaage's presence, and there was nothing I could say in front of her. When we got to Senora Garza's room, I turned to face Kaage. He bent, his lips pressing lightly just beneath my ear. I grinned as the familiar tingling sensation shot down my spine.
"See you later." I murmured as he walked away.
"He is sooo gorgeous." Naideen muttered as soon as he was gone.

---------------to be continued...if you're lucky ^_~--------------

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