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Jenna's Journal
um.... well my journal
gonna babble here
ok so my name is jenna i love to throw sandwiches at people although it is frowned upon in most society's but then again i am frowned upon in most society's imagine if my chemical romance came here right now then i would go crazy maybe my head would explode and if my head exploded from happyness wouldnt that make me unhappy and so my head wouldnt explode causing an endless cycle of me not exploding hmmm what if gerard asked for a cheese sandwich hmmmm maybe i could throw it at him but then he would frown at me bc that is what people do when you throw a sandwhich at them i wonder what would happen if they asked me to join mcr that would be so cool but impossible bc i cant play instruments besides the clarinet and i dont think that would sould very good in a rock group and if i try to sing i'll kill all their fans... and them so we wont go down that road hey bc i play the clarinet does that make me like squidward i dont wanna be like squidward he is too grouchy i am most like patrick nothin going on in my head except all this stuff will then doesnt that make me like sponge bob or maybe i am spatrick a combination of spongebob and patrick for some reason this is reminding me of fred who really annoys me his voice gets all squeaky and annoying ugghhhhhh hey what would happen if my teddy bear came to life then maybe we could play together and be best friends forever but what if it was an evil teddy bear maybe it would steal all of my ice cubes how would i chill my drinks to a lovely temperature then i will now go burn my teddy bear *please wait* i have destroyed my teddy bear why did i do that i go it when i went to... target yesterday well i dont have to worry about an ice cube stealing teddy bear unless it comes back from the dead i wish i had eaten a yellow lizard they are notorious for keeping "ice cube stealing teddy bears" away hey what would happen if i broke our car some how then we would be left without transportation and we would have to use our bikes but my brother doesnt have a bike bc he got it stolen hey i gtg bc my fingers are getting tired omg well bye hope you all like my journal smile

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