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Where did the seagulls take my sister?
Adevntures with John
Clara and Nell’s adventures with John Jimmy Em and others.
It started out with Clara pointing out how John looks like Tom Riddle...

BWAHAHA HE'S SO MUCH CUTE THAN VOLDEMORT!! *glares at John sitting on piano bench* Stop staring at me!!! And who let you in my house!?? *John smiles cutely* *Clara's nerve snaps* AAARRRRGGGG!!!

Nell: Tell John to come visit me sometime. Haha. He would torture me with his cuteness. *Jimmy looks at Nell with sad eyes* Nell: You've lost your edge man. Jimmy: I HAVE NOT!!! Nell: Hey, YOU got the girl HE deserves at least a SMALL fangirl club! He needs something to be proud of! *nell pictures smug look on John's face* Jimmy: HE DOES NOT!!!!*pouts* Nell: *ignores Jimmy and continues to watch South Park* BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Jimmy: *whispers in Nell's ear* Are you even listening to me?? Nell: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!! I'll listen just NEVER do that EVER again. gawd... *Jimmy rambles* Nell: Why don't you go solicit sex from your wife or something? Jimmy: *light-bulb* Em: Thanks a lot. *runs and hides*
I declare that his percentage has moved up from 45% to 57% X3

I'll tell him! *SCREAM DOWN HALLWAY* JOHN CROWLEY!!!!!!! John: What? *Was standing behind me entire time* CLara: You can visit nell if you want to. John: But isn't Jimmy over there? Clara: yeaaah? So? You kicked his British a** remember? (I wrote that in encounter with john#3 yes i made another) John: Yeah, i guess. Clara: *stares* John: What? Me: You have a pretty face.... John: EAT THAT JIMMY!!!! *Jimmy at Nell's house*: I feel like I'm being cut down.... Clara: Okay you can go... John: Mkay, bye! Clara: I feel lonely now...
This is fun butchering Jimmy's self esteem. I feel a little bad for him though!

*Nell sits in between Jimmy and John at computer desk* *Jimmy reaches over and flicks John in the back of the head* Jimmy: t**t.... John: OWW!!! WATCH IT a*****e!!!
Nell: *rubs temples* Jimmy stop it. John you're lucky you're cute or else I would hit you.... John: *grins* Jimmy: What about me?!?! Nell: LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!! *Points to John* Jimmy: *frowns and rests head on Nell's shoulder* Nell: Your touching me >.< *squirms* Jimmy: *sighs* Nell: AWWWWWWWW!!!!! Don't worry Jimmy I still think you're cute!!!! *hugs* Jimmy: Cuter than John?? Nell: Yeppers. John: *sad face* Nell: 1. He's BRITISH!!! *Jimmy laughs* Jimmy, why don't you go visit Clara for a while?? I'm POSITIVE she won't be lonely with a cute british vampire in her house. Jimmy: But Em...... Nell: *sigh* fine she can go too. Fun Fun Fun for you!

(Made me laugh again)
Clara: Jimmy you need to accept John into your life or you'll be sad and emo for the rest of your existance. Em's accepted it! *hugs Em's arm* Jimmy: But....but...He...I hate him so much! Clara: Why? Jimmy: YOU WROTE THE STORY YOU SHOULD KNOW! Clara: EM He's SCARING ME!!! *hides behind Em who glares at Jimmy* Em: Stop over reacting! Jimmy: *pouts and pets Clara* Clara: *feels better* So if you aren't going to freak out now I can tell you all about the John Crowley fan club! Jimmy: *stares in disbelief and walks out the door* Clara: Jimmy left us... Em: Yup... *Em and Clara play rock band*

I think he's permanently broken. JOHN IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!! John: What did I do now?!?!?!?! Nell: New rule, you are NOT allowed to act cute when Jimmy's here. John: HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT?! Nell: Not my problem.......maybe Em could fix him? In some way, shape or form? John: I know a few things she could do. *smirk* Nell: *runs and grabs Em's bass* Excuse me?? John: NOTHING! *runs*
Clara, looks like you're going to have to take over for now. I've got a pervert to beat. GET BACK HERE JOHN!!!!!!!

