Harry's eyes opened lazily to see an empty pillow beside him, his eyes furrowed. Why is is so bright at midnight? As his brain whirred like an old computer, he realized that the source of the light was the moon that was peeking in through the opened window. Harry shifted his position and looked around the room, his eyes still not adjusted. "Joanne?" Harry whispered, trying not to wake up the other students. Normally, girls weren't allowed to be in the boys dormitory, but his fellow students didn't mind. He pulled himself up in bed and grabbed the robe that was hanging on one of the four-post, which he put on as he made through the common room.

Clad in a purple robe, Joanne sat there in her favorite seat by the fire, her knees up to her face, and her hair loosen down her back as she gazed at the fire. Harry walked down the spiral staircase and walked over towards his lover, placing his arms around her neck, embracing her in his arms. Joanne placed her head on his arms and kept on staring into the fire.

"You shouldn't be seen with me," Joanne whispered despite her hands moving up this his arm. "You should be with someone more popular."

Harry released her and walked around, now kneeling in front of her. He grabbed her hand and smiled. "Why do I want to be with someone popular? I don't think I would love them as much as I love you." Harry said quietly.

After a few moments of silence, Harry hugged Joanne tightly, causing her to wrap her arms around him. Harry kissed her possessively for a few seconds before pulling her up to her feet, "I want you to be mine forever, Joanne."

She smiled. "I am yours, Harry, and always will."