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wolf life!!!

wolf kagoma
Community Member
Name: Sintary Sacuna
Gender: Female
Age: 13
looks: Long, straight, raven black hair. Hazel eyes. Kinda pale but not white. With a flexible body and a height of 5” 5'.
Crush: Sasuke, Itachi, Deibara(he's new)
personality: motherly, serious, friendly, quiet, shy.
Any Demons?: nope
Describe them if so:
Pets?: yep
describe them[name looks and such]: Sandals. An orange cat that can look like a house cat or a tiger. She is a medical cat and has a kind on telekinesis.
family [names looks and such]: deceased.
best friend: I dont know any more.
What You Think Of Them:
Naruto: funny, great role model, hyperactive, determined.
Sasuke: smart, cool headed, awesome fighter(I know spoilers!)
Sakura: smart, helpful, determined
Kiba: animal lover, funny, hyper determined
Hinata: a very determined girl.
Shino: a very quiet man but cool.
Shikamaru: lazy but smart.
Ino: obsessed with her hair. In shippuden she has become more helpful.
Choji: chubby but a great fighter.
Garaa: mysterious and quiet. Great kazakage.
Kankoro: great puppet master but a perv.
Tamari: she is awesome with her fan.
Konahamaru: yes he can be annoying but he's determined to beat naruto.
Kakashi: awesome sensei but needs to put those dang books down!
Tsunade: she is an awesome hokage and does everything and anything she can for her village.
Gai: umm very youthful sensei ^.^'
lee: he is determined to became a ninja that only uses Taijutsu
neji: He is smart and awesome fighter.
Kurenai: a great sensei. She teaches her students good like most senseis.
Asuma: an awesome sensei. To me he seems like a father to Shikamaru.
Baki: dunno
Jiraya: awesome sensei, great fighter and mentor for naruto. But a HUGE perv.(also I know a very interesting secret about him and Naruto!)
Iruka: a great sensei. He is like a father to Naruto.
Pein: ummm I dunno yet
Konan: same as pein
Itachi: he is smart and distant but for his reasons.
Kisame: funny and great swordsman
Sasori: great puppet master, quiet
Deidara: funny and awesome.
Tobi: Tobi is annoying and childish yes, but when he gets on Deibara's nerves watch out!
Kabuto: He is an awesome medical ninja but would be better off than a slave for a snake!
Kimimaru: dunno
Kidomaru: dunno
Sakon: dunno
Ukon: dunno
Tayuya: dunno
Jirobo: dunno
Dosu: dunno
Kin: dunno
Zaku: dunno
Suigetsu: he can be lazy and he took Zabuza's sword! But he's cool!
Karin: @.@ crazy, obsessed FANGIRL!
Juugo: crazy
Zabuza: demonic and awesome
Haku: he was smart and loyal.
Gouzu: dunno
Meizu: dunno
Raiga: dunno
Your walking down the street and see Naruto and Sasuke Fighting What do you do?
Tell them to knock it off and if they don't I'll make them.
You walk past an ally and hinata is surounded Buy a bunch of boys with kuni's and such, what do you do?
I would help her fight them off.
Your best friend tells you your boyfriend is cheating on you, what do you do?
If I saw a serious face I would believe her and go break up with him.
It turns out your boyfriend was cheating on you, [doesn't matter what you said above] what do you do?
I would probably morn for a few days then move on and not date someone for a while.
ok what they think of you!
Naruto:She ROCKS! she doesn't avoid me or make fun of me like others! she's one of me best friends!
Sasuke:She's a good fighter....<.< >.> [me: but in your diary....u said she was the most amazing and greatest fighter ever!] ..YOU READ MY D- jernol...
Sakura:I'M BETTER THEN INO PIG CHA! She rocks!
Kiba:I'm Funny! no one says that! [me: thats because you make jokes constantly! -.-] T.T dizzy ur so cruel!! [me: NO I WASN'T BEING MEAN!! this is mean! SASUKE HAS HAIR OF A DUCK BUTT!] XD
Hinata:she c-called me d-ditermend! S-she w-would h-have helped me with the g-guys in the a-aly [me: hinata talk in a full sentance without stutering.] dizzy be quit! [me: you can do it when your yelling at me? O.o]
Shino:........[me: T.T say something!] i'm cool? [me: i told you that last week!] ...no..
shikamaru:ZZZZ [me:he probaly has nothing important to say!] -wakes up- -.-' shut up dizzy [me: see nothing important!]
ino:I'M NOT OBSSESED!! ALSO I'VE ALWAYS BEEN HELPFUL!-brushes hair- [me: O.o]
choji:chubby's better than fat! biggrin she also said good fighter! [me: -gives chips- you are now able to eat] -eats bag- ^.^
Garaa:thx. [me: tell her your a huge fan of her work! -hold diary up- >D] O.o NO! -.- -sand attacks-
kankoro:I'M NOT A PERV [me: -shows picture of girls in teir bikini's-] -drools- ^////^
Tamari:Thx! she's pretty cool.[me:....i actuly have nothing to say! XD]
Konahamaru:I WILL BEET HIM! I'm not annoying! [me: you sure? <.<] YES!
Kakashi:..she doesnt like my books. [me: mmk heres your book back -hands book-
tsunadea:thank you. [me: she's also a drunk! biggrin ] dizzy come to my office...
gai:YOUTH!!! [me: what is "youth"? you two use it so lightly.]
lee:she's youthful!!
neji:It's my destiny! -rants about destiny- [me:-tackles- maybe i should have thout this through..-gets off him- O.o] O////O
Kurenai:thank you. that was veary kind! [me: or was it?] -.-
Asuma:Finally some one doesn't nag me about smoking!
Baki:she doesn't know me.
Jiraya:I'm not a perv! what's this secreat you know about? <.< >.>
Iruka:i'm glad you say that. i tried realy hard to help naruto
Pein: dunno her.
Konan:same as pein-sama
Itachi:she's a good kid. good fighter. [me: and he likes you! i read alot of diary's]
Kisame:thank you
Deidara:I LIKE HER!
Tobi: TOBI'S A GOOD BOY! [me: or is he?]
Kabuto: I would never leave orochimaru-sama
Kimimaru: don't kno
Kidomaru: same
Sakon: same
Ukon: same
Tayuya: same
Jirobo: same
Dosu: same
Kin: same
Zaku: same
Suigetsu: -nods- thx
Karin: SASUKE'S MINE!!!!
Juugo: I'm not!
Zabuza: thx
Haku: i would do anythink for zabuza-sama even in the afterlife! [me: I'm in the after life! biggrin how many living ppl can say that!?]
Gouzu: dunno
Meizu: dunno
Raiga: dunno
Ranmaru: dunno

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