Jimmy: *Leans over my shoulder as I type this* me: PERSONAL SPACE MUCH! Jimmy: Can I go kill John? Me: He's already dead. Jimmy: PLEASE!!! Clara: If you say something cool in your accent! Jimmy: "Something cool in your accent" Clara: SQUEALS* Go ahead. Why did you need to ask my permission? Jimmy: Uhm...Because... Clara: You're trying to convert me into a Jimmy fan aren't you.. Jimmy: uhm....OH LOOK AT THE TIME I GOTTA GO! *zooms away* Em & Clara: Face Palm
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! John: What are you freaking out about now???? Nell:Ummmmmmmm........album release date was pushed back....right. John: Jeez Nell: *I'm going to be mean and let the sinister plot unfold* *hears knocking* HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! BATTLE TIME!!!! *runs and answers front door* Pizza Man: That'll be $15.25. Nell: You're not Jimmy. Pizza Man: .....no...sorry Nell: *light bulb* Unless he's inside the pizza box! Pizza Man:.....no. Nell: *gives pizza man twenty* Ugh,fine here. *nell bumps into Jimmy while walking down the hall* HOW DO YOU KEEP DOING THAT?!?! Jimmy: *points to open window* Nell: Right....... Jimmy: Now where's John. *snarls* Nell: O.O Back yard. *Nell follows Jimmy* Jimmy : *circles around John* Nell: You're sexy when you're determined. *sits and watches* John: Back so soon Rowlings? *grins* Jimmy: *growls* I'm here to get even with you Crowley. Nell: *grabs Clara* YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS!!!! *eats pizza* VAMPIRE BATTLE IN MY BACKYARD!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!! *I'm just going to write the battle out

Jimmy glared at John menacingly. Not wasting anytime, John launched himself at him. Only to be caught in mid air. (Nell: WHOA HE'S GOT MOVES!!!!!! X3) John is thrown into the fire pit. *Which is closed and not being used I might add* The metal tore his clothes for the first few seconds but was shattered under the impact of his weight. John smirked."Good one Rowlings, but it's my turn." He got up and dusted himself off. Tackling Jimmy to the ground moments later. The blow put him in a daze for a second or two. John ran up on the hill and ripped the trees trunk right out from underneath it. He threw it effortlessly. After a few seconds of air time it landed square on top of Jimmy. (Clara: OW OW OW OW!!!!!!!!!!) Not even phased, he pushed it off him and tossed it aside. "You're boring me John" he mused. Jimmy kicked John's legs right out from underneath him. (*Clara eats pizza and watches nervously*) John fell to the ground. "You ARE mad" he laughed Jimmy snarled" You don't even know."
John got up and bolted toward the field about 500 yards away. (Nell: Ummm...guys you can't really duke it out in my neighbor's yard......) Jimmy followed the hot head blindly. When John spotted him he ran faster. "You gonna come get me??" he taunted In the blink of an eye Jimmy caught John and jumped on his back. Wowza. They fell to the ground once more. From what I could see, Jimmy had a good hold of John's leg. (Clara: Oh no. Nell: He better not do what I think he's going too.) A sharp crack echoed in my head. He snapped John's leg in half. (Nell: He did it.) John's cry was soft and low.
" Hurts doesn't it" Jimmy snapped
Clara and I began to to run toward John but stopped suddenly when we saw Jimmy walking back our way. DUNDUNDUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clara: I think Jimmy's in a frenzy. He's scaring me.... Nell: *Gets out Bass and Whacks Jimmy on the side of the head ( no bass doesn not break because it's just to epically amazing)* Clara: *runs up hill* No, John are you okay? John: Uhm...kinda? *eyes leg* Clara: That'll be better in about an hour. That was SO COOL!!! YOU WERE LIKE ZOOM AND JIMMY WAS ALL "RAWR I KEEL JOO" and then CRACK, it's over! I hope John, and all our viewers have learned a valuable lesson. John: *Rolls eyes* Clara: That when two vampires are fighting, it is best to watch and eat pizza at the same time, as opposed to Not eating pizza Jimmy: *from down the hill* THAT MAKES TO SENSE AS A MORAL!!! I wonder what happens now... >_>;;; That fight was SO COOOOOOL!!!!!

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    Tue Jul 21, 2009 @ 05:24am

    We seriously need to get lives. BUT I STILL LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart

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    Tue Jul 21, 2009 @ 01:52pm

    oh gawd i know!!!
    I love it, it makes me laugh!

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